Friday, 27 April 2012

Beaten by time and weather.

Some days you just can't win no matter what.
Today was the yukkiest and coldest day out,
not cold in northern hemisphere terms
but freezing in sub tropical terms.

Yesterdays overnight temperature was so cold
 (10 deg, yes that's cold here) that I'm sure I saw 
icebergs floating out on the bay
and today wasn't much better.
The whole day has been dark and dreary,
as was my mood and that is not good
for painting.

My painting for the Artist's playroom, who's theme
this week is Rainbow, is not finished.
The cold stopped the paint drying
and the dreary bit made it hard to see.
So a not finished painting will have to do
this week. 

It's not a great shot as
it is so dark (at 2.30pm mind you)
that I had to put the lights on
and my head kept getting in the way of the light.

Here is a bit better shot, but 
half of the picture is missing.
It shows the original photo of a bunch of flowers.
If you are interested in how I did this
there are some pics here.

I am putting this into Paint Party Friday,
so go on there and see what 
artists have done this dreary old friday
and of course then go over to
on saturday
to see what's going on there.

I hope your weather is better than mine.


  1. Your flowers look perfect, so colorful and happy!

  2. Von the weather is truly bloody awful isn't it... so grey and cold... but your painting is just amazing your perfect sense of colour along with great line and tone work... you have done a great job... I can't get mine to dry either... very frustrating isn't it... hope you get in and finish this soon...xx

  3. Hi Von, beautiful painting, bright and cheery. The weather here in France is crap's warmer 14 degrees and rain rain rain and did I say rain.... :)

  4. This is just beautiful Von! I wholly agree with Trace, gorgeous use of balance and color. If it looks this good unfinished, I can't wait to see it's beauty finished.
    Thanks for the use of your colorful fish, they do look stunning as an example of how to successfully use color, huh. I pick talent as friends!


  5. Wonderful painting Von, so colorful it has brightened this miserable day! xx

  6. Wow! Those lilies are just stunning! I really enjoyed the link to the post that showed your step by step progress. Can't wait to see more!

  7. These look fantastic! I love yellow and pink together. :)

  8. wow your flowers are totally fabulous with such wonderful colour combinations. Happy PPF, Annette x

  9. Oh my gosh, this is so perfect! Beautiful colors, identical to the photo !!

  10. I love that 10 degrees (at night) is cold -where do you live because wherever it is I want to move there!? 10 degrees is probably the yearly average temperature in Ireland!!

    Your painting is stunning - absolutely beautiful.

  11. Awesome painting ~ very elegant and dynamic ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  12. It's beautiful! Sorry about your "cold" weather. It's colder here. 10C/50F is our "warm" spring weather. The dreary weather has it's own beauty, if we look closely.
    Happy PPF!

  13. Gorgeous flowers! Hope painting them helped you chase away the drearies. I love a chilly, grey day myself, always feel like it's a great excuse to goof off.

  14. Gorgeous start!
    Love thoses lilies!
    Stay warm.
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  15. The colors are so vibrant! Your work is so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing! Happy PPF!

  16. Your painting is wonderful....great thing to paint on a dreary day...great job.


  17. Really lovely painting of flowers. they would make lovely cards as well. Who ever gets them will be so pleased. HPPF!!!

  18. You did a very great job! Love the colors!

  19. Von, our weather is no better than yours (I'm in eastern Canada) but your bright, beautiful painting makes the day a little less gloomy. :-) Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  20. Beautiful bunch of flowers, vibrant and luminous! <3


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