Wednesday, 30 May 2012

WOYWW # 156 - The Big Swap *****

This is an exciting day on WOYWW
as it is the week of the big ATC Swap,
Happy 3rd Anniversary Julia.

I have painted 5 ATC's as per
requests and they will be
winging their way around the world shortly.

Due to a very nasty tummy bug
that has been living with me for the last few days,
I haven't done very much this week
and to make it worse,
I have to go out Thursday and
Friday, so  not much chance 
of finishing anything.

I spent this morning finishing the last ATC
and then started on this.

Now, I can hear you saying what on earth is that mess,
well it is the first layer of a close up of
a water droplet on a flower (this weeks APR theme is magnify)
and yes it looks pretty horrible at the moment.

At this stage I just want to get an idea of the
lights and darks.
Then again you could say it's an
abstract of some bananas!

You can just see my last ATC 
peeking out from the paper towel.

Just a quick post this week 
as I have to get a move on with this painting.
Only two afternoons left to finish it.

Hope the person next to me enjoys
my ATC, it will be the rose.

To see the other desks around the world this Wednesday
and to see who gets who's Atc's
hop on over to visit Julia

Friday, 25 May 2012

Bookmarks and a new friend for Artist's Playroom #10

The theme for this weeks Artist's Playroom
is bookmarks or anything to do with books.

Easy I said, just do a bookmark with a pile of books,
covers everything.

I  sat down and drew a pile of books
on a bookmark that I had cut out
and just turned my back for a few seconds
when it happened.
A little face peered out over the pile of books
on my bookmark.
Now I know what you're thinking and 
no, there isn't anything but coffee in my cup!!

The little fellow said his name is
Egbert Bookman
and he loves reading books
but is rather shy .

With each bookmark I drew,
he got a little bolder
but doesn't like scary books.

He might become a problem when 
you're reading
as he gets a bit in your face

and gets a bit
annoying with his opinions
when you're trying to concentrate.

All in all, he is a nice little fellow

and with some tweaking,
I think I might have a 
nice little friend
with which to make saleable

I was going to add little ribbons etc,
but my little miss spied the bookmarks and
Egbert is now living 
in her bedroom amongst
EJ12 Girl Spy
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
books, poor devil.

I guess I will just have to make some more
bookmarks and see if he will appear.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures
but it is black as black
and raining outside
(sunny Queensland my @..$...)!!!

For more fabulous 
bookmarks and themes
head on over to Jenn's 
and I will get back to
making some more bookmarks.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Egberts first appearance for WOYWW

I have created a new character
for The Artist's Playroom
and this is his first

He is a little shy
but fun all the same.

Yes, it's Wednesday and time to show our desks all around the world

Without  further ado
here is my desk.

The theme for Artists Playground this week is 
make a bookmark and
that is how Egbert Bookman
came into being.

He is still in the early stages and all hand drawn,
with quite a lot still to do.

It was a good excuse to use all of my new goodies 
that I just bought on sale.
 The water pens are fabulous to use with the H2O's.

Thanks to everyone who commented and helped me with my fish painting.
I am happy to report that I found what wasn't right.

After looking deeply at the painting
I noticed that the fishes eyes were bulging
and their cheeks were puffing out.
Then one got really frustrated with me and used his fin to
point just behind his eye
and then it hit me.

I had forgotten to give them GILLS!!!

The poor things had been holding their breath
for all that time, no wonder
their eyes were bulging!!

All is good now, gills are painted in
and they are breathing normally.

Really looking forward to the ATC swap 
next week.

If you want to see the other desks
go on over to Julias.

If you are interested in the bookmarks
I will be posting the finished products
later in the week here
and be sure to check out all the other entries.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

My favourite things for the Artist's Playroom.

The theme for this weeks
Artist's Playroom
is My favourite things
in honour of
the lovely
Jenn's birthday.
Happy Birthday Jenn.

Apart from chocolate,
my favourite thing
is my family.
Not just the human one but my 
animal one as well.

I have three kids,
a step son and my two daughters,
plus another son.
My first "born"
son, who is 22 years old.

This is my boy Charlie.
He is a long billed corella,
native here in Australia
(a bit smaller than a cockatoo)
and my gorgeous spoilt boy.

