Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Punk birds and splodges for WOYWW

It's been a big week again
with things happening on
four different canvasses.
Firstly to my desks
Some of you may remember that in a
moment of sheer madness a while ago
I cleaned up my studio
(I still shudder at the thought of it).
Well, you will be surprised to know that 
it is still reasonably
 (that might be stretching it a bit)
 (please note, you can see the floor).
There is just a bit of mess on the desk but it looks 
far worse than it actually is (cough, cough).
All those bits of paper up on the high notice board are
my filing system for phone numbers and
the rest are bits of paper with ideas on and general
junk that lands there.
This is my gooping station, where I put all my goop
in bags to keep it fresh and ready to play with.
Here is my storage area, where my paint, inks and 
all sorts live.  There are a few shelves with my
"pretty things" on.  Whenever I feel flat or I
can't find my mojo, I look at all those lovely things
and it helps with the inspiration.
I haven't shown you all the corners, 
hey a girl has to 
have some secrets!!

So painting wise, I sealed my bird painting,
finished the jelly fish painting and sealed it as well.
Just have to add the hangers when it is really hard.

Most of the week I've been bent over my new bird canvas
and yes my back really aches.
I've nearly finished gooping, just the bird to go now.
I've got so much goop on that sucker
that it's gonna weigh more than me
and that's saying something!!
If you visited me last week you would have
seen my cockatoos (here).
Well they have had a little change in attitude.
I give you the the new
Punk Cockatoos
Oh yeah, this is really in your face type stuff.
I'm starting to really panic now.... 
I trust my teacher but this is pushing the envelope a tad.
There is a lot of glazing to come so it will quieten down some.
If I keep saying that I might convince myself it'll happen.
I am painting in the faces and feet this week,
hmm, wonder if I should paint in some piercings,
maybe on on an eyebrow and one through a beak.
What do you think?

That's my little corner of the world for this week,
why not hop over to 
and visit more desks around the world
this wednesday.

I've got some head banging to do to
get me in the mood to paint these birds. 


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Tap heaven for WOYWW

I have been madly working on
my jellyfish painting this week.
I'm entering an art show that I thought
was ages away and it turns out it's only a couple
of weeks away (oops).
The Jellies are closest to finished so they are going
in along with my finished bird painting.
My desk is full of inky goodies
with bottles of straight ink and some mixed with clear ink
to make it less dark.  I use a paint brush to glaze areas
that I want darker so the jellies stand out more.
I still can't get the turquoise to come out and it isn't bright blue, it's violet! Argh, cameras hate me!!
I still have a bit of adjusting to do but you have to wait for
it to dry before doing the next layer, drives me nuts
and that's why I don't use oils anymore.

I also had some gooping fun with the bird I drew up last week

Still a long way to go but looking good so far.

My liposuction parrot (from last week) is looking really nice now
she's all inked up and raring to go...
Just need to do a head and foot transplant  :)
Still some poocack to go into the background.

But ... and it's a bit but
the best thing has happened...
I need new taps for our upstairs bathrooms
because the water is coming from the taps instead
 of the spouts and I saw the perfect taps.

What does this tap remind you of????
The clue is standing behind the tap..

But then I saw the name of the tap

Oh yeah, all is right in the world now!!!

Every time I turn on the shower I can yell
My hubbie's gonna go nuts (mwa ha ha).

cough, cough.

Well, that's mine for this week,
now why don't you have a look at the other
desks around the world.
Just press here

There's some ink calling my name, time
to go and play.


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

All sorts for WOYWW

This week has been a week of 
all sorts. I did heaps of
bits n pieces to try and
get some paintings close to finished.
First to my desk,
it's the usual mess
I have my Doctor Who mug, which is a necessity
for creating, my gorgeous art journal cover,
thanks to LLJ and numerous bits of junk 
that just land there.  
Well you don't think I'd leave it there now do you?
In the centre is the photoshopped print of the next painting
I've just started.  You can see I've marked out
 all the points I need to draw it up on the canvas.
Here are the steps I've done so far.
You start with poo,
add a little cack
and you get a poocackarama!!
Then you can start drawing it up.
I'm still drawing, can't rush these things..
I became an art surgeon this week and 
I performed my first artistic liposuction.
Mrs Cockatoo was complaining that she was was
far too fat,
and I had to agree, so I operated
I removed the excess fat and
re-sculpted her tummy to make a much
slimmer lady.
If anyone wants to lose a few pounds,
and doesn't mind being slapped with a soggy wet cloth
  and dug with a pallette knife,
I'm available and kinda cheap
but never easy!
The cockies were inked today and they look great
but you'll have to take my word for it
as stupid here forgot to take a picture.
I could show you all the ink colours used
cos they are still all over my fingers.
I like to try to write down the colours of ink that were used
 and it's a good way to remember,
I just look at my fingers and write it down.
Even then I still can't get the colour right on the next one.
I think I'm colour theory blind!

