Wednesday, 20 August 2014

More glooping for WOYWW

 First up my desk (s)
What's that you say, 
nothing to see here (apart from mess of course)
That's because my plan to take over the living room
is picking up speed (mwa ha ha).
I've now got at least 3/4 of the room and have plans to remove
the furniture one piece at a time
and disperse it among the other rooms.

Then I can move out a few cupboards
in my art room, put them in the lounge
 and steal Big Miss's desk from her bedroom
 (she doesn't use it anyway).
 I will have the perfect inking table
and room to splash about.
They'll never notice
ha ha ha.

I've been a busy girl
in the time I've had to play
in my present art room.
First I drew up and spattered
a pelican canvas
Then yesterday I glooped it
and this morning I glooped it some more.
During this week I also drew up, 
spattered and glooped this sunset
 Now for the fun bit, I get to ink it
after lunch.
I do love a good inking in the afternoon!!

I did learn two things this morning,
well okay I found out the hard way but
I'll probably do the same thing
over and over again.
When glooping with  bright colours
1.  Make sure you put your hair up
BEFORE you start. When that stuff dries
in your hair it really hurts to get it out!
2.  Don't hang out your sheets when
you are half way through glooping!
Luckily my sheets, although white, have pretty
little frangipani flowers on them.
Now they have a lot more petals,
if you get my drift.
I guess I could have said wash your
hands before hanging out the washing
but that would have been sensible
now wouldn't it.

While I figure out how to get that couch 
out of the living room and get it
into the upstairs living room
why not hop over to 
and see what the more
 sane people are doing on their
desks around the world.
Mwa ha ha.

Sorry, been watching too much
Austin Powers.



Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Slops and the usual mess for WOYWW

My room is a bigger mess
than normal as I'm
trying to do a few canvasses together.
There are four in fact, the other two
are on the floor in my other lounge room
(or as I like to say my almost second studio)
My desk is buried 
under the bits and pieces that I'm working on.
I've got pictures and pots and brushes and all sorts.
It's actually organised chaos, kinda.

It's been a bit of a bummer
these last two weeks.
I had a bad batch of canvasses
and lost quite a few paintings.
Yes, I literally lost them, 
they slid right off the canvas.
 The lumpy stuff on the canvas is the gesso
all glooped together as it ran off the canvas.

All seemed fine until I hit the canvas with water
 and then it just let go.
My teacher thinks there must have been some oily film on
them and of course you can't put acrylic over oil.
I even soaped and hosed the canvas and sanded it
but to no avail.  The shop is quite happy to
replace them but I'm not sure I want more of 
this brand now.
I have since bought some linen canvasses
and I'm going crazy trying to get 
some done so I can get them into the shop.
I sold two paintings in the shop and
have the wall space until the end of August
but with the manky canvasses I may not
get any more to the shop in time.

Today was a mad day
with paint flying everywhere,
canvasses laying outside in the sun,
another one all splattered and runny in the room
and one up on the easel.
Moving around can be a bit hard as I tend to find bits of
paint in all sorts of places.
My nice white tiles are now looking
more like a 60's psychedelic painting
and I had plastic down.
I also learned that even though it's cold
don't wear socks in the art room.
I found a trail of footprints out into the kitchen,
guess they'll expect me to clean that up (sigh).
I could always do what the kids do
and say it wasn't me!!

I hope that by next week
I might actually have something
worth looking at.
If all goes to plan, there will be two boat
paintings, a pelican and some segulls
all half done, so fingers crossed these
don't decide to slide off.

That's all I have to show this week,
so why not go on over to 
and see some more productive
desks around the world.


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Back on the net for WOYWW

I think I must have held my 
mouth  wrong or said
something mean to my computer,
cos my internet has been playing up
big time, but all seems well now
and I can blog again.

I've been busy while I couldn't waste time
on the computer.
Here's my desk or should I say desks..
As usual my actual desk is completely covered in stuff,
too much to go through and explain,
but wait, there's more....
My evil plan to take over the spare living room
is working (mwa ha ha).
I started a little at a time,
just a canvas here and there,
then the second easel snuck in there and
I've now captured quite a bit of the room.
If I can just sneak in a waterproof drop sheet
I can actually paint in there.
The light is fantastic as there are three full length windows
plus the light coming from where I'm standing in the foyer.
Give me a month or two and the room
will be mine (mwa ha ha ha)
Sorry, I digress.
I'm in an oceany, boaty mood at the moment.
Here are my latest experiments,
still very much in the early stages

I took these on my phone so they are
not good, the colours are much brighter.
I will be inking these next week in class.
And here is my latest jelly fish inking
I still have a lot of work to do on this
but you can see the jellies appearing.
Can you spot the little fish that just appeared?
I'm leaving him in and I'll put some coral or something 
there for him to hide in.

I just had to show off these little lovelies.
I took these photos from my bedroom
which overlooks the canal.