He has the run of the house
and loves to chase my youngest daughter
and stalk her when she sits on the floor.

My whole family makes me happy
but I am a bit paranoid about
putting faces on the internet
and so it wouldn't be a very interesting picture
with all the heads missing.
Unless you are a bit weird of course.

I also love bright coloured paintings
and water colour pencil drawings.

They might not be my greatest works
but they are bright and happy.

Then on to my absolute favourite thing.


It was going to be a picture
of the chocolates I got
for Mothers Day
but the last one
just jumped
into my mouth.

Sorry about that,
but you all know
what chocolate
looks like anyway.

Now hop on over to
the Artist's Playroom
and see what other
people have as
their favourite things.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Fish sort of finished for WOYWW

Well here we are, It's Wednesday again.
That was the fastest week of all time.

I have been flat out trying to get my fish painting finished
and at last I have done it.
I am not happy with it yet though
and I can't put my finger on what's wrong,
it just isn't right.
I will look at it for a few days 
and hope I can see what 
needs changing.

But, to the job at hand,
here is my desk today.

When I needed a break from the big painting, 
I did another ATC and finished my teapot.

As you can see, I now have four ATC's
and have decided to swap them
with the big swap (week 156) on WOYWW.

I will give the Rose to the next person on the list
for the big swap and if anyone
wants to swap with any of the other three,
just let me know and I will
send them that day also.

The three bright ATC's were done with my H2O's
and the paint pots seem to be going all weird.
Can anyone tell me if this is normal?

They did this 'hole' thing the first time I sprayed them
and it is getting a bit hard to put the brush into the holes to
mix the paint around.  Am I doing something wrong?

If you noticed the card on the desk,
my little miss made that for me for Mothers Day
and my big miss gave me this

I won't be getting paint on this,
it will be safely on another desk in the room.

For anyone interested 
here are my fish.
Title: Full Moon on the Reef.

Can't get a close up as it shines too much.

Sorry about the mess around it,
the weather is so cold around here
that I have been painting in the family room.

Sorry, there is nothing witty in my post,
I am exhausted, just too much
to do around here,
just glad the painting is out of the way.

For some very interesting
desks on this What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday,
hop on over to Julias
and see what everyone else has been up to.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fruit for Artist's Playroom

I didn't have time for fruit this week
as I am running out of time to
do a painting for an art show
that I am entering.

I have to have this painting finished by next friday.
That may seem easy but out of all
next week, I have 2 1/2 days to paint.

So I have to cheat again for the Artist's Playroom.

I had to dig deep into my pile of pics to find this one.

This was one of my first ever oil paintings and is
on a scrap of canvas.
You can see the two white corners where I stuck the
drawing pins in to keep it up.
It's rather boring but at least
there are some pears and cherries in there.

I did do a journal pic not long ago
of cherries, in watercolour.

But, I'm afraid my mind is on fish at the moment.
I am doing a piece called Full Moon, 
inspired by the light and dark fish I showed last week.

It is still very much in the early stages.
I roughed in the background today,
still have the fish to do and then 
blend the brain coral a little better.

Will really be under the pump to get it finished.

Does anyone fancy babysitting 
two kids and a husband for a week???

I have to warn you though,
my twenty year old daughter isn't well
(tummy ache),
so it's like babysitting 10 little kids!!

It's back to the paint brush for me,
so why no go over to
and see what everyone else has done.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Different desk for WOYWW

I am using a different desk for WOYWW today
as I have started my canvas at last.

I enter a local art show every year 
 and as usual
I leave it to the last minute to do the paintings.

Of the three I plan to enter,
I have only done two, so I thought I should get started,
since it has to be registered next week!

This is the desk I am using right now.

Sorry about the blurry photo,
I had to stand on a chair to get the shot.

When I use acrylics (in our hot weather)
I find they dry very quickly and a lady taught me this trick.

You use a plastic container (square and flat with a seal lid)
then put in two layers of paper towel and wet it, drain out the excess water,
then cover that with one layer of baking paper.
You blob the paint onto this layer as you would a palette
and mix on there too.

If you put the lid on when finished you can keep the paint
for weeks, works a treat in the heat.  