I inked some more of my jelly fish
Would you believe this is violet and turquoise, it just won't photograph.
slowly adding tentacles but still a way to go.

There was some other paint slopping as well
but nothing exciting.

Well, that bird isn't going to draw itself,
although I wish it would, so
that's it from me,
now how about you go and visit
and see what's on everyone elses
desk this wednesday.


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Belly stamping for the 300th WOYWW

My desk is all over this week,
here is where I sit and draw etc

 How I ever get to draw amongst that lot I don't
know but it works.
I just pulled all my stuff out of the box 
from art class today, so stuff all over the floor
and here is the lounge that I am slowly taking over.
I'm really gaining control now (mwa ha ha).
The only spot left is to the right of the room
and that is full with our book cases,
full of recipe books that people bought me over the years
(ha, like that is going to make me cook),
a rowing machine and a treadmill.
As you can see the gym stuff is boxed in by old cupboards
 and never used
but I think that just by them being there you can
lose weight (cough, cough).

I've finished my birdies.
I have finally joined the lovely peeps
on WOYWW and started stamping.
Unfortunately my stamping is vastly different
to the talented ladies I visit.
It all started last week when I
ruined yet another perfectly good top
with gloop and paint.
Hubby gave me an old BBQ apron to use
to save what was left of my now very 
colourful, white top.

So, with apron on, I started to goop my birds
I'm always careful to work from right to left and top to bottom
but some things have to go over others and that's when 
I have a little problem, well rather a big problem really,
 it's my belly.
I was leaning over to do the white of the bird at the top
 and my belly was hanging over the canvas
 which squished the yellow flower on the bottom of the
 canvas, all over the apron.
 That's not a problem I hear you say, 
well I didn't know it was all over the
apron and then went around the house, 
getting a glass of water, 
saying hi to the parrot,
 cleaning some bits in the laundry (you get the idea).
To my horror there were bright yellow
belly stamps all over the house, I spent ages trying
 to clean it off
as it had gone hard by then.
So I might not be a stamper in the ordinary sense
but I am a belly stamper.
Hmm, that could make an interesting canvas,
multi coloured belly stamps but why stop there,
how about bum stamps as well.
Who am I kidding, there isn't a canvas
 big enough for that!!

I was really late with my post last week,
it was on Friday,
so if you want a giggle
have a look here
and you can have a look at the other desks
around the world
on this very special 300th

Friday, 27 February 2015

Slopping, slapping and dribbling madness.

It's been quite a week
with lots of things to play with.
I've been both in mad scientist mode
and delicate painting mode.
I think the mad scientist is more fun.
Speaking of delicate, I threw a little tanty
in class and was hyperventilating.
Yes that teacher of mine just loves 
to scare the living daylights out of me.
Picture me, almost finished a painting and carefully
 spattering little bits of ink all happy and gentle, 
then up from the depths comes a hand which grabs my brush.
My eyes get wider and then it happens,
spatter, spatter spatter with careless abandon
Panic sets in, screams (just little tanty ones)
and then the hyperventilating starts.
All while there is an evil glean in my teachers eye
as she beats up on my dainty painting.
Down on the floor it's tossed (well, placed carefully really)  
oh, that looks great.

