Wednesday, 16 September 2015

More sogginess for WOYWW

I had every intention of posting last week
but those rotten gremlins had other ideas.
I had a plumber in to replace the old taps
in the upstairs bathrooms
(you can guess where this is going already can't you)
and the gremlins thought it would be funny 
to make one of the taps leak.
Not just a little leak mind you but a leak of epic proportions!
When the plumber turned on the water it flowed full bore
under the vanity, down through the hole where the pipes go &
down into the floor cavity (as well as into the hallway upstairs
and yes it is carpet).
 Then right out of the closest hole downstairs, which just 
happens to be the chandelier in our dining room.
We had a magnificent waterfall pouring down,
 straight onto my daughter's business computer!!!
You could hear her scream for miles.
We grabbed a bucket and tipped the keyboard 
upside down to drain and would you believe it has
 all dried out and is working perfectly
as is the light, after an electrician played with it.
So thankfully, disaster averted, apart from 
the hours of mopping up.
To my desk....
 I had my secretary/foot model with me today.
He has sore feet (it's a long story) so I've got him with me
to keep an eye on him as well as use his tootsies
 for the painting.  He's also in my bad books cos I went out
 the other day and came home to a pile of black stuff 
all over the carpet.  Turns out he found my
thongs (flip flops to some) under the coffee table and
 chewed them up!
He thinks he's a dog!

I'm painting in the little room at the moment, so that I can 
have a big photo on the computer and keep it nice and clear
for painting the eye and feet.
I've started adding the eyes to my girls' portrait.
This is probably the last photo I'll post cos I don't 
like putting kids onto the web, but you can get the gist of it.
However, this is definitely the one
 and only portrait I'll ever do.
It's really doing my head in....the pressure to get it right
and the whinging from the peanut gallery that is
my girls'. 
I'm nearing the end of good photos of lorikeets now,
so if anyone has some fabulous ones and they
 don't mind sharing, I'd love to hear from you. 
I still love doing these bright crazy birds, 
just need good photos of them on Aussie native flowers
 and you all know how bad my photographic skills are!

That's me for this week, it's school pickup time (oh joy), 
 why not go to
and see all the other desks from around the world.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Gremlins and scary painting for WOYWW

I thought I had missed a couple of weeks
with my blog and wow it's been over 
a month since I last annoyed you all.
Can't have that now can we.
(Warning, lots of catching up to do so WOYWWer's
are welcome to look at desk and run..while you can)
Actually it's me who's been annoyed.
Annoyed by the mess gremlins.
These are the tidier shots, you should see what's on
the floor in the corner.
Now I know what you're thinking...  she's just made the mess
all by herself.  Well I protest.... okay, so maybe some
of it is me but most is those pesky
messy gremlins.
Just look at the ground sheet all wavied up and
trippy overy squishy crumpled.  
There's no way I could have done all that.
I just walk carefully (cough, cough) around from table
to table.  Those gremlins come in at night when I'm not 
around and play twister - I'm sure of it.
And they go into my other room 
and throw paper around onto the floor. 

Those pesky beasts even got into my washing machine
the other day and it wouldn't stop filling.
Of course that happened while I was taking Little Miss
to school, so the floors and anything within a fifty mile radius
had a really thorough clean.
Not content to mess up my washing machine they then
attacked my kettle, which has started leaking water
all over the base plate.
I tell you, they are trying to get me.
I'll either drown while doing the washing,
get electrocuted while making a cuppa or
trip over and clunk my head while walking in my art room.
If anyone knows how to make those devils leave
I'd like to hear from you.

I've finished a few paintings since I last posted,
there was the commission piece 
(which is the reason for my absence from the blogosphere)
The dull green is actually a lovely turquoise in real life, just can't get the camera to see it.
 Then I finished my bird painting

and I'm a bit further with my other bird painting

Lots of squidly didlyness there but still a long way to go.

You can see my hanging bird in the second picture up the top.
He's looking really scary cos his face is in it's underwear.
I've just started mapping it out and he's rather naked
and scary looking.
Speaking of scary, I'm currently doing the 
most scary thing ever.
A portrait of my girls ( cue Phycho shower scene violin music).
Now don't panic, I'm not going to plaster them all over the
 screen and turn you off in droves, you know the Oh no,
 not another mother putting up the kids photos, sort of thing.
I'm a bit funny about them being up for the world to
 look at so I don't put any photos of them up or paintings.
Not that I'm blowing my own horn and saying that
 it is a great likeness or anything...mainly cos it isn't
 and boy is it hard  to draw them.
I've waffled on a bit already so I'll tell you all about
the pain that is my portrait painting next week.
Of course that's assuming I haven't lost my temper
and put my foot through it.
Now you've heard my long winded tale,
why not hop over to
and see what the others have been up to 
on their desks.
I need a cuppa....just hope I don't get a free perm doing it!