Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Kitchen in mouth for WOYWW

My desk is just a mess of nothingness
as I am having an art break,
well painting break anyway
as I will be doing little doodles in the many
notebooks I have stashed around the house.
Summer holidays means cricket on the TV (yawn)
and that is where hubby parks himself,
so I tend to draw instead.
Here is may parting doodle for the year.
Done with a plain old ballpoint pen in a note pad.
I drew our little Christmas guys.  They are so cute
 and when you press one's button the others join in 
and sing carols together.
Today is the day (sigh)
I say goodbye to my new kitchen.
Little miss is getting my kitchen
put into her mouth.
I had to use my kitchen fund money
to pay for her braces and
I'm still not sure which is
the best investment.
Then again I could make the best of it
and open her teeth
 (they would have been my kitchen cupboard doors)
to put in my pots and pans.
Well I couldn't put my glass ware in there,
she would break that chewing. 
Hey, she has a big mouth, it's always open and loud.
She may put up a bit of a stink
but I need more storage and since she
took my kitchen I think it's a fair compromise.
She also said she wouldn't open her mouth to talk
for the three years the braces are on
(seems she is embarrassed by the braces)
so I'm in heaven.  A peaceful time and
my pots and pans won't fall out if her mouths closed.
 It's win, win all around.
See, sometimes losing something somewhere
is a gain somewhere else.

Mr headless bird has come home after inking 
and I'll finish him in the new year.  
Looking good already.
Our gorgeous little Chico is almost fully healed
and very happy.

This is my last post for the year,
so I'd like to wish all my bloggy friends
a very Merry Christmas
and I'll see you all in the new year.

I'm off to get my kitchen fitted
into Little Miss's mouth.

Now you've seen mine how about a look
at all the other desks around the world

Take care.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Tis a little hot for WOYWW

It's a tad hot here at the moment,
well not so much hot but really humid.
You know the kind where your hair is all frizzy
and you drip with sweat, even though it's only 29 deg.
This is the weather we usually get at the end
of summer, not in spring and to make it worse
there are no storms insight, so no relief.
Having said that, we were inundated with ants
this morning.  Those pesky little things were all over the floor.
I sprayed the entire place with surface spray
just a few weeks ago but the ants have ignored that
fact.  Think I'll leave the can on the floor,
just so they can read it and see that it kills ants.
A fact that seems to have slipped their minds as they 
climb into poor Charlie parrots cage and try to 
take him away.  
Around here, ants in the house means rain is on the way,
I just hope it gets here soon, the grass is dead and the 
flowers don't look too happy.
To my desk this week.
I've been playing with my water colours.
I have used a cook book to find interesting things to paint.
In fact, that is the only use I have for cookbooks.
I can't get my head around cooking, you spend hours
creating something and then it's eaten in five minutes,
(or put in the bin, which is where most
 of my attempts end up) such a waste of time. 
 If I can't make it in half an hour
it don't get made.  However, painting from a cookbook
is wonderful fun and it lasts longer too.
This isn't finished but it's getting there.
The picture to the front right is part of my house from the
back garden.  We had to paint a building for Sketchbook Skool
and it was too hot to go out so I did our house.
  The notebook on the top left contains the 
rantings of a madwoman, yes me.
I was watching TV last night and hubby was 
channel surfing as usual, you never get to see
and entire program in this house, and he came
across an ocean program that had these
gorgeous jellyfish.  I grabbed my book, which always sits on
the coffee table and started to sketch from the tv.
Little cogs were actually moving in my pea brain.
I can see a fabulous painting coming from these 
delicate little guys.  I'm going to play around  with
composition and then see if I can create those
delicate little frills with goop, then make the bodies
translucent, ink it and there's another painting.
My only problem is, delicate is really not me,
rush in and go nuts, that's more me.  
Fingers crossed I can be more ladylike
(cough, cough).
A note to finish on,
My wall of inspiration has grown
 My wonderful friend Tracey Fletcher King is selling
some of her paintings and cards and I got in quick.

 Aren't they gorgeous.
If you want to see what she is selling you can find it here
there may even be a few left.

That's me for WOYWW this week,
why not go on over to
and see what's on the other desks 
around the world today.

P.S.  The little guinea pig is doing really well,
he had his stitches out yesterday and
is healing nicely.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Scribbly week for WOYWW

My desk is a bit different 
this week for WOYWW.
No paint or canvasses
just pen and paper
and a much needed coffee.

I've been doodling, lots.
There are heaps of fine liner pens, got them cheap
as a set with the pencil case, and then I bought the 
pacer pencils and 6 colour pens really cheap at
my grocery store today.  
The blue sketch and the one in the front,
it's a picture of the hanger thingys that I put
on the back of my canvasses
 (in case you were wondering),
are homework from sketchbook skool.
The two pages to the left have pics of 
our two guinea pigs.
The little face of Chico is below the slippers,
 he had to have surgery last wednesday
and below that is Ziggy, who was really
missing his buddy while he was at the vets.
It's been a scary week but he is well and truly
on the mend now.  I found doing sketches
of the boys made me feel better as
it's been a very stressful week.
Here he is after surgery,
his new nickname is Nudie Boy
as they shaved him so much.

