Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Slops of brightness for WOYWW

I've done quite a bit 
considering it's school holidays.
Here's a pic of the desk area right now

Just my glasses on the desk but
lots on my easels.
I had a scary but fun time
inking up the blue canvas
you can see my post on it
here, if you want a look,
and here is the one on the table
in quick stages
 Gesso mixed with paint in a mid tone
Slop it anywhere on the canvas,
that bit's easy!
It will be two lorikeets and flowers
(ho hum, not again!).
This is the inky mess up close
It will be the jellyfish one
and I can see jellies in the background already.

Today in class I slopped brightly
coloured texture paste onto my
pelican picture.
Talk about heart attack material.
I was hyperventilating and jumping around,
then next minute I'm holding my head.
It was not a good look for me or the painting.
 This is before attacking it
 here it is slopped and blopped.
I took the photo with my daggy phone 
so the colours are not great.
It's really bright in real life which makes it
even more scary.
I'm doing a practise in tonal painting
so rather than copy the photo's colours
I'm replacing it with colours in the same
tones (well that's what it's meant to be).
  It's soooo hard!!!
Goodness knows what this will end up like
but I'll push on regardless.
Why don't I just stick with what I know??
I must be mad!!
That's my nutter of a desk for this week
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sane people have on their desks this week.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Inky mess

The day started off well.
I organised my room, took out the other canvasses
that I'm working on (didn't want to splatter them)
covered the floor with plastic and a sheet
and put my table right in the middle 
of my little room.

Canvas has been prepped and ready,
little rolly drawer thingy out just a bit and
ink put into little bowls with 
syringes at the ready.
Take a deep breath and squirt.
That's where it all fell apart.
I had ink going all over the place, propping little bits
to stop the ink running off the canvas and onto the floor.
Then the hard part, using a spray bottle to move the ink
around the canvas.
Not too much water or it will turn into a blobby mess
and not too little or it will just sit there and look terrible.
There I was running round and round the canvas
as if I'm doing some sort of crazy ritual dance
(it's alright the neighbours know I'm nuts)
squirting here and there and all the time 
I could hear my teacher's voice saying
once the water's on leave it for ten minutes, ten minutes!
Yeah right, do you know how long ten minutes is when you're 
in a panic, not a chance of that today lady.
Then the phone rang.. should I answer it??
Can't stand that ringing sound so picked it up
and it's dad.  Can you drop me up the Chinese for lunch?
He doesn't have a licence any more so I had to say yes.
It was a blessing in disguise as I left the canvas alone
for more than ten minutes and it came out fine.
This is it all wet and runny
from up on a chair and
here it is this morning
I don't know what all the panic was about.
This is the background for a jellyfish painting.
If you look closely you can see jellyfish in there now, of course
I planned it that way (cough, cough).
I'm going to bring some jellyfish out with paints and the main 
jellyfish will be made of texture paste and
 anything else I can find to play with.
Now I just have to scrub the floor (sigh)
that stuff splatters further than you think.
It's even out the door and I forgot to put 
my old painting jeans on and the peach coloured
pants I was wearing are now spattered blue.
Guess I've gained a new pair of painting pants,
so it wasn't all bad!
Linking up to PPF for the first time in ages.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mess really is more for WOYWW

As the title suggests,
I now have the proof that 
Mess is More
and here it is

That is a photo of our shirts
that we wear to class and
I've added a few more blobs along 
the way.
Keep this in mind when I show my desk
this week as you will see I'm the
'morest' person on the planet.
So to my desk and surrounds
 I'm getting ready to ink a canvas that I've prepped.
Now I'm not a junky, those syringes are for the ink.
Just love squirting that stuff around. 
There are bottles of ink and ink extender,
some pictures with lots of notes for
the canvasses I'm working on at the moment,
and the usual bits and pieces.

WARNING:The following photos could
cause distress to neat and tidy people!
 This mess is to the left of my desk.
 Here's the right hand side
and this mess is behind me.
Every day I wake up and hope that I've been visited
by the tidy fairies
but they never seem to come.
Guess they can't find their way in.

Last week I mentioned a canvas
involving jelly, well here is the start of it

It's going to be a school (or is that a blob?)
of jellyfish.
This is the canvas I'll be inking hopefully
tomorrow  and here's a quick pic
of the bird I inked last week.
I still have quite a lot to do,
like giving the poor bird a head!
I'm working on four canvasses at once
but I've got a lot of photos already
and I don't want to get on Julia's bad side
so that's all for now.

