Monday, 21 November 2011

Summer must have.

I was reading a blog by my favourite blogger, Tracey Fletcher King, and she was instilling the virtues of summer in our wonderful Queensland, when something struck me.  Tracey had left off the most important must have for summer around here and that is pictured below.

Okay, so not my best effort at watercolour, but it is on drawing paper and I did it by hand, hence the bent can.  Sorry, I digress.  For those not familiar with this can, it is the one thing that keeps us Aussies sane through the long hot summer.  It keeps those pesky mosquitos and sand flies at bay, without this we would spend our entire summer, swatting and scratching.  Both Tracey and I live on the coast and that makes those pests worse and I'm sure they are bigger. 

Tracey was talking about pine lime splice (the ice cream) and what memories that brings back.  For me it was hanging out the back window of the car while eating them on the way back to high school after lunch.   It was the 70's, so you could hang out the window, plus we were in Phillips (high school mate) car and his window didn't wind up, so it made it easy to hang out.  Life was so much simpler then, shame the kids don't know the value of that piece ice wrapped around the ice cream.

I am now much older and I can still enjoy the little pleasures in life......
this is what I wake up to every day, it's the view from my bedroom window (taken at 8am on sunday morning).  We are very lucky to live in this great country, sorry to all those who have snow at the moment and thanks to Tracey for bringing back all those memories via the Pine lime splice.  Think I might go and get a box.....

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