I did bring my seagull picture home
and intended to finish the birds
but never got into the room
as I was keeping an eye on 
little Chico.
It's not as blue as this pic, I have to turn it away from the light as the ink reflects so much.
 Here you can get an idea
of just how much work has gone
into this canvas.

 There are many layers of gloop and squiggles
going over the top of each other.
Once the eyes are painted in and the edge of 
the canvas has been painted
a nice bright orange,
I think it will look pretty good.

I did have a tussle with some water colours
last week
and if you're interested, that post is

That's all for this week,
I've shown you mine, so why not
hop on over to 
and see what's on the other desks 
this Work Desk Wednesday.

Monday, 10 November 2014

How NOT to water colour

This weeks sketchbook skool
was for the two things that 
I like least.
Landscapes (eww) and proper water colour
(not the colouring in that I call water colour).
To make it worse, I had to do it
plein air, or outside as I would say.

I decided to tackle the landscape bit first.
I was sitting comfortably on the 
outside couch on my patio
and decided to draw the trees in my garden
and the trees over the back fence.

Looking, looking, there's a lot to take in
and I don't know where to start.
I pick up my pen and draw a tree trunk
 add a few bits and wow this landscaping stuff 
is not my cup of tea.
I splodge on a bit of paint using my water brush,
this is a quick way to do leaves. 
Then it started. 
 The teacher had said to spray the paints 
and get them wet.  I did that before I started drawing
and then decided to mix some colours
 so they would be ready. 
I had this tray on my lap and stuck the brush into the paint,
lifted it to the little dish and then realised the pan was stuck
to the brush, it had gone sticky as it was drying.
I panicked and flicked the brush,
resulting in one pan flying away and over 
into the dirt on the lawn.
I jumped up and of course the whole tray of paints
then fell onto the patio and was coated in dust.
I grabbed the wayward pan and tried to brush it off
but it was stuck hard.  
A word of warning, if you do this don't
 hold the pan and dump it into a bowl of water,
 cos when you lift it out paint runs down
 your arm and onto your trouser leg.
After a few choice words, I was ready to start again.
I got the spray bottle and gave it a good hard spray.
Not a good idea as it splashed up everywhere,
seems once it's been wet it gets really sploshy.
Mess cleaned up, I start again.
This time I get it sort of alright
and I end up with,
well, a mess really.

The rest of my homework was to 
draw birds in the garden.

Now we're talking, I love birds and we have tons of them.
Have you ever tried to get a bird to sit still
while you draw it?

Apart from Charlie, my very vain parrot,
no other birds will sit still for anything.
I gave up after fifty tries and got out the camera.

It was easy once I was inside my art room.
I pencilled up the birds, did them in pen
and then 'water' coloured them in.
Now I know I should have persevered
and done quick little sketches
but after the paint pan incident
I'd had enough.

'Plein air' my foot, it should be called
'plein painful'!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Lots of little bits for WOYWW

I'm not sure how you would
describe this last week.
I kinda did quite a bit but
at the same time got nowhere fast.

My desk is over at the back today.
The pink blobs are bags of texture paste that
I'm piping and knifing onto a bird canvas.
The dirty water, that I thought I'd cleaned up,
is from Sketchbook Skool and check out that 
fabulous sprayer.  That's for my next inking.
No more pumping a little handle,
this bad boy just sprays on command.
My Sketchbook Skool homework was to get 
three things and draw them using a continuous
line and then water colour it.

The drawing went sort of okay but I did
have a blonde moment after the drawing.
That is a whole other story and if you want to see
My water colouring skills are not great
but at least I tried.
I wish I could say using water colour paper would have saved it but I don't think anything could save this.

I did get another canvas drawn up and
undercoated and I'm really happy with that.
See, who needs water colour when you can play
with big blobby things. 

This is what I'm doing with the pink and green gloop
in the bags.
I've just started putting in the very back leaves
and I'll build up over these with the closer leaves.

I did a little bit of adjusting
 to my seagulls in class.

Sorry about the angle, I just can't get 
the hang of my phone camera.
Plus I'm too short to get over the top of it.
It's pretty much finished now.
I just have to paint in the birds eyes
and then I can finally photograph it upright.

So you see, I sorta did a lot
but really didn't get far with anything.

Well that's my rather boring desk 
for this week.
So why not hop on over to 
and see what is on the other desks
around the world.

Sorry it wasn't very funny today,
I'm still in shock at the cost
of Little Miss's braces.
I have a savings account called
"my new kitchen fund"
and in two weeks time Little Miss
will be walking around with my 
new kitchen in her mouth (sigh).


Monday, 3 November 2014

Yet another blonde moment.

My close friends know that I'm a blonde
in every sense of the word.
I could have black hair and I'd still be 'blonde'.

