Friday, 4 November 2011

Getting there.

I didn't do any art today but I did get started on my room and it actually has a floor and desk space now.

I haven't seen my drawing desk for so long I had forgotten what it looked like.  My new Ikea drawers are brimming with all my goodies and each drawer is a different task.  I found the kids label maker, never used it before and discovered the hard way that you need batteries for these things (didn't need batteries in my day).  Then I discovered that the kids had used up all the tape and forgot to tell me, so I'm afraid the drawers are not labelled and I still have to keep opening them until I find the one I want.  I will get batteries and tape as soon as I can though.

I worked hard all day but I haven't finished the room just yet as you can see there is still quite a bit to go, but that is for another day.
I did stop cleaning up for a little while and I put my poppy picture into a frame and yes it was from Ikea.  Came up quite good.

My sneaky five minutes to write this have ended, they have found me and are driving me nuts, so I hope my next blog will be minus children and with some art that I have done on my clean desk.

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