Friday, 11 November 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

I have been following the Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge for a little while now and when I saw this weeks challenge (The Story of the Craftswoman and the Seamstress) I knew it was time for me to enter.  Now I am absolutely, positively not a seamstress or anywhere close for that matter.  My Idea of an excellent sewing machine is pictured below:

Yes, it is my trusty stapler, perfect for a quick hemming job and saviour of the split seam.  All of my hight school dresses were held together by this little beauty.  Can't do it with my kids as they went and go to private schools and for some reason they frown upon the good old gleaming staple hem.  So to the reason why I wish to enter, well I am in awe of anyone who can tame those nasty beasties called sewing machines.  I have tried many times and failed miserably.  Those evil things just love to watch me as they break the cotton half way through (if you look closely you can see them smirking) and the enormous tangled ball of cotton that comes from the bobbin area.  My mother could sew, she made all my clothes when I was little but that gene was not passed onto me.  She can knit too, but not me, I get holes where there shouldn't be holes and it goes in and out on the way down.  So yes, I am in awe of those special people who can knit and sew.

I have done a little pencil sketch to show my appreciation of the people who make the clothes that I wear.  I apologise for the quality but it has been quite some time since I have found my pencils to practise my sketching.  Now my room is tidy, I can start drawing again.

During the week I also made some more brooches, they are just right for spring.

I won't get any art done today as I have to go and find a birthday present for no. 1 daughter who is turning 20 at the end of this month, can't say what I'm getting in case she looks at this.
No fun on the weekend either, since it is spring, I have to get outside and pressure wash all the patios, oh what fun.


  1. Welcome to IA. Your post is excellent! I had to laugh because you have NO idea how many times I have stapled clothing to make it fit. Then I found iron on tape did the trick better. But at least YOU can draw, yet another gene I didn't develop. I love your take on this theme and am glad to meet you through IA.

  2. What a great post! Thank you for participating in our challenge and in the world of art there is no right and wrong and definitely no mistakes!! I used to staple my school gym - have forgotten about that! I can just imagine my thirteen year old's face when should I staple her school clothes! Your sketch is beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing much more of you at IA.

  3. Von I was worried that this was the challenge you were going to enter.... but after reading it my faith is restored - staplers rule!!!... I thought for a horrible moment you might be a closet sewer... so relieved... and love the drawing... great line and tone work... the new improved studio is going great guns for you xx

  4. Visiting from IA--Lovely drawing! Folds are so hard to capture, but you mastered them beautifully.

  5. Your post made me smile - sewing machines hate me too! Never mind if you can't sew, your drawing is beautiful - full of elegance and old fashioned glamour! Love the little fishes too :)

  6. LOL! Love the sewing machine:D
    What a beautiful drawing, the shading is remarkable.
    And the brooches...wish it was spring here. ♥

  7. Hahaha - i remember hemming my skirt at school with a stapler! I love your drawing - the drapery and shading. and your brooches! They are just delish!

  8. Apologize for the quality of this drawing? No way! It's stunning - detailed and flowing and I can almost feel the drapes of fabric! Wish I could draw half so well. Great entry for needlework.


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