Wednesday, 2 November 2011

What have I done.

I am still on the room tidy up band wagon and somehow it has become a nightmare.   I thought it would be a simple plan of getting my Ikea cabinet and then magically it would all go away into the drawers.  What was I thinking.  I stood at the door this morning and instead of climbing over the piles, I actually looked a what my room had become.  It was then I realised what a monumental task I would have to squeeze all of this into one cabinet, even worse, I would have to sort through it all. 

My main problem is that I do a few different things.  I have a huge pile on top of my drawing table, that is my beads collection and all that goes will making beaded doo dads, and some of my polymer clay bits and bobs.  On the credenza I have more polymer clay bits and the paper/card to make the backing for my brooches.  On the floor is my paint and watercolour section and the rolling trolley has a mixture of everything.  My desk holds my card making section, paint brushes, polymer clay bits (again) and all sorts of mess.  My actual workspace is usually on top of my computer drawing tablet.  This room is also used for paying my bills and sorting out the finances etc (hence the filing cabinets) and keeping up with school excusions, swim days, violin lessons etc, etc, etc.   

In my defence, I did spend a rather stressful day on monday trying to get my stock ready to take to the Collective store on tuesday.  This involved making the backing for the brooches, making the cards from scratch and tagging the necklaces and then entering the details onto an Excel spreadsheet for the shop.  Excel and I have a mutual hatred of each other and so it takes much longer for me to enter the info than anyone else.  Most of my day was spent throwing my arms up in the air and screaming in frustration as I tried to find things.  Then when I found them I had to find some space to actually use them.  I did end up getting it finished (at 7pm) and over to the store yesterday. 

I tried something different with the brooches, they are not marine but flowers and they came out okay.

But I digress, I am going to spend the next two days (or is that weeks) sorting out all of this mess into categories (piles) according the the activity, then try to get most of it into my plan drawers.  The idea is that I can just pull out the drawer with the activity I wish to do then close when finished and open another to do the next and so on.  Will it work??  Who knows but it has to be better than what I am doing at the moment. 

Now, on with the sorting, think I might make a cup of tea first.

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  1. Hang in there, it wIll all be worth it, recently my studio was looking like a bomb hit it, and I had no desk space to work on even though I had heaps of storage and lots of desk space like you. I spent several weeks constantly cleaning and organizing to get it all nice. I got rid of everything I do not use on a weekly basis (well put it into storage-to sort later). Everything now has it's place and at the end if the day (most times) everything gets put away. I work on many different projects too, and know how quickly things can clutter. It's so great to start the day fresh and be able to find what you need.

    I'd suggest instead of sorting into piles, first work out where you want to keep all your different things, label your draws if you need too, and work from one corner of the room to the other, asking yourself what it's for and do you use it, if you do not use it don't keep it in your studio. If it's for clay work put it where you want all the clay tools, even if you have to move stuff.

    Fantastic work for the collective store, btw,


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