Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A big oops this WOYWW

Here's my desk this week

I have new goodies.
A camera bag to help stop getting paint on my camera,
A new blank drawing book,
a Doctor Who Watch inside the box,
my thumb (I get bored waiting at school pickup)
and a DVD by my teacher
(more on that later in the post).

 I had one of those weeks.
A blonde week you could say.
On monday I decided to 
ink my pelican canvas 
in my new desk area.
It started okay
But went down hill from there
I kept looking at it thinking 
something isn't right but couldn't put my finger on it.
Then, when it was too late to do anything about it,
I realised I had forgotten to put the white ink on
and it was all dark and clear and yukky
and blah.
 Never fear, my fabulous teacher
came to the rescue.
With a slop here and a dash there
 it's looking better already.
(Sorry, photo taken on my phone)
Still a long way to go and my teacher
did ninety percent of the large scale glooping.
I'm a newbie glooper and not too good 
on the big stuff. It tends to fall off of my
knife and looks more like a pelican poo
than a water ripple.
I often talk about my teacher but I've never
told you about her.
Her name is De Gillett, she's just as mad as me
(that's why we get on so well)
and is a fabulous artist that I aspire to.
If you want to learn to ink like me
go to Under the Arts Tree and you can 
buy the dvd (first in a series).
It's fab and fun and if I can ink
anyone can! 
Just remember to add the white ink!!

I did a bit more to my sunset canvas too

 Actually, looking at this photo,
the horizon looks like it's going up towards the boat.
Oh poo, guess I should go and check the canvas
(hope it's just my bad photography). 

My art progression into the lounge went a little backwards
this week.  It was raining and I had to put my washing
in there, no photos cos you don't need to see
my knickers hanging up!

That's me for this weeks
What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday
now why not hop over to
and check out the other desks.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Heaven is ......

Heaven is
managing to do some painting
on a Sunday afternoon
and streaming
Doctor Who
on the computer.

Life is good.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

More glooping for WOYWW

 First up my desk (s)
What's that you say, 
nothing to see here (apart from mess of course)
That's because my plan to take over the living room
is picking up speed (mwa ha ha).
I've now got at least 3/4 of the room and have plans to remove
the furniture one piece at a time
and disperse it among the other rooms.

Then I can move out a few cupboards
in my art room, put them in the lounge
 and steal Big Miss's desk from her bedroom
 (she doesn't use it anyway).
 I will have the perfect inking table
and room to splash about.
They'll never notice
ha ha ha.

I've been a busy girl
in the time I've had to play
in my present art room.
First I drew up and spattered
a pelican canvas
Then yesterday I glooped it
and this morning I glooped it some more.
During this week I also drew up, 
spattered and glooped this sunset
 Now for the fun bit, I get to ink it
after lunch.
I do love a good inking in the afternoon!!

I did learn two things this morning,
well okay I found out the hard way but
I'll probably do the same thing
over and over again.
When glooping with  bright colours
1.  Make sure you put your hair up
BEFORE you start. When that stuff dries
in your hair it really hurts to get it out!
2.  Don't hang out your sheets when
you are half way through glooping!
Luckily my sheets, although white, have pretty
little frangipani flowers on them.
Now they have a lot more petals,
if you get my drift.
I guess I could have said wash your
hands before hanging out the washing
but that would have been sensible
now wouldn't it.

While I figure out how to get that couch 
out of the living room and get it
into the upstairs living room
why not hop over to 
and see what the more
 sane people are doing on their
desks around the world.
Mwa ha ha.

Sorry, been watching too much
Austin Powers.

Also linking to PPF


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Slops and the usual mess for WOYWW

My room is a bigger mess
than normal as I'm
trying to do a few canvasses together.
There are four in fact, the other two
are on the floor in my other lounge room
(or as I like to say my almost second studio)
My desk is buried 
under the bits and pieces that I'm working on.
I've got pictures and pots and brushes and all sorts.
It's actually organised chaos, kinda.

It's been a bit of a bummer
these last two weeks.
I had a bad batch of canvasses
and lost quite a few paintings.
Yes, I literally lost them, 
they slid right off the canvas.
 The lumpy stuff on the canvas is the gesso
all glooped together as it ran off the canvas.

All seemed fine until I hit the canvas with water
 and then it just let go.
My teacher thinks there must have been some oily film on
them and of course you can't put acrylic over oil.
I even soaped and hosed the canvas and sanded it
but to no avail.  The shop is quite happy to
replace them but I'm not sure I want more of 
this brand now.
I have since bought some linen canvasses
and I'm going crazy trying to get 
some done so I can get them into the shop.
I sold two paintings in the shop and
have the wall space until the end of August
but with the manky canvasses I may not
get any more to the shop in time.

Today was a mad day
with paint flying everywhere,
canvasses laying outside in the sun,
another one all splattered and runny in the room
and one up on the easel.
Moving around can be a bit hard as I tend to find bits of
paint in all sorts of places.
My nice white tiles are now looking
more like a 60's psychedelic painting
and I had plastic down.
I also learned that even though it's cold
don't wear socks in the art room.
I found a trail of footprints out into the kitchen,
guess they'll expect me to clean that up (sigh).
I could always do what the kids do
and say it wasn't me!!

I hope that by next week
I might actually have something
worth looking at.
If all goes to plan, there will be two boat
paintings, a pelican and some segulls
all half done, so fingers crossed these
don't decide to slide off.

That's all I have to show this week,
so why not go on over to 
and see some more productive
desks around the world.