Thursday, 17 May 2012

My favourite things for the Artist's Playroom.

The theme for this weeks
Artist's Playroom
is My favourite things
in honour of
the lovely
Jenn's birthday.
Happy Birthday Jenn.

Apart from chocolate,
my favourite thing
is my family.
Not just the human one but my 
animal one as well.

I have three kids,
a step son and my two daughters,
plus another son.
My first "born"
son, who is 22 years old.

This is my boy Charlie.
He is a long billed corella,
native here in Australia
(a bit smaller than a cockatoo)
and my gorgeous spoilt boy.

He has the run of the house
and loves to chase my youngest daughter
and stalk her when she sits on the floor.

My whole family makes me happy
but I am a bit paranoid about
putting faces on the internet
and so it wouldn't be a very interesting picture
with all the heads missing.
Unless you are a bit weird of course.

I also love bright coloured paintings
and water colour pencil drawings.

They might not be my greatest works
but they are bright and happy.

Then on to my absolute favourite thing.


It was going to be a picture
of the chocolates I got
for Mothers Day
but the last one
just jumped
into my mouth.

Sorry about that,
but you all know
what chocolate
looks like anyway.

Now hop on over to
the Artist's Playroom
and see what other
people have as
their favourite things.


  1. I always so love seeing your artwork Vonn that I don't care when you painted it because it's always awesome.

    Charlie is so beautiful and he makes me miss my baby. I had an african grey for 12 years, her name is Berkley. Unfortunately, last year I had to find another loving home for her as I gradually over the 12 years became more and more allergic to her and with the asthma I have plus her being a powder bird, I just couldn't breath. It was SO hard but I think of it like I got to be her mommie for 12 years and now that she's grown she goes out into the world to share her beauty and joy with others. I miss her like no pet I've ever lost. I think it's because she's so smart. She talked up a storm, favorite thing was "Want water" which she used accurately, that and "Pretty" which she also totally understood, ;o)
    Thank you for the sweet memories and the birthday wishes and joining in APR every week, I look forward every week to your beautiful work. I hope some day to have a painting of yours handing on my wall. Maybe some day I could afford to commission you to paint Berk. I wish I could afford to cover my walls with your and Tracey's work!!
    Hugs to you my friend!

  2. It's a good thing you didn't put a picture of chocolate here. I'm all out of sweets and really, really craving! I love your happy paintings! Such great detail and shadowing!

  3. Hi a mega-gorgeous post..your art is radiant and inspiring..colorful and blissful..! and now i am in love with!!
    I love what you said about family..well said..hugs..thanks for this magical journey into your realm!

  4. Hi Von
    Lucky me as I am Charlies Aunty!
    Just as well you didn't get a chocolate teapot, what with all those digestive biscuits too .
    (chocky ones of course)
    LOluv Angie GB xxxx

  5. Your work is beautiful...I just try not to put names or personal info on my family's photos....they can google and get that info anyway....a little scary no matter how you look at it.

  6. Vonny, I adore your undersea art! All very fishy and gorgeous, and I love your polymer clay octapuses and things too. The sea is definitely a theme I want to explore further in my art.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog about my hubby's card. I can't wait to see his face when he opens it on Saturday! I keep catching myself about to blurt out something about it - these days I seem to be hopeless at keeping secrets lol!!


  7. What fabulous sea paintings! I love the rich colors and totally fun feeling I get from them. I've never had a bird pet, but Charlie looks gorgeous and sounds like quite a charmer.

    My family and I visited Brisbane about 10 years ago and just loved the trip - we loved the couple weeks we spent in Australia and hubby and I hope to come back some day. I've "met" so many aussies through the art community that I feel like I could spend the whole trip visiting friends..... visiting from APR

  8. Charlie is a handsome boy and looks loving and well-loved! I like the bright colors in your art--they make me smile.

  9. I love your bright colors and especially your koi paintings/drawings. I had a pond at one time with koi, shebunkin, goldfish and orffs. I used to spend a lot of time in the summer, feeding,cleaning and just staring at the fish and water! Your birdy love is wonderful too. Coming to you from The Artists Playroom.

  10. Hey Vonny,

    I'm purusing old posts that I've missed. Your first born is just beautiful! I love the brightly painted fish too! I just bought a set of watercolor pencils and aren't happy with them. I want more vibrant, deeper colors. What do you use?


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