Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wet, Wet, Wet, WOYWW

Well what a difference a week makes.
Last week it was wonderful and hot 
and this week
it is freezing and wet, wet, wet.
We are having the coldest december 
for years and I am in a jumper and jeans
when it should be shorts and tank top.
What is going on???
I know I said I wanted rain (it is the start of the wet season)
but I never said cold, not once!
If this keeps up, we will have a white Christmas!
It is only 21 degrees, it should be 10 degrees hotter!!

Anyway that's my whinge for the day now on to my desk for woyww.

I did cheat a bit as the first pictures were taken earlier this week.

Audrey finished school for the year last thursday and
I have to do what I can when I can.

I decided to have a play in my journal and started some little fish.

They were quite cute....
so while we were out Christmas shopping, I decided to buy myself
an archival ink pen to make it stand out more.
The problem was, I didn't get a thick enough one
and so tried Audreys caligraphy pen, big mistake!!
I made a complete mess of it

and so, yet another lesson learned,
buy the right pen in the first place and 
you might do a good job.

I did get some time today to do a quick picture for the IA Challenge, whos theme this week is

What is in your Christmas ball, so here is a sneak peak.

Didn't think I would let you get up close, did you?

Gee, I hope I have time to do the IA blog now.

Have a great wednesday, I am going to get Audrey in from the rain, before 
it starts snowing!


  1. Well it certainly isn't what I call 'a complete mess' in fact I think your fish are gorgeous both before and after the marker. Wish it was 'only' 21 degrees here - freezing my socks off at the moment, and so wet my lawn has developed a moat.
    Ann B

  2. It´s crazy to hear you´re talking about cold in Aussi. But when it´s too cold for the season ...
    Love the fishes. The colours are so bright.
    Thanks for sharing and have a crafty Wednesday. Bye, Franka

  3. I think that you are being hypercritical of the calligraphy pen calling it a complete mess. I like it both with and without the marker. Hope you have a great week. Merry Christmas! Vickie aka Okienurse

  4. I can only agree with the comments above - your fish are beautiful! 21 degrees, we'd give anything for that at the moment :)
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  5. Your fishie wishies look so colours and happy!! It's a bit chilly here, but nothing like last year when it was deep snow!Have a great week! Happy WOYWW
    ((Lyn))) #31

  6. What a great desk love the fishes with the big lips they are so cheerful. Have a lovely Wednesday, Laura

  7. The fish look great to me. I love the vivid colors and the black makes them pop even more.

    Yep, those fish lips were meant for kissin'.

  8. Ah Vonny, have to laugh, 21degrees her is a warm summer day, and considered 'balmy' if raining! I lovethe journal fish, at least you've found out that you like the outline finish - you were right, it does make them pop!

  9. I love your fishies : ) They POP!

  10. It has been great, all this wet, wet, wet, and COLD! I'm loving it, great for staying indoors, getting creative and baking, I made fresh bread in the oven yesterday and had lamb and lentils in the Slow - cooker. The house smelt fantastic and cozy and I got a fair bit done in the afternoon after a visit and cuppa with Tracey FK. Your fishes are wonderful, I do prefer them pre-calligraphy pen, but they are nice with the bold touch too. Have a great week. xx

  11. Vonny, what a talent you are. I admire anyone who can put pencil to paper and finish with a recognizable subject. Your color choices are such eye candy. I'm soooo glad you played WOYWW. I think you were a bit hard on yourself. I see nothing wrong with your little fish...they are perfect! Your water color pencil "Beehive Ginger" is sooo lovely!

  12. Your fish are stunning, I just love them. The colours are perfect and give a real warm feeling which is something that isnt happening alot over here as we are preparing for snow soon.
    Wishing you a wonderful crafty week,
    Helen x

  13. Awww I love your little Fishies they are very colorful :0))
    its always cold here LOL
    Thanks for passing have a great week x

  14. Well, if you think that's a complete mess, I'd like to see one of your successes! Those fish are just stunning! I love their liveliness and their vibrant colours, and the waves swirling behind them! Amazing. Sorry you're feeling the cold down there! It's wet and windy here in "sunny" Devon - very fitting weather for the time of year!!! Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #56

  15. Love the fish and I am sooo happy to wake up this morning to the sun.... know what you mean about the cold and rain... I have hated it... I blame you and Tracey GP because you both wanted cool weather... today is glorious sun and I am ready to paint... great fish and you are soooo hard on your self... it is hard to find the right pen though and I am still not happy with the ones I have found!!! studio still looks neat too... knew it would last...xx

  16. Hi Von...I'm just loving those little fishies...they look so kissable...they do have the sweetest little lips - you are so talented, and not just with your painting, but your blogging too...I love this! Big hugs, Franny


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