Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Icicles for paintbrushes on WOYWW.

Every Wednesday people from all 
around the world show what's on their desk
to see them. 
Here's my desk from the lovely tropical
 Brisbane, Australia.

Well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration but there has
been snow right up to the Queensland border.
It went down to 4 degrees last night & it's 
only 17 in the house now
and I'm sure I saw a polar bear walk down the street!!! 

Okay, here's my desk but first let me wipe the 
icicles from my nose.
The picture might be a little blurry as my knees are knocking from the cold.
I'm painting birds in this room and
gooping and inking in this room tomorrow.
(If you look carefully you might catch a glimpse
 of that polar bear in the street).

I have a whole new respect for the people who live way up
the top of the northern hemisphere. 
 How do you stay warm???
There aren't enough clothes in the city to keep me warm.
Goodness, if this keeps up I'll have to buy a heater!!!

Winter school holidays have put a dent in my painting time
but I have managed to do some more to the birds.
 This is a step away from my usual bright paintings
and I've gotta say, it just isn't me. 
I like in your face bright colour and this is just
a tad too pookcack for me.
Personally I blame that darn "Polar Vortex"
(that's what the newspapers are calling it).
It's so cold that my brain had a white out moment
and created snow in the background.
When I get the feeling back into my frozen fingers
I'm going to brighten up the birds and the front flowers
and never do an over poocacked painting again!

To my friends up there in England,
yes you know who you are (LLJ).
You've had your fun, now give us back
our nice hot weather and take back your
rotten cold stuff before something
snaps off, like my nose!!