Friday, 25 November 2011

Aged beauty IA Challenge

Yet another hard challenge for me, this weeks Inspiration Ave theme "Aged Beauty"
(don't forget to go across and check out the other IA entries). 

I had this covered  up all mysterious for What's on your work desk wednesday, 

so I hope it lives up to the hype.

I love everything modern and so this was foreign to me.  I don't have anything old (except my husband), that is pay back for suggesting I do a self portrait.  People are not my forte, I can do a stick figure, with dots for eyes but that is about my limit on people, so an old person was out.

Old barns and houses are not me, so I had a bit of a dilemma. 

Spent all day tuesday thinking about what to do and then it hit me.  I love animals and so an old animal may do.   Thinking, thinking, what says old and beautiful in animals, there are a few but none more so than my entry.  This is what I think of as aged beauty.

Before I show the picture,

it has been very cloudy this week and I just can't get a good picture of my painting

(plus it's a blonde thing with a camera) so I have a few, so that you can get the gist of what I was trying to portray.

This was with a flash, so a bit harsh

Or maybe this one is better?

How about a close up?

Or two..

Here it is on my desk

It really is a cute painting in acrylic on paper, if only you could see it in person
or I could take a decent photo.  

Many things wither with age, but I think the old tortoise is the most beautiful thing. 

They really do age with beauty.
Have a great week and I hope next weeks IA is easier.


  1. Von this is beautiful... just perfect... I am actually taking the week off this week and it is because of you... I was trying to get my ideas together and then I came over here and saw that and figure I can't top it... this is great have captured such a great expression... I love it xx

  2. Hi Von....what a cutie!!!!!
    Hope my skin looks as good as this fella's
    when I am his age.
    Luv Angie (GB)

  3. So much texture & wisdom on this beauty's face! Very nice painting!

  4. Holy crap! That is amazing! Looks like a photograph.
    Glad you decided to paint your husband after all...what a triumph ;)

  5. Gorgeous take on this week's theme- I LOVE it!

  6. This is a fabulous painting - you're very talented! Great attention to detail and I love his expression.

    And I'm glad it wasn't just me who got the "just submit yourself" comment lol!

  7. Wonderful, love your interpretation!

  8. I am really, really late after visiting on Wednesday. I got a big laugh at your husband quip. This painting is super gorgeous. I think this is the MOST unique aged beauty I've seen. Love it.


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