Why am I showing you my mess,
well Julia from The Stamping Ground
asked me and anyone who wants to play to.
Go here to see the other probably tidier desks

Have a great week,
I have some water to draw.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ink sploshing and a new camera for WOYWW

My desk is covered with paper today.
I've spent a day or so  playing with ideas
for canvasses.
Not quite there yet but with my 
teachers help they are getting just right.

There is something great on my desk as well

Can you see it??
Right in the front!!!
My new camera arrived, yahoo!!

It has shiny bits and lots of knobs and buttons.
(Note the cool cup!!)

No, I don't know how to use it yet and
you have to download the book.
Now what ever happened to paper books,
you know the kind you can flip through
while holding the camera and using it.
I managed to get the book on to the computer 
but the writing is really small and I can't flip
the computer screen like a book,
just no fun :(
Book problems aside,
I (with a large amount of help from my teacher)
inked my parrot and flower picture that 
I glooped last week.
Here it is just done and all squidgy.

 This is fresh ink and it will be
different again when I get to class next week.
That's why ink scares me so much,
you never know what you'll finish up with
but I like it so far.

Oh, and you're not going mad if you
can't find the birds head.
It's not there yet.
I'm going to paint it in detail
when the background is complete.

I've started my next canvas
but more on that next week.
Just think jelly,
no, not wobbly on a plate 
blobby in the ocean.
Lots and lots of blobby.
Gotta love a lot of blobby.

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this big old blobby world.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mr Snore strikes again for WOYWW

I didn't have the best time at art class today.
 I'm so tired I couldn't concentrate.

I added some gloop and made the feathers
and the branches this week.

Yep, two hours and all I could
manage was a few feathers and
a branch or two.
Why am I tired?

Well it's exam time
at school again and
 Mr Snore 
struck again.
Whenever hubby is stressed or
has a lot on his plate,
the noisy Mr Snore comes out.
You see, hubby is a teacher
(maths, oh the humiliation)
 and exams are always the culprits.

This man can snore in every 
conceivable position
and even the hardest jab in the ribs doesn't
alter his pitch or volume.
Is it me or are men totally
oblivious to the outside world when they sleep??
I spent half the night trying to shut him up
and the other trying to ignore
the freight train that was in our bedroom.
Hence, eyelids droopy and operating in 
slow motion today.

My desk has a few things on it this week.
I decided to draw and paint some of the
flowers that I had received over the 
last few weeks and turn them into cards.

 I painted the orange flowers large and the pink flowers
were just a small size.  The main reason for the painting was
 to finally use my new water colours
 and they are fabulous.
You just have to touch the pan with water and
the colour is brilliant and strong.
Now all I have to do is to cut them up and make
them into cards. 

 My teacher has been giving us drawing lessons
and I used the technique to draw the flowers.

Then I drew it in pen
and coloured it with the paints.
It worked quite well but I had run out
of matte photo paper and used
smooth water colour paper to print 
out the cards.  The paper
absorbed a lot of the colour 
and it is a bit washed out but still
a nice effect.

That's all I did last week,
not a lot but I'm getting back to it
I have to find a subject for my 
next canvas but I can't 
think of a thing right now.

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I'm taking a sock to bed tonight,
I think you may know what I plan to do with it 
(mwa ha ha).

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Birds and sadness for WOYWW

Sorry I've been missing
for a few weeks,
it was with good reason.
My wonderful mum passed away
a few weeks ago
and it's been a sad time for us.
Luckily my brother came out
for a visit from
Canada and got to spend
two lovely weeks with mum.

I'm now back to painting
as She'll send a bolt of lightening
down if I don't.

Here is my usual messy desk
this week
 You can see my cool Dalek
that little miss gave me for 
and a pillow that my brother gave me.

Cheeky devil!!
You can also see my 
Loch Nessie that Neesie sent me
and my Cotman watercolours
that I still haven't opened (sigh).

I think I've finished my last birdie painting
but still not sure if I'm happy with it

Does it look too yellow?

I've started a new canvas in class
and yes it's another bird!!
I've actually also done the feathers and 
the leaves
but dummy here forgot
to take more photos
and it's at class (doh).

I piped the flowers etc on
with paint mixed into
gloop (texture paste)
and then it will be inked,
painted and glazed.

On a bright note,
I've cashed in my flybuys points
and bought a new camera.
I can only hope it's blonde proof
and when it arrives I can finally
take a decent photo.
Here's hoping.

That's it for me,
so why not hop on over to 
and see what's on everyones
workdesk this wednesday.