Thursday, 27 October 2011

Getting my mojo back.

Thanks to my own silliness in the forms of a head injury and a cut thumb, I have not painted for almost a year and getting back into it seemed a huge task.  Poor Tracey must have gone nuts listening to my woe is me attitude but then she introduced me to the Poppy Spree and it is all clicking back into place.  Both Tracey and Margot have inspired me to get back on that horse and at last I am back in the saddle.

I sat down yesterday and produced a work that is up there with my old paintings and I even did it on watercolour paper, not my usual big canvas.  I have to say doing little A4 pics are so much quicker than a 3' x 4' canvas.  With the inspiration of the last 3 weeks I just let myself go and with great results. 

The painting is in acrylic with watercolour pencil accents and grated charcoal flower centres.  Something to note, when you shave the charcoal make sure you close the window and turn off the fan or you get an almighty mess all over youself (luckily I didn't have a white top on).  After three attempts and one badly timed sneeze, I managed to get the charcoal where I wanted it.  The other problem was sealing it in place.  I used a gloss varnish as it doesn't come out with a whoosh and blows the charcoal (I was actually thinking that time).

Something great is happening tomorrow, I am going to Ikea to purchase a plan drawer and then I can put all my bits and pieces into it, you may recall the chaotic mess which is my room. Hopefully I might have a little floor space now and even use the drawing table for what it was intended and not to hold clutter.  I will miss the exercise that I was getting, just to approach the computer was like a cross country run, with all sorts of traps on the way.  I won't get my arm exercises that were from frequent arm waving and yelling whilst trying to find things hidden beneath the mire.  Maybe I will need the calorie conversion that Phoebe gave Tracey as I will put on weight now that I will be able to find things.  The more I think about it the more I wonder if decluttering is a good thing, but yes I will go and I will get clear, even if it only lasts a few weeks.
I love Ikea, you never come home with just one thing. Lucky that I don't tell my husband I am going until after I have gone, works better that way. 


  1. Von your poppies are just beyond beautiful and I am so happy to see you painting again!!! Good luck with your room organising... there is something about the weather warming up that turns our minds to getting things organised isn't there. I am going to miss the poppy spree as well and am thinking of suggesting we have a reunion in a month so that we can share what poppies we have made since then xx

  2. Absolutely beautiful poppies love the depth

  3. A lovely painting!

    That must be the reason my studio is so messy - because I'm actually getting exercise every time I'm rummaging around trying to find things! I knew there was a good reason.

  4. YEAH MUMMY! That looks awesome :) Where is all the narky comments about your eldest and bestest daughter? IT'S MY 20TH BIRTHDAY IN A MONTH, JUST IN CASE YOU'VE FORGOTTEN :D P.S Your paintings are gorgeous. <3 <3

  5. I'll have to use that reasoning too for my studio! Love it. I've been on a big mission to organise and clean not only my studio but the whole house, it's exhausting and time consuming stuff, and never ending! I tend to work better when all is tidy though, but boy do I mess it up with clutter quickly. Slowly forcing myself to put things away.

    I've got the ikea cat. and look at it often for ideas, I don't dare to go in at the moment, because I'd spend a fortune.

    Your poppies are beautiful, so much talent, it's wonderful your skills are flooding back to you. Can't wait to see what you do next.


  6. Thanks everyone, glad to see others are messy like me and Tracey Potter, beware that Ikea catalogue, it draws you in and makes you buy its contents. I'm sure they have a spell on them.

  7. Hi Vonny
    The artwork is beautiful...just like you.
    Lots of luv.......Angee(2) !!!! (G.B.)


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