Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Darkness and light for the Artist's Playroom #7

As soon as I read the theme
 for this weeks Artist's Playroom,
two paintings came to mind.

I had painted them 
some time ago
when I still had the patience 
to wait for oils to dry.

Here are my 
darkness and light paintings.

They are each 2 feet x 3 feet
and sold at a local art exhibition,
in fact I had to paint another
Out of the Darkness,
as two people wanted it.

They don't look much as small photos
but they really make an impact
when you see them actual size.

I would have done a painting
for this week but my Twinkling H2O's have arrived
and I really want to play with them,
or as probably will be more accurate,
make a real mess with them..

I don't know about you
but I tend to wear more paint
than I get on the paper.

As a left hander, I always manage to put
my arm or hand in something wet
and I have a bad habit of putting the paintbrush
in my mouth, which usually
results in technicolour hair.

I'm sure half the mothers
at school pickup think I'm
some sort of weird daggy lady
as I am usually running late
and turn up in my painting clothes 
with paint in my hair and
all over my arms and face.

At least I'm not
trying to compete
with their designer
clothes and cars.
Rather be a daggy lady any day.

I'm off to spritz
 and splosh paint, 
so why don't you
go and see the other
entries for this weeks 


  1. Hi Von
    Just love you "fishy" friends
    Luv Angie GB xxx

  2. Wow..both gorgeous and dazzling fish , fantastic pieces..love the vibe they carry..and the wonderful contrasts of light and dark..fabulous work!

  3. I'm totally in love with those fish, Von! WOW. And you got some twinks??! Are you taking the course offered by Dion Dior? I signed up for my first course ever in art with her last week. I'm gonna order my supplies in the next day or two and will probably throw in some twinks too, taking her silks course first.

    I bet those fish look stunning on the wall, so big and gorgeous. I want to work that large some day, I have to get over the fear first though, lol.

  4. OH my, Vonny, these are GORGEOUS!!! I bet they are absolutely spectacular to scale! Stunning, stunning, stunning use of light! (Can you tell I really like them?):-)

  5. Absolutely stunning! My favorite is the first one... I love swooshy type fish. :) I'm with you... I often wear more paint than not and have been known to jump in the car with said paint all over me. I have no excuse because I'm right-handed except maybe I'm a bit of a clutz! Have fun with your paints!! Warmly, Tracy

  6. Awesome looking fish....it has a real sense of light streaming down through the oceans depth.....kewl!


  7. VonnyK ==Keep showing up to school in your painting clothes, painted hair and fingers and toes, we need more mothers to look this way, good for the soul. LOL Blessings Terri

  8. you know I love these two and they are just gorgeous... as to the pick up line... ours is getting worse... i swear the whole thing is like an audi showroom at the moment... long live the painty dags I say... we rock...xx

  9. wow, these are beautiful, you have a real talent


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