Some of my paintings are now available as
fine art reproductions and are available
directly from the printer Art House Reproductions
and in my Etsy Shop 

Haunting Serenity

Pond Of Dreams (Print available)

Now Where Did That Froggy Go

This Is My Best Side (Print available)

If I stay Really Still (Print available)

Where Have You Been

Struttin' My Stuff (Print available)

Late Afternoon Snack (Print available)

Jellyfish Grotto

Driftin' Away

Look Out I'm Coming In

You Lookin' At Me?

Yummy Flowers

Just Swimming Around (Print available)

Close up of the water.

Mr P
Inks on canvas

Jelly Dancing.
Inks on canvas

See Ya.
Acrylics and glazes

Hanging with my buds.
Acrylic and inks.

Lorikeets - Acrylics and glazes

Wild Ride - Acrylics and glazes

Undersea Eruption- Inks

 My Groper - Oil on canvas

 My boy Charlie - Acrylic on canvas

 Iris - Oil on canvas

 Under sea for Harry - Oil on canvas 4ft x 2 ft

Undersea- Inks on canvas

Rush hour under the sea - Acrylic on canvas 4ft 6in x 3 ft
Still not finished, I'll get there one day.

Out of the darkness - Oil on canvas 4ft x 2 ft

Red Rose -  Oil on canvas

Poppies - Water colour on paper

Noodles - Water colour on paper
Strawberries - water colour and watercolour pencil on paper

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