Friday, 16 December 2011

Festive on IA

This weeks IA challenge was a hard one for me.
The challenge was festive, 
but a northern hemisphere festive,
you know the type,

 short, dark, cold days,

icicles hanging from the eaves,

sitting around the open fire

and so how to make that festive

but add an Aussie touch.

So I took the short dark days and

the Aussie equivalent is a moonlit night.

The icicles hanging from the eaves

are festive lights hanging from the beach huts.

Sitting around an open fire, what else but

sitting around a bbq on the beach.

I put this all together in a little painting.

We tend to be a lot more relaxed in Queensland
and this is our perfect
festive Christmas,
sitting by an open fire.

I must apologise for the quality of this painting, if you check out
this post of mine you will understand why.

I would like to send everyone in
the northern hemisphere a little
something that will bring you some festive cheer
on your dark days.

Some good old Aussie sunshine.

Have a great Christmas and relax and enjoy.

Again, apologies for the quality of these pics.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Work desk Wednesday with a view

It's school holidays and so my room is empty.

But there is something new on my door and the floor.
Little miss Auds made a sign for my door and

you can see a box on the floor in my room.

That is my new Pixma printer, which is my Christmas present

but I can't have it until Christmas.  So unfair!

I have to work under extreme duress,

watching Audrey in the pool while trying

to paint, oh the hardship.

It is hard really, I have to keep looking

up all the time to check

on Auds in the pool and I

lose my train of thought, which

in turn makes the picture pretty ordinary.

not a lot really.   I did a doodle in my journal

but it didn't really go as planned.

I planned to have all these creatures

coming out of the crayons

but had to throw some

toy sharks into the pool for Audrey to

dive after and when I got back

it just didn't happen.

I also did a painting for the IA on friday

but that turned into a cartoon

more than a painting, sorry can't

show that yet.

So at last here is my desk today,

wouldn't paint anywhere else right now.

My sincere apologies to those of you in the northern hemisphere.

At least you can have a white Christmas.

Have a great week and if I don't manage to

do a blog next week (I might be in the pool too),

I would like to wish everyone and their


a very merry Christmas.

Friday, 9 December 2011

What's in my Christmas Ball on IA

This weeks challenge on Inspiration Avenue is

What's in your Christmas Ball.

I had a good think about this and then, while drinking a coffee,

I looked up and there was Bubbles

with his light up Christmas tree and light up presents.

Bubbles is Audreys' pet siamese fighting fish and

a very spoilt one at that, I mean how many fish have their own 

Christmas tree.

Getting back to the bauble thing...

I thought of Bubbles in a bauble and so 

here is my Christmas ball

and to show you the real Bubbles ..

Not a great photo but you can see his light up tree and presents.

Hope the weather isn't too bad up in the northern hemisphere, 

ours is getting back to normal

after having the coldest December day in 100 years! 

It went down to 21 here and only 19 in Brisbane,

see my last post.

Don't forget it's summer here.

Have a great week and thanks for visiting

I really appreciate your wonderful comments.

I have to go and play with Audrey now, 

don't you just love school holidays....

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wet, Wet, Wet, WOYWW

Well what a difference a week makes.
Last week it was wonderful and hot 
and this week
it is freezing and wet, wet, wet.
We are having the coldest december 
for years and I am in a jumper and jeans
when it should be shorts and tank top.
What is going on???
I know I said I wanted rain (it is the start of the wet season)
but I never said cold, not once!
If this keeps up, we will have a white Christmas!
It is only 21 degrees, it should be 10 degrees hotter!!

Anyway that's my whinge for the day now on to my desk for woyww.

I did cheat a bit as the first pictures were taken earlier this week.

Audrey finished school for the year last thursday and
I have to do what I can when I can.

I decided to have a play in my journal and started some little fish.

They were quite cute....
so while we were out Christmas shopping, I decided to buy myself
an archival ink pen to make it stand out more.
The problem was, I didn't get a thick enough one
and so tried Audreys caligraphy pen, big mistake!!
I made a complete mess of it

and so, yet another lesson learned,
buy the right pen in the first place and 
you might do a good job.

I did get some time today to do a quick picture for the IA Challenge, whos theme this week is

What is in your Christmas ball, so here is a sneak peak.

Didn't think I would let you get up close, did you?

Gee, I hope I have time to do the IA blog now.

Have a great wednesday, I am going to get Audrey in from the rain, before 
it starts snowing!