Thursday, 24 November 2011

It came!!!

Just had to let everyone know that my beautiful journal arrived today. 
I am sure it arrived today because everyone sent messages willing it to come. 
Thankyou to all who sent good thoughts. 
Here is the journal

Fooled you, that is just the wrapping, here is the journal

The photos aren't great as it is really dark and cloudy (but it still won't rain, just teasing us).  The colours are really beautiful and the watercolour paper is really good quality.  No more cheap shop paper for me, I might even do a decent watercolour now.

I got the journal from Joy Studio via etsy.  I met her through the Poppy Spree and I will no doubt buy from her again, even if the post does take forever.

Only problem is that I have to go and pick up miss Audrey soon and I won't be able to use it for some time.  Tomorrow is her speech night and I have to take her to the hall in the morning to practise and then bring her home at lunch.  Have to clean the house in the morning.  Might sneak something tonight.

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