Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Fish sort of finished for WOYWW

Well here we are, It's Wednesday again.
That was the fastest week of all time.

I have been flat out trying to get my fish painting finished
and at last I have done it.
I am not happy with it yet though
and I can't put my finger on what's wrong,
it just isn't right.
I will look at it for a few days 
and hope I can see what 
needs changing.

But, to the job at hand,
here is my desk today.

When I needed a break from the big painting, 
I did another ATC and finished my teapot.

As you can see, I now have four ATC's
and have decided to swap them
with the big swap (week 156) on WOYWW.

I will give the Rose to the next person on the list
for the big swap and if anyone
wants to swap with any of the other three,
just let me know and I will
send them that day also.

The three bright ATC's were done with my H2O's
and the paint pots seem to be going all weird.
Can anyone tell me if this is normal?

They did this 'hole' thing the first time I sprayed them
and it is getting a bit hard to put the brush into the holes to
mix the paint around.  Am I doing something wrong?

If you noticed the card on the desk,
my little miss made that for me for Mothers Day
and my big miss gave me this

I won't be getting paint on this,
it will be safely on another desk in the room.

For anyone interested 
here are my fish.
Title: Full Moon on the Reef.

Can't get a close up as it shines too much.

Sorry about the mess around it,
the weather is so cold around here
that I have been painting in the family room.

Sorry, there is nothing witty in my post,
I am exhausted, just too much
to do around here,
just glad the painting is out of the way.

For some very interesting
desks on this What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday,
hop on over to Julias
and see what everyone else has been up to.


  1. My H2Os do the same and look similar. BUT, I put a lot more water in mine when I start. Then I let it sit for about 20 minutes and come back to it. There's never been a problem, and the H2Os dry up by the time I put the lid back on them. Hope that helps.

    Love your daughter's card, too, as well as your very bright and colorful tea pot. Happy WOYWW from #5.

  2. My paints come in little pans and get so dirty I always think there's something growing in it! Sometimes I ry to think of something witty to say like so many of our WOYWW friends, but I just can"t- even if I'm not tired! I guess they hav to take me as I am! Patsy from

  3. LOVE your fish painting, hope you do well in the art show. My H20's look the same as yours but I have no problem with them once they are wet...I would love to trade ATC's with you, but mine won't be near as nice as yours! if your interested, e-mail me your address and I'll send you mine :) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. am intrigued by your tennis ball on the desk,for a pet,child or hand exercises maybe?
    your fish painting is excellent
    Hope you have a fab
    woyww week
    kay #22

  5. That is a beautiful painting! Have a great week hugs trace x18

  6. Am loving the look of that fish painting and the bright ATCs look great too!
    Happy hopping and enjoy WOYWW

  7. Wow did you do that fish painting its amazing. Love your bright ATCs they are lovely. Sandy :) #27

  8. Gorgeous fish painting... just AmAzing! fab ATC's Fabulous creations.. Hugs May x x x#26

  9. love love the fish painting :)
    Happy woywwing
    Jennie #3

  10. love love the fish painting :)
    Happy woywwing
    Jennie #3

  11. Your fish painting is amazing as are the ATCs, hard to believe the rose is not real. Think I will have to stalk you when the ATC is up for grabs to make sure I'm not to post and 'win' it.
    Happy WOYWW
    Ann B

  12. Your atc's are fab, the one with the fish is gorgeous!! As for your painting - wow!!! Have a great day, Helen 4

  13. Your fish painting is So Dynamic!!It really is fabulous!

  14. Can't help with the H20's I'm afraid Von. Nor with you're amazing fish painting...because it looks brilliant to m, but I know what you mean because sometimes I can't put my finger on what's not right with mine or if there's something that needs to be added ~ I just can't see what it is that's needed.
    I always walk away and it's amazing sometimes it just speaks to you at a later stage...normally at about 4am!
    Enjoy WOYWW...Neesie (not sure of my number as I was #45 earlier, but then I appear to be missing completely ~ must be the bubbly from my girlie lunch ~ maybe I didn't hit the button, so I'm now #59) hic! %)

  15. Wonderful painting! Whoever gets the rose ATC is a very lucky person!

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #36

  16. I will also be doing extras, will swap you on the day then too.

  17. The painting of the fish in the last photo is fabulous and I love the rose atc, really fabulous art work!
    Have a crafty week! HaPpY WoyWw!!
    ((Lyn)) #46

  18. I always find that if I'm not happy with what I've been crafting, trying to think about makes my brain go into meltdown. I find it best to leave it for at least 48hours, do something completely different and then go back, the answer often presents itself without trying!
    Love your ATCs, the teapot made me smile!
    Hugs, LLJ #48 xx

  19. was going to add, I've only got ONE H2o...(I always buy one of some thing to try first...purple!) I justadd a tiny drop of water keep the lid on and its ok.

