Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What a week, not much for WOYWW

I haven't been able to get to much this week for my WOYWW. 

Apart from the fact that it is the last week of school for little Miss Auds and there are tons of little shows and parades to go to,

we have had a spate of things breaking. 

First the motor went in my cars driver side window (getting that fixed next week), 

then our security door refused to lock (got that fixed). 

Our pool filter isn't working properly and in this heat it is a must

(they were coming out at 9am today and it has gone 10am, still no sign of them) 

and my eldest daughters airconditioner is refusing to blow cold (that is being fixed next week).  

Everything seems to go at once and to make it worse, I almost had enough money saved up for my new kitchen and you can guess where that money went. 

Needless to say, I am not very happy this week.

Still keeping the room tidy.

One good thing did happen.  I have done my very first painting in my very first art journal.

It's not much but it is a start.

I also bought myself a plain paper journal, so that I can draw and colour.

It just has a plain black cover so I will do up a nice cover for it.

Plus I am left handed so I will have to use the book upside down.

I can't draw around the coily thingy.

I started the daffodil the right way round

and I am having heaps of trouble getting over the bump.

I started this daffodil just before school pick up yesterday. 

I don't have an ink pen so used a ball point, how sad is that!!

(I hope Santa brings me some art supplies for Christmas)

Not sure how often I can blog for a while, 

will try to slip into my room as often as possible.

I am sure most of my time will be spent poolside,

hopefully with my journal in hand,

watching little miss swimming with her guinea pig.

Still waiting for the pool guy finished my picture

and discovered

that you can't use water colour on a drawing journal, oops.

It is now a very wrinkled mess.

Might start another one.


  1. Oh no - hope you have a better week this week! Love your artwork and adore the guinea pig in the pool! Thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl – No 4

  2. loving your artwork and hey I bet the guinea pig is having fun...thanks for the crafty snoop...Happy WOYWW...hugs kath (33)

  3. Sounds like that kitchen will have to wait till later in the year. Sorry to hear about all the mess and turmoil. I do like that cherry painting in your art journal, though. Happy WOYWW from #7.

  4. What a week! Still, love your work in the journal.
    happy woyww, 12

  5. What a week, I hope things improve soon.

  6. Oh dear seems hard to imagine people having problems with heat and broken pools when I'm here in my turret surrounded by wind and rain!! What a shame about your kitchen its so frustrating when everything seems to go wrong at the same time - why does that happen? At least the guinea pig looks unpreturbed by it all. Have a good week I'll send you some of our wind and rain to cool you down if you could reciprocate with your sun and heat x

  7. Poor you it is a nightmare when things break down and scoop up all the cash. What a great start to your journal I wouldn't worry about the wrinkles it's character. Have a great Wednesday. Laura

  8. I had to do a double take when I read swimming and guinea pig in the same sentence. I even enlarged the photo - and blow me, there it is on a body board. Does it particularly enjoy swimming, does it actually get in the water?? The world needs to know - well, ok, I need to know :)
    Don't you just find that once one things breaks, all other machinery decides to join in :( Hope all the mends are carried out as cheaply and successfully as possible.
    Hugs, LLJ #40 xx

  9. Hi Von
    Love the pic of Aud's and Smudge in the pool.
    Hope to join you there one day!
    Shame about having to spend your kitchen fund
    on breakages...never mind...there is always
    tomorrow eh.
    Keep smiling and I love the cherries and daffs.
    TTFN....Angie (GB)

  10. Love those cherries and could almost just pick them off the page. I'm left-handed as well and when I use a notebook tend to work from the back page foward

  11. Oh goodness! It definately seems like one of those Murphy's Law kind of weeks! Bummer! I love the way the cherries turned out. Super! LOL about the water colors! I am sure you can iron it after it dries to get mostly flat. Hope the pool guy comes soon! -Amanda#21

  12. Aww you sound kind of fed up but resigned.... hope next week is better for you! It is always the case that everything decides to break/fail at once. On the plus side your artwork is gorgeous, I had never given any thought to the difficulties of being left handed but I guess you have all sorts of things that cause problems. And I would also like to know if the guinea pig actually goes swimming!! LOL. Cindy #71

  13. Yep. Machines talk to each other. I'm sure of it. Your artwork is grand. My Amber is a lefty and she always retires her sketchbooks w/a post about them. You might have fun taking a peek @ . She never leaves home w/o one. And I mean NEVER.

  14. Sounds like your month is going like my year. I started kitchen renovation and found out the walls were riddled by termite damage and money went to fix that so still don't have dry wall work done or tiles on floor. Oh well kitchen is useable! I hope things get better soon. I love your art work and like you I learned the same way you did that I needed a multimedia journal so it wouldn't crinkle when wet! Love the daffodils! Your daughter seems to be at home in the pool. I love ours. Thanks for sharing and hope your week gets better. Vickie #67

  15. wow, great post, I read it all too, good writing style and I love your paintings! I can see how it would be hard to draw with the coiled binding being that your left handed. I was amazed that ya'll don't have squirrels....I could send you a few ;)

  16. Sorry to hear what an awful week you've had! Things all seem to go wrong at once, don't they. One thing, though, if they've all gone wrong now, you should be entering a time where everything goes right for a while!! Let's hope so anyway.

    Swimming guinea pig!! Love it.

    Your art work is gorgeous... Those cherries are good enough to eat!!

    Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #62

  17. oops on the watercolours and al the things breaking down too - love the cherries they are awesome thanks for popping over and welcome to WOYWW good to find another Aussie - off to follow you too, Shaz in oz.x


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