Thursday, 5 May 2016

Souping and gooping.

I've decided to not paint birds for a little while.
That's mainly because I was seeing them in my sleep
and all that fluttering and squawking was keeping me awake.
Now I have the dilemma of what to paint.
The water lily painting was okay and so
I'm embarking on a wet, dribbly, abstracty,
pondy sort of series.

Okay, I admit it was only cos I just couldn't think
 what else to paint.
I tried flowers but the old flower in a vase just isn't me.
I love the ones that other people do
 but I'm too much of a bull at a gate type of person
 to get that delicate look.
Then there was the landscape idea, it lasted two seconds.
Sorry, I just don't do landscapes.  
In fact I got a headache just sitting in front of the computer
trying to find something to paint.
So I thought stuff it....
I went into my painting room, picked up some old canvasses,
well one old one and one new one that just didn't work,
and just started to have some fun.
Hey, what does it matter if it doesn't work,
they were poopy paintings anyway.

All I had in my mind was loose lilies and dribbles,
well mind mind is pretty much all dribbles but now it's dribblier.
First I had to slop gesso over the  paintings, 
then the fun began.  

Remember this one, well it just wasn't doin' it for me,
so I went through my old bags of goop
and decided to use some up on the background.

Normally I'd be panicking and worried about getting everything just right
but this time I just let loose and had some fun.
There was goop going everywhere,
 I even got some on the canvas.

This is layer 692, if you count 
all the layers on the old painting.
Looks kind of yuk but I'm havin' fun and 
there's a long way to go.
Check out those delicious cracks that formed in the gesso.
Either the whole thing will fall off when I ink it or 
I could get some fabulous texture peeking through.
This is a hideous painting I did many years ago,
I know, what was I thinking.....
I slopped a little gesso on, mainly to stop her looking at me,
and then got out my old bags of gesso soup (secret recipe)
and had a ball.
Yep, that's quite a mess but oh the possibilities.
Now for the painful part, waiting for it to dry
Only 200 more layers to go and they're finished.