I'm doing the Seeing lessons
at Sketchbook Skool and this week I had to 
put three items together and draw the basic shapes
using one continuous line,
with a water soluble pen. Then 
colour it with water colours.
Simple you'd think.
Do you think I could find a water soluble
pen in this entire house.
All of little miss's felt pens have dried up 
and everything I own is permanent ink.
My first idea was to use my Inktense
water colour pencils.
You get used to wonky pics as I sure I hold my head sideways.
 This looked okay until I added water
and the colour went every where.
So I decided to just colour it in
but I couldn't use that for my homework.
I got bored with this and didn't refine it. So good enough will do.

Next I decided to use a pitt pen to at least 
start some practise sketches.
Still wonky but getting better.
Then I drew up the sketch
of what will be the finished
continuous line drawing,
when I get a water soluble pen.

 Not too shabby.
Remember this has to be done 
with one continuous line,
no lifting of pens.
That is really hard when you have 
the attention span of a gnat.

I'm happy with the composition
now all I have to do is get a soluble pen
and use the same set up of things
to draw it up again.

Then came my blonde moment.
I was cutting up the veggies for dinner
and yes you guessed it,
stupid here cut up that gorgeously
angled piece of pumpkin.
It is three quarters of the way through
my families digestive tract and
I really don't want to draw it now.

Just lucky I have the sketches
to use for the finished product.
I'll just wing the colours and shading
for the water colour part.

The moral of this story
is that
veggies are bad for art
and chocolate rules!
Hey, you eat chocolate before you have
 a chance to sketch it so you never ruin
 a painting that way.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Knackered for WOYWW

I am knackered, pooped,
tired out, totally had it
and any other word that describes
how I feel right now.
Before I get into why
I'll show you my desk this week.

As you can see
I had a sketchy weekend. 
I went to the art shop to buy 
some charcoal and came away
with the coolest looking pencil case
(I had one just like this in high school)
which contained 20 different coloured 
fineliner pens, then of course I had to buy 
journals to use the pens in.
Here are a few of the sketches
as well as my darlek pencils in the wheelie bin
and if you look closely you can see
my sonic screwdriver pen amongst the boring ones.
Yes' I know, I'm a sad puppy.

On a different note, at last I have figured out 
how to do a Facebook Page for my art.
I'd love it if you would like me at
I don't use the personal part of Facebook
so if you would just use the page
I would love it.
I might even figure out how to get
a button on the blog side bar at some point.

I spent monday and tuesday
at a life drawing workshop.
You know the kind,
where they have a nudie person 
for you to draw.
This was my first such class and 
I had a few worries.
I'm not a prude, well,
I'm a bit of a prude, okay
I'm a prude.
My hubby flaunts his bits all around the place
but I keep my bits to myself
and I'm sure you can understand
my fears at attending this workshop.
My teacher De (who has a really evil streak)
assured me that I needed to learn how to draw
from "life".
Both mornings were theory
(no nudie people yet, so still smiling)
We did scribbles
I heard that giggle!!
and woggles
Now that was a down right laugh, I can hear you, you know!
and eventually something that looked like a human.
(it's okay, I don't draw the rude bits).
Hah, not so bad this time, is it. Yeah, she is a little skinny in the leg department but it's better the the other ones.
We learned lots of practical ways to look
and work out size and where to start drawing.
So far so good.
Then to the afternoon and yes you guessed it,
the nudie lady.
I tell you, I didn't even notice that
she didn't have any clothes on.
They had a stop watch and you had to draw 
so quickly that my charcoal 
was smoking.
I was lucky to get a stick figure out
let alone a proper picture.
All the theory was spinning around 
in my head.
My eyes were telling my brain one thing
and then the hand would disagree and just
draw something else, then the brain was yelling at my hand
and my eyes were just spinning 
in their sockets
and all I could hear was
Honestly, if I didn't like that man so much,
he would be wearing that stopwatch
where the sun don't shine!
You think that's bad,
all of a sudden my teacher yells,
turn your easels and lets all share 
our pictures.  
I just wanted to curl up and disappear
with embarrassment.
But hey, I made it through (just)
and even came back the next day.
Now that in itself should be worth some
browny points with my teacher.
What's that? You want to have a laugh
at my terrible drawings.
Well fine, here are a few
(with carefully placed hiding things)
go on have a good giggle.
Don't you just love those stick figures.
My apologies to Salvador Dali,
that's the bloke I was supposed to draw
but instead ended up with some 
broken nosed boxer with a mo.

After all the pain of the life drawing class
it was a pleasure to go back to my normal
art class today.
I did some more to my seagulls
with huge amounts of help
from my teacher De.
(I think I used up those brownie points).
It still has a long way to go but getting there.

I've waffled on a bit but hey,
you have to agree it was a big week.
On top of all this I had to do my online
sketchbook class.
This week was drawing selfies
 and there's no way
I'm showing these in public
even if my clothes are on!

So now, if you are still awake,
why not go to
and visit the 
other desks around the world
this workdesk wednesday.
P.S. Don't forget to have a look at my Facebook Page
and let me know what you think.
Please be gentle, I'm new at this social media stuff.