Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Still going on the fish painting (darn it) for WOYWW

I'm sorry to say
the fish painting is still going.
We had a good look at it in class today 
and decided it needed more 
glazing to get the look of water right.

The glaze is still a little wet and I hope it will
calm down a bit more.
It's so scary when you put it on as it's really white
and I was sure I'd messed it up.

This was taken a bit earlier and
you can see how white it looked.
I still have to tone down the eyes,
they look like cartoons at the moment
and I will add more white in some areas to
make the ripples stand out more.

My desk this week was outside
and this is why
Apart from the fact that it's been
30 plus degrees this week,
Don't you just love the bird poop on the chair, that's my magpie friend!

I had to prepare a new canvas for class.
You can see my fan brushes with pots of
very watered down paint.
I use these to spatter the canvas
and boy did I make a mess, it went everywhere.
Yes, my glasses got the treatment as well.
Puts a whole new meaning to spots before your eyes!

Of course you can see exactly what 
the painting is going to be,
what, you can't see it??
Well you're just not using your imagination,
there are two Lorikeets (small parrots),
one is flying off and the other is about to.
Now do you see it?  I thought not.
You'll just have to wait until next week.
I drew the birds on in class and then really spattered
it but couldn't bring it home as it was too wet.

So, it's just going to have to be a Picasso 
until next week!

That's all for me,
the little bird from last week
still looks exactly the same,
school holidays are a bummer.

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 around the world,
this glorious wednesday,
have fun.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Trevor the farting turtle leads to undersea bubbles for WOYWW.

If you saw my post last week,
I introduced you to Trevor Turtle
my farting pool cleaner
I've been getting great entertainment
(yes, I know, simple mind)
watching Trevor's antics around my pool
and the other day I was watching him do a 
particularly huge fart under water
(wish I'd got a photo)
and then it came to me
"light bulb moment" .
I could do an ink canvas with bubbles coming
from the deep depths of the ocean
and so I did.
After a lot of playing and just as much swearing
I made a cute little canvas which 
I'm calling "Undersea Eruption".
As usual my camera skills suck and 
I couldn't get a good picture of it,
so you will have to use your imagination quite a lot.
I has layers of deep blue and turquoise in real life
but it's quite shiny and hard to get a good shot.

 It has a lot of depth but you can't see it 
in the photo, pity cos I actually like this.
I still have to ink the bottom edge.

To my desk this fine sunny hot spring day

 There is the same old junk to the left,
of course my Dalek pens aren't junk, 
they're real!!
Since spring has sprung magnificently
in this part of the world, I thought
I would do a springy type watercolour.
Dummy here, did it on a thin flat paper
instead of proper water colour paper
so it didn't blend and went blobby
and now I'm really busy, so I don't know 
when I'll finish it, typical me!!

I can't show you the next stage of my fish pond
painting this week as it is still at the studio drying
but I hope to show you the finished,
 yes that's FINISHED
painting next week!  
This week I have to start on a new painting
and I don't even know what it will be yet.

That's my little desk and natter for the week,
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Stamping Ground and see what
everyone else has on their desks
around the world on this wonderful
Workdesk Wednesday.

Ahh, you gotta love spring :)


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Same painting but a new friend for WOYWW

My desk is quite boring lately
just the same old fishy painting
and still not much to show.
This week in class I started to refine my painting
and my poor teacher must be pulling her hair out with me.
I'm getting so frustrated with myself 
because I want to finish each piece off 
and that's not how it's done.
My mind is sort of willing but my hands say no.

Hence, I didn't get much done today.
I'm a little dib, little dab kind of person and I'm
trying to learn to be a bold, put it on there kind of person.
So far, not so good but I'm determined to keep trying.
My teacher got me to put those really bold white strokes
on the tails and I have to tell you, I was having heart
 palpitations and my hand kept saying no, 
but looking at the photo now they actually look okay.
I still have a long way to go, just hope 
the old ticker can hold out!!

Last week, just when everything was going crazy
(isn't that always the way), our automatic pool cleaner
decided to give up the ghost.
After a lot of very strong words, I gave in and went 
to the pool shop.
Our pool cleaners never last long and I was shown
 the latest toy  robotic cleaner.

Now I'm a sucker for anything cute and different,
 so $1100 later we have a new pet, 
Trevor the Turtle cleaner.

 How gorgeous is this little fellow.  He swims and turns 
and scrubs his way around the pool and in three hours,
the pool is sparkling.  Not only that but he is very entertaining.
You can't see it in these pictures but he has a fan where his bottom would be and if he gets too much air in him he farts and swims down!!! 
Sorry, but who doesn't laugh at a good fart.

Okay, I'll lift the tone of the post now.
I received a beautiful gift from Margaret 
It's a Christmas cracker and so intricate.

The card is beautiful and Margaret sent it to me
 in a container that is just perfect.
I will keep the cracker in this and bring it out every Christmas.
Thanks so much Margaret, I will treasure it.

Well, I've waffled on again, sorry Julia.
Now you've seen mine, why not hop 
and see what's on desks from around the world,
this glorious springtime wednesday.