About me

I've always been a bit arty farty 
and love to draw and paint. 
 I am self taught, with a lot of help from blog friends.

  Living by the sea in the Bayside of Brisbane,
Australia has influenced my paintings 
and even though I won't go in the water,
 I love to paint underwater scenes. 

Bright colours are my favourites,
I like a painting to make a person happy.

This started a big dive into water colours
as they are some the the brightest colours.

I also paint in acrylics on canvas and
not so often now, oil on canvas.
The bigger the canvas the better.

Still not finished, only been sitting there for two or three years!!!
My latest venture is in inks on canvas,
now that's fun and bright.
I presently do lessons in the inks and acrylics
with De Gillett at Arts Tree in Wynnum.

I call myself a wannabe artist,
as I'm not quite where I want to be yet.
I still have a lot to learn.

This blog documents my journey
to, hopefully some day,
calling myself an artist
and meaning it.

My email is vonnykaus@yahoo.com.au
and my facebook page is

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