The green splots really look good.
My teacher, (yes, I bet you're still giggling at me)
has decided that I'm not a loose woman yet and
I need to be prodded sometimes.  Either that
or she is really just a sadist.....
I've been dribbling ink on my jelly fish canvas

I think my camera has cataracts,
as the canvas is the most beautiful turquoise,
violet, blue and green and the photo just looks blah.
The camera seems to pick out the white,
which is really quite subdued on the canvas, weird that.
Now to my fun.
  You may remember this or maybe I didn't show
a pic of this monstrosity
Hmmm, seems I disliked it so much that I didn't take a photo
of it either.  Take my word for it, it was yukky, all brown
and poocacky so I put it away.
Well I got it out and did a mad scientist bit on it and
now I'm starting to like it.
Don't you find you can just go nuts on a canvas you don't like.
  You can see the brownness (yuk) here but I've started
to add gloop squiggles to the background
and here is more gloop, oooh I'm havin so much fun
with this stuff and there is still a load more to do.
I know why scientists, especially the mad ones,
 wear lab coats. 
 I've got the stuff all up the wall (cleaned for the pic) 
and all over my white top.  Yes, I know, why would you wear 
white when you are gooping, it's a blonde thing and
anyway now I have more of a leopard print top
 where  my big belly kept touching it.
I could start a new fashion trend, gooped up tops!!

To keep the momentum going I like to do three or four
 canvasses at once and so I drew up my next project,
 another Mr P.

I'm going to get out some more goop and slop it around
mwa ha ha.
Happy painting all,
linking up to
If you want to see the fabulous work that my
art teacher does, check out her website
she's fabulous both as an artist and a teacher.
Even if she is evil :)


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Eyes and poo for WOYWW.

I've been working on my bird this week
I painted the bloomin eye and then had to paint over it and move it to the right. Drives me crazy when that happens.

and here is that desk to date.
 Nothing exciting really, just my paints and my paint pot.
To keep the acrylics damp I put in paper towel and wet it,
then put baking paper over that.  I put the paint on and then 
when I finish for the day I just put the lid on.
The paint stays fresh for weeks but it does pong a bit
 after a while.

This is my actual desk.  Full of stuff, as usual.
In the middle right is a gorgeous piece of mail art
from Terrie in USA.  Thanks so much Terrie and under the
ipad you can see my beautiful journal cover made by
Lunch Lady Jan.



Okay, so maybe that's a little over the top but it did happen.
I took my boat canvas to class today and
I was made (yes, De had me in an arm lock)
to put poocack all over my gorgeous bright colours.
But just when I thought all was lost,
she let me play with the bright yellow ink
and it looks fabulous.
Yes, I know, it looks terrible here and half of it is missing.
I used my phone camera and I'm too short
to get my arms up high enough to get it all in.
The ink was still sloppy and it had to stay flat
but you can get an idea of how it looks. 
The poocack is all down the side bits but it makes
the yellow pop.
If you bend your head to the right, stick out your tongue
and stand on one foot, it actually looks pretty good.
I dare you to try it...

That's my desks for this week,
for more desks around the world
go to 
 and join in the fun.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Blobs before my eyes for WOYWW

I've been working on my boat painting
this week and boy is it 
doing my head in.
One minute I hate it then an idea hits
and I like it again, then back to hating it
and so on. 
Right now it's driving me nuts.
I didn't like the top of the painting and came up 
with the idea to turn it into a revetment wall,
as if the boat is adrift in a canal.
It's going to be adrift cos I'm too lazy to
put a rope in.
My desk is small this week,
Just the painting on a movey roundy desk and my ikea
movey roundy thing. 
Why should I move when the painting can.
I have three bags of goop in varying shades of grey
(that is 3 shades, not to be confused with 50 shades).
I wanted to do the wall in bright orange and yellow
but my teacher (and I hate it when she's right) 
insisted on the greys. 
Now it's a matter of playing like I'm icing a cake,
for what seems like an eternity, 
until I reach the other side and a bit wider 
than it is at present.
I can feel some serious back and eye aches coming on.

I also lowered the boat in the water
(argh, it's sinking... I wish)
 and added more goop to the water but
there's still more goop to add.
This darn painting will be six feet thick by the time 
I'm finished with it. 

Lastly I roughed in my parrots head and feet.
I like to stop once I get to here and
then I can keep looking at it to see if there
are any adjustments needed before I paint it properly.

Short and sweet this week,
cos I've got a date with some goop.

Now you've seen mine
why not hop over to 
and see what's on the other desks
around the world this Wednesday.