Friday, 18 November 2011

Inspiration Ave Harlequin Challenge

I think someone has it in for me with the Inspiration Ave weekly challenge.  I finally decide to enter and last week it was the Seamstress and I hate sewing, then this week it is Harlequin.  What is the first thing that comes to mind, clowns and I hate clowns.  Sewing machines and clowns have something in common, they are both very mean beasties.  I have had a dislike of clowns since I was a child, don't know why, just feel very uneasy around them.  So there was no way I was going to scare myself and paint one of those awful things.

One thing I do love are fish, and there is a harlequin fish, so my entry this week is a harlequin fish with a border of harlequin patterns.  My normally very square husband (he is a maths teacher, so that says enough) suggested I blend the pattern with the fish and that is what I have done.  I got two surprises, one that he thought of it and two that it looks quite effective.

Mr H (as I now affectionately call him) is painted in acrylic on textured paper and the harlequin border is just a print out on copy paper and stuck on with double sided tape.  You didn't think I was actually going to paint all of that patterned stuff now did you?  I did paint the pattern within the border and the bottom right pattern is darker on purpose, to look like it is in shadow but it looks more like I messed up.

The top photo was scanned in using my hundred year old scanner and this picture is with my camera and is a better colour match. 

Had a busy week out and about so not much art has been done, let's hope next week is a better one.

For those of you cold in the snow, my latest post  about summer, may be a bit upsetting :)


  1. YES, I did think you painted that harlequin border! Glad you set me straight. And I don't think the bottom looks messed up at all. This is beautiful. The entire concept is unique and fun. I love it.

  2. Congrats Vonny...just love it !!!!
    Angie (GB)

  3. Here I was thinking you had slaved for hours getting that border so perfect... and help from Neale... that is a turn up for the books... not Matt's strong suit either I have to say... I love your fish as much as I love all of your fish... and of course the perfect colours for this time of year!!!

  4. Oh my!!! This is incredible!
    And your husbands idea was a great one.

  5. I love your fish! What a great idea to blend the border right into the picture! I have to admit I thought you painted the whole border, too :)

  6. LOVE the way the fish blends with the border! Great idea, and beautiful painting. Brilliant idea to use a printed border.

    I'm so glad you've stuck with the IA challenges even though they brought to mind wicked sewing machines and scary clowns:) I hope you'll be back tomorrow for the new've got to get lucky sometime!

  7. This is a great interpretation! While some of the IA challenges have been more intimidating than others, I haven't had the strong reactions you and Tracy have had. Your fish and her butterfly this week are just cool and such creative versions of a harlequin. Great job!

  8. Awesome translation of the theme. Your colours are incredible.
    Stay inspired!


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