  20. Wow, fabulous ATC's you have there, I can only hope I am next to you in the numbers next week, that rose is stunning. Love the fish too, can't really help with the H2O's, I soak mine for about 10 mins before using them and leave the lids off until they dry out. Happy WOYWW Anne #9

  21. Your ATC's look really that a signed tennis ball i see on your your busy family room ..who lives in the cage?
    Jackie 69

  22. Your art is stunning! I also love your lovey pink tea-for-one pot

  23. Stunning art there girl! I don't use H20's so I have no clue how to advise you. Thanks for sharing your artwork!


  24. Wow love that rose, do hope it is me that is next on the list on week 156. That painting is incredible, love all the detail and kinda expected the fish to move. Hugs, Amanda #76

  25. My H2O's do the same so think it's normal! That fish pic is amazing, I feel like I could reach out and touch them! Take care & enjoy WOYWW. Zo xx 66

  26. Your fish painting is fantastic - I love the movement in it and the dark background makes me think it's really deep down in the sea

    Thanks for sharing

  27. You have lots of fabulous things going on.

    Lovely work.

  28. so busy, busy, busy!!!
    i love your pink teapot, your atc's, but i LOVE your fish painting - wow!!
    have a great week :)
    no. 37

  29. Great desk and I love your teapot (even though I don't drink tea :))

  30. I know nothing of these paints but am interested....I need a little more info on the ATC trading week. I read the post at Stamping Ground, I think I would like to give it a go.. #100

  31. I find if I don't spot what is wrong or missing from a painting after 2 days of looking I put it away for a week or two. When you get it out again it's like seeing it with new eyes. Also the break stops me being annoyed with the canvas!

  32. Vonny, fascinating things in your creative space! I love the painting of the fish - stunning... As for your little pots of paint, I've never used these so wouldn't know, but the picture of the paint pots is just gorgeous - love the circles of colour! A work of art in itself.

    Love the ATCs too! Especially the teapot! You are certainly very creative.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #95

  33. Please can I have your pink teapot it will go with my £3 tea set find, my expensive tea caddy and holiday buy sugar bowl.
    Lynn. 32
    One I made earlier today

  34. Vonny, what fantastic ATC's and your fish painting is awesome. No wonder your tired you can see/feel that the painting has taken all your energy, fabulous.

  35. Vonny! You have been busy busy busy so it's okay not to be witty! Oh, look, I'm a poet and didn't know it. *grins* The ATC's are gorgeous as is your fish painting. I'm sure you'll figure out whatever it's trying to tell you when you have a chance to breathe. That teapot is divine! Happy WOYWW and remember to breathe. Warmly, Tracy #88

  36. I just love your cards - I especially love the teapot - the colours are so bright and vibrant. I also absolutely love the pink teapot your daughter gave you, and how pretty on the co-ordinating tablecloth!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my desk and hope you have a great week.

  37. Oh wow, your work is gorgeous. Kim

  38. Totally normal for the H20s...they seem to have a bubble of air in the dried patty which reveals when you wet them. You seem to be using them jsut fine to Elizabeth, I pre-wet mine and use them in a sort of blood consistency..
    Love the fish...I think you've just been too close to them and pressuring yourself to finish. Walk around them for a couple of days, admire your gift!

  39. I hope you are able to get some rest soon - exhausted is never a good way to feel!

    I adore the fish painting, Vonny. They are swimming right off the canvas! Your ATC's are cute - I love the fish!

    Susan #145

  40. Your ATCs are lovely -- the jewel tones of the fish are striking. I think Julia has given good advice -- let the painting sit and just ponder it. Try to decide, if there *is* something you want to change, whether it is related to color, design, shading . . . or whether you're just too tired and close to the work to be objective right now. I'm in awe of people who are truly artists and really enjoy seeing your work. Happy WOYWW from Laura #117

  41. Your ATCs are gorgeous! That rose is just stunning and of course, I liked Shaggy Cat last week and still like him today. Your fish on the reef in the moonlight is a very serene and relaxing, yet you can feel the movement in it. There might be something off on it but it only a slight niggling feeling of it I get and that might only be because you mentioned it. Definitely revisit it in a few days and see how you feel about it then. I don't use H20s that often but mine rather look like yours, with the hole in them.

  42. That rose ATC is magnificent! Loving the fish painting.
    Happy very belated WOYWW

  43. Hi Vonny!
    Just wanted to comment on that gorgeous blue fish painting! Can you shrink that down to ATC size??? Sure, just print a photo of it and splash some glitter on it, HA!
    Seriously it is wonderful! I enlarged the pic and studied it for a long time. I see the photo that you are working from. I can't see what you don't like about your version. Maybe if you soften the "squiggles" underneath the fish then they (fish)would look more 3 dimensional?
    BTW, what lives in those cages behind your easel???

  44. I think your fish are amazing! I can't see anything missing from it, hope you find what it is, lol!
    Helen S #75

  45. Great ATC's and an awesome fish on the reef painting. Thanks for sharing.

    Eliza #19


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