Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Painted walls for WOYWW

At last I'm back
which is more than I can say for my desk.
Even for me it's a mess.
Look away now if extreme mess
upsets you.

And these are the tidy bits!
Yes, this room is the dumping ground 
for everything and now I have to
find homes for all of this before I can start
painting again.

I spent most of the summer holidays
packing up and moving my parents
into the retirement home 
but I did do a little painting.

I had promised to paint little miss's bedroom
and of course as soon as big miss heard that
she wanted her room painted too.

All I want is one wall done, she says, easy I think.
Big miss had a bright pink feature wall and
I had to change it to a metallic silver mica paint.
Well that was the most painful thing I've ever tried to do.
It ended up with all three of us in a line.
Little miss holding the paint tray,
Big miss rolling the paint on thick and
me bringing up the rear
with a dry roller in hand,
making a fan pattern.
It came out quite well but I can't get a photo
as it just flashes back at me, 
(must be the mica, not the photographer)
so you'll just have to trust me on that one.

Then we came to little miss's room.
Just a little pattern she says,
you get the picture??
It went from a white wall
  to a drawn on wall
to a bit of flouro colour wall
to some grey undercoat wall

to a black wall with lots of 
coats of flouro colour wall.

It must be okay as I got 
you're awesome from little miss
and normally I'm really uncool!!
So now I'm basking in awesomeness,
 well that's until I do something
uncool again.
That was my desk,
well sort of,
for this week,
 now why not hop over to
and see what really 
creative desks are out there
this Workdesk Wednesday.