Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Gooping the soup for WOYWW

I'm playing in the big room today
cos it's freezing in the 
small one.
You can see all the bits n pieces 
I'm playing with
I've prepped a canvas on the long table,
in the front left is a half gooped canvas and the
finished canvas is on the easel.
I love being able to spread out. 
 I'm over at the desk by the window 
gooping a bird in poocack colours.
Yes you read that right, I'm doing
this poor bird in poocack.
You can't see much yet, it's the little bluey blobs
bottom left. Here are the mixed colours of goop
Some of you may say they are bright but
I see mud and dirty colours.
Even my mouth turns down when I put this stuff on.
It's my own fault that I have to make it poocack,
you see I got carried away with the 
gesso soup and the flowers are too big,
so I have to make the birdie move back
to stay in perspective.
I will paint the flying bird nice and bright.
I've started adding cockies tootsies.  He might be able to land soon.

A few posts ago
here if you missed it
I mentioned that I was getting
graduated (multifocal) glasses.
I picked them up and oh dear.
Follow my nose they said, 
that would have been fine if I could see my nose!
I couldn't see a thing, total blur out.
The only way I knew
 I'd missed the doorway and hit the wall
was if it hurt!!
I was really starting to think I was a true blonde but
it turns out the lady didn't fit the glasses to my eyes.
A trip back to the optometrist and a few bends
and melting of plastic and
I can see!!!
I feel drunk if I move my head too quickly
but I'm getting there.
Maybe I should have left them blurred
while I'm doing the poocack bird,
might have been easier on my nerves.

Well that's mine for this week.
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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

De's Gesso Soup for WOYWW

We had my kind of cookery lessons
in art class today.
There wasn't an oven or a saucepan in sight.
My teacher has invented a new
technique and has called it
Gesso Soup.
It's probably the only cooking
I've ever enjoyed.
It involves gesso (well duh), water,
paint, bags, onions, noodles,
 and a whole lot of
slopping and glooping.
Yes, it looks a bit garish but it will lay almost flat
when it dries and this technique is guaranteed
to cure all sorts of ills, just like chicken soup.
There is already a textured layer of goop
under here and this will add to the texture
without texturing. 
Yes, it's texture without texture.
No I haven't gone stark raving mad
(well any more than usual).
It looks really textured but it is in fact
virtually flat and then it's easier to paint on
and I can add texture only where I want it.
See.... really clever huh.

 I've finished my bird and just sealed it
 It's all shiny from the sealer and hard to get a photo.
There's a ton of mica paint and it glows in the sunlight
just wish I could get the glow in a photo.
My boat is finished too.
Same shine problem.
They are both going into a show soon,
hope they sell.

I am picking up a new pair of glasses tomorrow
so I hope to get around to lots of WOYWWer's
but if I don't it's because of the glasses.
I explained the problem in my last post
here, if you're interested.

If you want to see other desks
around the world today,
go over to 
and have a visit.

I'm going to cook up some more soup,
mwa ha ha.