Dribble a little water onto the paper towel layer 
(not the top layer)
if it starts to dry out.

 This is what I'm working on,
no it's not some kind of weird abstract,
just at the rough in stage.

You can see a photo of brightly coloured fish on my desk (above).
I am changing that picture to look like it is taken at night
by moonlight.

I have done a few paintings like this and they look really good.
If you want to see some finished ones they are in this post.

It still has a long way to go,
just hope I get it finished in time.

Last of all,
I have started another ATC.
I used plenty of water with the Twinkling H2O's
but they just went mushy, so will have to play with it more.

It will be a brightly coloured teapot,
I hope!!

Now you've seen mine,
go on over to Julia's
and see all the other desks
around the world 
on this fine wednesday.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Quite handy for Inspiration Avenue challenge

Well someone had to use the pun!!

I haven't been doing the Inspiration Avenue Challenges
for a while but when I saw the theme (hands)
this week, I had to look over my shoulder.

Someone must be watching me.

Just recently, I have been sitting in my car for the school pickup.

When little miss was in the junior section of her school,
I had to walk in (usually in my painty clothes)
and be sighted by the teacher before I could take her home
but now she is in Middle school, I don't have to.

So, okay, as the overprotective mum I am,
I have been going up to get her amid
whinges of Oh mum, I'm big enough now,
but no more. 
I have given in and let her walk to the car on her own.

This has produced a problem,
I'M BORED, just sitting there waiting, waiting,
while she meanders her way down to the car,
 so I have been taking my art journal
with me.  
Then is the problem of what to draw.

Of course, my hand is always hanging around holding
the journal, so I have been drawing that for the
last few days.

It's as if someone from Inspiration Ave has been
looking over my should and wants to let everyone laugh
 at my wrinkly right hand
(I'm left handed, in case you were wondering).

So, I can take it,
here for a laugh
is my right hand,
scribbled in many ways
and never finished
as little miss comes and I have to stop,
then can't get my hand back into the same position.

Perhaps, today I will draw my foot.
That should draw some attention,
seeing and old fart sitting in the car, 
with her leg up in the air
drawing her foot.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Little ATC's on WOYWW

Since the big third anniversary 
is coming up fast,
I thought I should practise
doing ATC's, for the big swap
(now I know what they are),
so my desk today has two.

The first one I did was a rose in acrylic
and I have to say,
it is really hard trying to paint so tiny.

The second is my Shaggy Cat 
that I made up years ago.

He is painted in something special
that I got in the mail this week.

My Twinkling H2O's.
I did mess him up as I discovered the hard way
that you should wet the paper first
or it goes hard and dark
very quickly.
I wet it to try and mop some off
but it wouldn't budge.
Lesson Learned!!
He does shimmer though.

For those that are interested
here is my finished 
bunch of flowers from last week.

Up close warts'n'all.

I am going to make a few ATC's and that way the person next on the list for the
third anniversary won't know which one they will get, so it's still a surprise.

If you don't know what I'm on about, go over here
and you will find desks from all around the world
for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Darkness and light for the Artist's Playroom #7

As soon as I read the theme
 for this weeks Artist's Playroom,
two paintings came to mind.

I had painted them 
some time ago
when I still had the patience 
to wait for oils to dry.

Here are my 
darkness and light paintings.

They are each 2 feet x 3 feet
and sold at a local art exhibition,
in fact I had to paint another
Out of the Darkness,
as two people wanted it.

They don't look much as small photos
but they really make an impact
when you see them actual size.

I would have done a painting
for this week but my Twinkling H2O's have arrived
and I really want to play with them,
or as probably will be more accurate,
make a real mess with them..

I don't know about you
but I tend to wear more paint
than I get on the paper.

As a left hander, I always manage to put
my arm or hand in something wet
and I have a bad habit of putting the paintbrush
in my mouth, which usually
results in technicolour hair.

I'm sure half the mothers
at school pickup think I'm
some sort of weird daggy lady
as I am usually running late
and turn up in my painting clothes 
with paint in my hair and
all over my arms and face.

At least I'm not
trying to compete
with their designer
clothes and cars.
Rather be a daggy lady any day.

I'm off to spritz
 and splosh paint, 
so why don't you
go and see the other
entries for this weeks