There were five pelicans, I just wish
I was a better photographer as there 
were endless painting opportunities.
If it wasn't so cold I would have run down to
the back fence in my PJ's but I would have frozen.
Well, that's my desk for the week
now hop on over to 
and see the other desks around the world
this lovely sunny (but cold)

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sold, sold, sold for WOYWW

The art show was last week
and joy of joys,
I sold all of my pieces.

Now I can buy heaps more
goodies and more art lessons.

My desk is a mess as usual
this week, I kinda left for class
in a hurry and left bits where they were.

I'm working on Mr Pelican again
and during the few minutes I had
over the last week I roughed in his beak
and his eye.
Not looking too good there,
it's more like he got into the brandy and
is blind drunk.
Today in class I fixed up the darker blue bits on
his feathers and my teacher
taught me a secret way to do foam on water
 (so I can't tell you how I did it).

 How cool does that look.
I had the best time playing with it.
Now all I have to do is finish the beak
and eye and another canvas is done!

I love the watery stuff so much that I'm going to ditch 
the cockatoos for a while and start another
water painting.

It's winter school holidays here
so I have to keep little miss out of trouble,
especially now as she has
 discovered boys!!!
Oh the pain!!!
Just hope I can pick up a
paint brush this week.

That's my messy desk for this week
now go to 
and see the other desks
around the world
this cold wintery


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Lettuce Soap for WOYWW

It's been a while since I 
but nothing has changed really,
I'm still a grot and here's the proof.
Stuff everywhere as usual.
In the back you can see my latest fun toy.
The square grid to hold my paint brushes
it's great cos I don't have to put them in my mouth now.
Oh the times I've put the wrong end in or
the paint was up the handle and it got my mouth.
I know it's poisonous but what doesn't
kill you makes you stronger and boy am I strong!

I visited a dear friend last week and she gave me
some gorgeous gifts.
One was a teapot and since she is a fabulous artist
seeing her studio inspired me to pick up
my pencil and start drawing again.
I'm a bit rusty but I'm pleased with it.

This friend is as mad as me and she understands
my sick sense of humour, so the next gift
was me all over.
Yes, you read it correctly 
Lettuce Soap!!

You could take this a few ways,
it could be to wash lettuce
or it could be a human soap.
I prefer the latter as it would be hard to soap up
a lettuce leaf.

Using lettuce soap is in itself
fraught with danger
as I have a chook
(that's a chicken for non Australians)
and now she is looking at me
with a strange glint in her eyes.
I'm sure she can smell the lettuce 
and is just waiting for the right moment
to strike with that killer beak.
Have to wonder if Tracey thought this through
when she bought it 
or is it her evil sense of humour.
If her next painting is of someone
running around a backyard with a chook chasing her
I'll know.
So while I still have my fingers and toes
attached, here is what I'm playing with
at the moment
  It's at the poo kack stage but will be two
cockatoos eventually.
I put them together and got the sense that the one
in the tree (that you can't see yet)
is saying "And where have you been?"
I'll have to try and get that sheepish 
look in the blokes eyes.

That's my week,
why not pop over to 
and check out the other desks
around the world
this cold and windy 

Friday, 13 June 2014

It pays to trust your teacher.

I've been locked away
painting like mad and
I've finally almost
very nearly
finished my paintings for the show.
Now I know it's only three paintings
but considering I used to be so
podantic that it took over a year
to paint one,
I think I'm doing well.
My icky poo canvas was the last
one I had to finish
and it is almost there
just the sides, hanger and sealer to go.

Remember icky poo
Blah, it still makes me shudder,
well after squillions of layers
of paint and glazes
and trusting my teacher
(that was hard)
this is the finished product.

It seems there is an element of truth
in the icky poo background making the
main subject look brighter.
Of course I knew it would look like this
from the very beginning
(cough, cough).

It does look better from a distance
as the background appears
to have more depth.
 But I like the cheeky birds up close too.

I also did another painting ready to go
to a local shop, it's nearly finished too.

It started like this (yuk)
 After a lot of texture paste and ink
it went to this

 Then with a lot of paint and ink to this

and presently it looks like this

This was taken on my phone so it's not a great
shot but there is sure a lot of depth
building in this one.
It's still a bit dark for me at the moment.

I've finished my jellyfish painting as well.

 There are still some blobs left
unjellified, just so that people
can find their own jellies.
The painting is far more vibrant than the photo
I just can't seem to capture the colours
so you'll just have to believe me.

Now I just hope someone buys them
cos I've spent a fortune on more
canvasses and art goodies,
just couldn't help my self.

 I've started an equally
icky poo background
in turquoise and orange.
When it's all blended together
you get a sort of an orange
meets TNT over the water effect.
Not too pretty I can tell you.

Somehow this is going to be
two cockatoos  in a tree.
Trust your teacher, just keep saying it,
trust your teacher.....

I'm running out of ideas for paintings.
I tried the old stand by of
a still life with flowers in a vase
but of course no matter how I tried
it was sooo BORING.
May have to think of flowers
with a twist somehow.

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