Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Quite handy for Inspiration Avenue challenge

Well someone had to use the pun!!

I haven't been doing the Inspiration Avenue Challenges
for a while but when I saw the theme (hands)
this week, I had to look over my shoulder.

Someone must be watching me.

Just recently, I have been sitting in my car for the school pickup.

When little miss was in the junior section of her school,
I had to walk in (usually in my painty clothes)
and be sighted by the teacher before I could take her home
but now she is in Middle school, I don't have to.

So, okay, as the overprotective mum I am,
I have been going up to get her amid
whinges of Oh mum, I'm big enough now,
but no more. 
I have given in and let her walk to the car on her own.

This has produced a problem,
I'M BORED, just sitting there waiting, waiting,
while she meanders her way down to the car,
 so I have been taking my art journal
with me.  
Then is the problem of what to draw.

Of course, my hand is always hanging around holding
the journal, so I have been drawing that for the
last few days.

It's as if someone from Inspiration Ave has been
looking over my should and wants to let everyone laugh
 at my wrinkly right hand
(I'm left handed, in case you were wondering).

So, I can take it,
here for a laugh
is my right hand,
scribbled in many ways
and never finished
as little miss comes and I have to stop,
then can't get my hand back into the same position.

Perhaps, today I will draw my foot.
That should draw some attention,
seeing and old fart sitting in the car, 
with her leg up in the air
drawing her foot.


  1. The mind boggles at the image Vonny.
    Maybe you're eye's in the mirror might not cause such a stir, although whomever is parked next to you will think you're a self absorbed female who just can't get enough of her own image ;D
    Give the other people something to watch whilst they're bored anyway!

    Your hands are great...I just knew you'd be left-handed...'they' say left-handed people are gifted...ho hum...I'm right handed. Typical!

  2. Mother your hands are NO WHERE near that fat! HAHAHAHAHA :) looking good, now try the foot in the air & let me know when to drive past and beep! :) xo angee

  3. Wonderful expressive drawings- hands say so much - don't they!

  4. Excellent drawings! And excellent way to pass the time - I too keep a little sketchbook in the car in case I get stuck in traffic or whatever - great way to pass the time. And it's good practice! visiting from IA

  5. great idea to take your sketchbook with you where ever you may go.
    Nice sketches BTW.

  6. Thank you for sharing your sketches, a wonderful way to tackle idle hands!
    Great sketches!!


  7. LOLOL...you are funny and talented and flexible...what a catch! ♥♥

  8. You really had me laughing at the idea of the foot in the air! It was so funny and I laughed so hard, you might not have noticed how late I am getting here this week. I think it's great that you drew what was closest to you, you were comfortable with, and could get three sketches while Little Miss worked her way to the car. Really adorable entry and so glad to see you here this week.

  9. I love the foot in the air and the wait in the car is tedious... I take my sketchbook as well now, mind you your hands are a bit more accomplished than mine... well done..xx


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