Monday, 29 February 2016

And now for something completely different.....

This weekend I had some time
to myself, which is really not the norm
in my household.
Well the truth is, I decided it was too
hot for housework, so I went into
my art room and played.
I've been toying with the idea of doing a really loose
almost (but not quite) abstract painting, just to see if 
my tightwad brain will allow my hand to do it. 
Of course I didn't know where to start, so I picked up my 
"left overs" canvas.  
I'm sure you all have one somewhere around.
It's the little canvas that you put all your left over goop,
inks and bits of stuff that are left over
 but you don't want to waste.
Mine was looking like this
 Yep, I'm with you, eww, ick and poo, so I got out
 my nice bright goop and did this.
(It's brighter than the photo but you know my crappy photography skills)
Now I have to say that I'm really proud of my brain for
 allowing my hand to slop that stuff on so loosely and not try to make it all perfect and pretty.
Mind you I did have Queen playing super loud, much to my teenage daughter's (she has no taste) disgust. I always think the loud noise cancels out the brain noise. 
Then came the hard part (for me anyway), 
the chocking under the little canvas.
You'd think I'd could get it right as it's only about 45cm across but no, I had to go and stuff it up as usual.  Too many lumps under the canvas, in hindsight I only needed one chock in the middle but there you go.
The ink was looking good at first ....
starting to flow nicely, so I added the other colours and 
the chocking disaster showed through. 
 The ink was flowing away from the chocked bits and
 straight off the canvas. After some rather colourful language I
 added some side packing and lots more ink.
It's dried better than I thought it would
and I have the most delicious ripples and
 bumpy wumpy things happening.

I'll probably play with it to brighten it up a bit 
(much to my teacher's disgust I'm sure). 
 But, I'll keep it loose.
Now for the hard part.... I might try this on a big canvas.

Oh boy, this could get really interesting and super scary.
There could be an almighty battle going on between little blonde, super tight arse brain and little left hand. 
 I'm going to have to have the music pumping at extreme apologies to the neighbours.