Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I am having computer problems,
(CPU broke, no scanner and pen mousey thing not working)
so will be off blogging for a little while.
I have a laptop to keep watching and commenting
but can't do much else.
Having an art break too.
Be back as soon as it is fixed.

Promise :)

Thursday, 7 March 2013


This weeks Artist's Playroom theme is
What do you treasure?

Well, I could get all mushy and say family etc
but that would make for a boring painting.
No they aren't boring just my painting would be,
especially as my portrait painting is just stick figures 
or these weird looking aliens that you would
never pick to be anything like my family,
(or maybe you could, hmm).
I'm a bit old fashioned too, I don't like to have any of them on the internet,
try telling that to my eldest two. They plaster themselves for all the world to see
but me, I like a little mystery.
I mean, you wouldn't think of me the same way if you knew
I was old, short and fat now would you,
surely I come through, young, tanned and gorgeous
(cough, cough).
I do adore my family, warts and all
and I have just a few people that I call my close  trusted friends, 
some of whom are on the net, but today 
I decided to paint some of my tangible treasures,
 or junk as my husband calls it,
hey, he's a maths teacher,  so no arty farty love of treasures in him.
Sorry about the cruddy photo, just can't seem to take a good one.

 (If Trace is looking at the photo, maybe she could ask Sinus how much he loves me???
Any chance I could pay him for a white box thingy like you have??? He he :) :)  )

 These are some of my most treasured little goodies.
See, if you knew I was old and fat you wouldn't have thought I could love such quirky things.

The big fella is my Wookie Bird, he cost me a mint but I had to have him,
he reminded me of my big fat parrot, Charlie.
The other guys are just some of my mad collection of things.
I used to go up to the Sunshine coast for holidays and would scour the
little shops in Noosa but nowadays it's all glitz and glamour.
No more quirky artisty shops, just coffee and cafe type shops
for the rich and famous, who now frequent the place.
I miss the old Noosa but it's called progress, I guess.
At least I have my ornaments to remind me of the good old days.

I also collect crazy cups, I've painted some

 My favourite is a Doctor Who mug, but that's in the dishwasher at the moment,
so you don't get to see that.

Every room in my house is filled with treasures, little knick knacks from my travels
and crazy things that people have given me over the years.
If it's quirky, different or silly, I love it, (just a shame my hubby doesn't), I mean,
how many people have a fish pond in their house, with three goldfish?

I like to be different, can you see my 'grandfather' clock reflected in the mirror,
cute huh?
I guess my greatest treasures are my kids and hubby,
even if he isn't arty farty and just a nutty old maths teacher.
He has to be nuts, to put up with me.

Have a look at Jenn's Artists Playroom and see what other people


Saturday, 2 March 2013

Blorange for APR, anyone got an ark?

It's slightly wet around here,
actually it's bloomin pourin!!

Not too bad here

Water is starting to meet in the middle of the road now.

The water is starting to come up our driveway,
it's okay though, we are much higher up.

The problem is that nothing will dry.
My canvas painting is soggy and I couldn't finish that,
so I thought I would do a little water colour.
It wouldn't dry so I got the hairdryer
and did it too hard so the paint went sploosh and mooshy.

This is the canvas painting I started here, I have painted in the darks
but can't do the lights yet, so it is a bit dreary at the moment
and even though it looks black the background is actually blue.
It was going to be for the blorange, but no chance now.

Finally I decided to just muck around with some water colours,
a hair dryer and a bit of attitude and 'stunned mullet goldy' was born.

I was playing with the Silks too but I don't know if it is the weather or not
but my sakura pens didn't like drawing over the Silks.

He's actually a lot brighter than this but the old lights don't help much in the rain. 

The lights make the mica in the paint stand out.
No pretty sparkles when you scan in : (

It's not the best entry to put in APR this week for blorange, 
that's blue'n'orange, but on a brighter note, my little miss
decided to play along as well and here is her entry
for blorange.

Let's hope this rain will finally go away soon and I can get back to painting,
for now I'm going to sit on the couch with a cup of coffee
and watch movies, what else can you do on days like this?

Why don't you hop on over to Jenn's
Artist's Play Room and see what
the others have done for blorange.