Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Swooshing paint for WOYWW

Boy have I had fun this week.
I painted my birds eyes, beaks
and feet. 
I couldn't see the birds feet in the photo
so I used the next best thing,
a live model
 and here he is.
My Charlie was very obliging and held
his little tootsies up everytime I needed them.
He wasn't too sure about the large birds
behind him.

I'm really pleased with how the
feet and

 faces turned out.
Here's the overall this morning
before class.
Thanks for your help with the comments
on red blobs in the background
I took them on board and 
didn't go with them.
Next came the glazing in class,
boy that was fun and scary
all at once.
 I had to leave my canvas at class
as the glaze was still wet
so these pictures were taken on my 
phone camera.
The fact you are about to see these
pictures is a miracle in itself.
I spent ages and lots of swearing,
tongue poking and yelling
but I managed to get the pictures from 
my phone to the computer.
Then it took me an hour to find where
the pictures were on the computer
but finally here they are..

This doubles as a picture of my desk,
it's at class but I forgot to take a photo
of the one at home before I actually 
cleaned it up, yep, I actually
cleaned up a bit.
I can't show a photo of a tidy desk,
that would ruin my reputation!!

The phone doesn't capture
the colours well, it's 
really bright and wonderful.
I still have more glazing to go.
My teacher said I need to do a purple layer
and I want to fix up the big wing,
it looks a bit too blobby.
 All in all I'm liking this more
and more.

Well, that's my sorta desk
for this week.
 Hop on over to 
and see other desks 
around the world
this wednesday.

P.S:  I hope all in the UK and Europe are okay after that
nasty looking storm this week.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Birds are appearing for WOYWW

I've been busy, busy
but not with art,
hence no post last week.

I have done a little in class 
and today, so here is my progress so far.

You may remember my splodges
from a few weeks ago,
here they are.

Now don't tell me you still can't see the two lorikeets,
you really should get your glasses checked!!

Okay, for those of you who are not versed in 
the art of splodges, here are the painted
 Of course they are still in the very early stages.
I'm working on the eyes, beaks and feet
at the moment.  

The paint is very loose, so that when I
glaze over the birds the colour will fill
in between the painted bits
and hopefully give it a three dimensional 
look, fingers are crossed!

This photo will give you an idea of the size
 of the canvas, it's 30" x 36", so not small. 

My desk is the usual mess

with bits plonked everywhere.
I honestly don't know how I manage
 to find the paint some days.

These are the faces so far,
I'm still tweeking them but happy 
how they are turning out.

One bird is has just taken off and the other
is hanging onto a branch,
which I still haven't painted,
and is about to fly off.

I'm thinking of glazing bright red into
the background to represent
bottle brush flowers but I'm not sure if that
will detract from the birds.
Anyone have any suggestions???

Well, I'd better fly
(excuse the pun), you know the drill,
dinner to make, animals kids to feed,
plus the pets.

Now you've seen mine why not
hop on over to 
and see all the other desks around the world
this workdesk wednesday.


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Back to normal abnormal for WOYWW

I was awol last week 
as I hurt my back.
Now it would be great if I could say that I 
pulled a muscle while
swinging from a chandelier in
in my bedroom 
but unfortunately
it was rather more boring than that.
I sat in my car and twisted around to get something
from the back seat and pulled a muscle,
yawn, how boring is that.
I think I'll go with the chandelier story
makes life sound much more exciting :)
I couldn't move on tuesday and wednesday
and my rotten family made me 
wander around Ikea all day thursday.
I got even, I bought lots of goodies.

My desk is also a bore this week,
still that rotten fish painting.

Here's my desk this week.
I have very gloopy glaze in the white pots.
I wasn't happy with the white reflections on the water
so I took to it with a wet cloth and rubbed it all off,
only trouble was, half the underpainting came off as well.
So I had to repaint half of it and today I reglazed
the green and white.

I'm still not happy with it
but I'm sick of the site of it,
so it's been unceremoniously
dumped sideways up on the wall to dry.

I just hope the pond water doesn't drip on my floor!!

Now I look at it, the darn thing looks
better from this angle,
I could call it fish swimming up hill.

Well, I hope things will be more exciting next week
as I've been playing with the birds in class,
of course I forgot my camera, so no photo.
Next week I'll take a photo
and possibly I'll do some drawing,
I feel the need, the need to scribble.

If you're still awake,
sorry it was boring this week,
hop on over to Julia's
and find some exciting things
on desks around the world
this wednesday.



Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Having one of those weeks.

I'm having one of those weeks!
This will be short and sweet 
as I've put my back out,
gee, I must be getting old (eeek!!).

Sitting here in agonotitis (that's nutter talk for pain!)

No art done this week,
I hope normal service will be resumed next week!!
Well, that's as normal as I can be,
which isn't all that normal really,
so maybe I should just say,
I will be posting abnormally next week.

Wow, I'm not even on pain killers
and I sound more spaced out than normal!

You never know, I might do some art on thursday 
and post about it, but then maybe not.

Okay, okay, I'm going now.
So I'll post when I can
hopefully with some art to show.

Bummer, I can't put on my 'Egbert writing' picture
as I'm on the laptop and not my computer
 and it hurts to get up,
so you'll have to tune in for the next post
 to see Egbert.

This just isn't my day!