Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Kitchen in mouth for WOYWW

My desk is just a mess of nothingness
as I am having an art break,
well painting break anyway
as I will be doing little doodles in the many
notebooks I have stashed around the house.
Summer holidays means cricket on the TV (yawn)
and that is where hubby parks himself,
so I tend to draw instead.
Here is may parting doodle for the year.
Done with a plain old ballpoint pen in a note pad.
I drew our little Christmas guys.  They are so cute
 and when you press one's button the others join in 
and sing carols together.
Today is the day (sigh)
I say goodbye to my new kitchen.
Little miss is getting my kitchen
put into her mouth.
I had to use my kitchen fund money
to pay for her braces and
I'm still not sure which is
the best investment.
Then again I could make the best of it
and open her teeth
 (they would have been my kitchen cupboard doors)
to put in my pots and pans.
Well I couldn't put my glass ware in there,
she would break that chewing. 
Hey, she has a big mouth, it's always open and loud.
She may put up a bit of a stink
but I need more storage and since she
took my kitchen I think it's a fair compromise.
She also said she wouldn't open her mouth to talk
for the three years the braces are on
(seems she is embarrassed by the braces)
so I'm in heaven.  A peaceful time and
my pots and pans won't fall out if her mouths closed.
 It's win, win all around.
See, sometimes losing something somewhere
is a gain somewhere else.

Mr headless bird has come home after inking 
and I'll finish him in the new year.  
Looking good already.
Our gorgeous little Chico is almost fully healed
and very happy.

This is my last post for the year,
so I'd like to wish all my bloggy friends
a very Merry Christmas
and I'll see you all in the new year.

I'm off to get my kitchen fitted
into Little Miss's mouth.

Now you've seen mine how about a look
at all the other desks around the world

Take care.