Wednesday, 30 May 2012

WOYWW # 156 - The Big Swap *****

This is an exciting day on WOYWW
as it is the week of the big ATC Swap,
Happy 3rd Anniversary Julia.

I have painted 5 ATC's as per
requests and they will be
winging their way around the world shortly.

Due to a very nasty tummy bug
that has been living with me for the last few days,
I haven't done very much this week
and to make it worse,
I have to go out Thursday and
Friday, so  not much chance 
of finishing anything.

I spent this morning finishing the last ATC
and then started on this.

Now, I can hear you saying what on earth is that mess,
well it is the first layer of a close up of
a water droplet on a flower (this weeks APR theme is magnify)
and yes it looks pretty horrible at the moment.

At this stage I just want to get an idea of the
lights and darks.
Then again you could say it's an
abstract of some bananas!

You can just see my last ATC 
peeking out from the paper towel.

Just a quick post this week 
as I have to get a move on with this painting.
Only two afternoons left to finish it.

Hope the person next to me enjoys
my ATC, it will be the rose.

To see the other desks around the world this Wednesday
and to see who gets who's Atc's
hop on over to visit Julia


  1. Morning Von, so sorry to hear about your bug...I've got mine here too :(
    Anyway, I'm not sure how this ATC swop goes but I'll be watching all the fun with the swopathon.
    Maybe I'll know what its all about and be ready to take part next year...if I'm still blogging.
    Wow you're 'magnify' artwork is looking good already ~ banana's my foot!
    I probably won't get to the playroom this week. My bug has magnified my head to x10 so I'll just look on in wonder.
    Enjoy the swops ~ Happy WOYWW ;D
    Neesie (no number yet)xox

  2. Feel better! Love your work so far! Arty #17

  3. I am loving that water drop on the flower that you've got going! Can't wait to see the finished piece!
    Happy WOYWW anniversary!
    Hugs and feel better soon, Sweetie!

  4. Happy are the one below me so send my your mailing address to my email and I will mail my ATC upon receiving your info.

    You did a great job with magnifing!! pretty photo and great light with the window. Have fun.

  5. I have your ATC in the envie ready to be mailed out tomorrow to you, I sure hope your not too dissappointed as your ATC's are like gorgeous! I can't wait to get it! Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, hope you feel better soon! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  6. WooHoo..lots of fun going on here.
    Judy #51

  7. no fun that you aren't well but magnify is coming along well anyway... I always like everything at the blocking in stage... it is when I add detail that I can get into trouble, but you handle tone beautifully so it won't be a hassle... I have been working on magnify all afternoon as well...xx

  8. so sorry you had the lergy too... horrible isn't it??
    but the painting is gorgeous - the light and the dark shades are working great!!
    no. 59

  9. Good morning, I was looking at the APR magnify theme myself. Your piece is looking very good I'm impressed.
    Have a lovely jubilee week.
    Only positive thing about tummy bugs is the weight loss. Get well soon.
    One I made earlier today

  10. Hope you get better soon - that is some amazing art on your desk, again! Your ATC recipients will be so happy.. Helen, 8

  11. Hi there, just popping in to wish you a happy WOYWW 3rd anniversary! Who would have thought it would grow to be such a weekly treat for us all to catch up and see so much inspiring creativity! Here's toasting the next year.....

  12. Happy 3rd WOYWW!
    Sorry to hear you've been poorly - really hope you start to pick up soon.
    Bananas! It doesn't look like that at all!! Am interested to see the finished artwork though!
    Enjoy the ATC swap :D
    Hugs, LLJ #77 xx

  13. So sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly, hope you feel well soon. Love the water droplet....
    Happy WOYWW, Anne x #38

  14. Bananas are beautiful too and they can have raindrops. It's sure to be a beautiful painting.
    Happy WOYWW

    Ann B

  15. I hope the bug goes soon. I'm just thrilled I was given the chance to "meet" you through this wild and fun blog hop we take each week. Happy 3rd WOYWW Anniversary from #2.

  16. I do hope you feel better soon... Lots of lovely art work going on.. Happy 3rd Anniversary WOYWW.. Hugs May x x x#4

  17. Hope you feel better soon - love seeing work in action, enjoy seeing how everyone achieves their projects. Take care & enjoy this special WOYWW. Zo xx 37

  18. Sorry to hear about your poor tummy Von. Your desk looks very creative mind you. Enjoy your day. Hugs Rita xx 104

  19. Hello Von, sorry to read that you haven't been well, here's wishing you a speedy recovery. Love the photo of the flower - there's something about water droplets on petals and leaves that does it for me :) Good luck with the painting, I bet it will look fab when you've finished ut. Happy WOYWW and enjoy what's left of the day. Elizabeth x #96

  20. I hope you show the finished waterdrop painting! I am so envious of people who have the talent to paint. Hope you feel better soon. #134

  21. So sorry that you have been unwell ...tummy bugs are the worst. I love what you are working on btw.
    Happy 3rd Woyww Birthday

  22. feel better soon! Love your water color! Makes me want to dig out my supplies and join in.

  23. Happy WOYWW anniversary ☼
    have a great week!

    Hugs Marleen # 28

  24. Sorry to hear you have been unwell. Loving that water drop on the flowers. I don't think they look like bananas.
    Happy WOYWW Party!
    Hettie #50

  25. Sorry to hear that you are ill. We're finally bug free in our home; we passed that nastiness back and forth ad nauseaum. I definitely don't see bananas in your unfinished art. I do see leaves though, and sure enough I can see flower petals when prompted. Good luck painting that water droplet. That looks complicated.

  26. I hope your tummy feels better soon! Your painting is beautiful!

    Katie (38)

  27. Vonny I sure hope you feel better soon! That watercolor is shaping up beautifully, I can't wait to see it finished and I just have to say your boy Charlie is a beauty! Happy 3rd WOYWW Anniversary!

  28. great desk,the painting looks lovely. The mess we are all used to but what on earth is the (rather rude) looking thing outside the window !!!!
    janet #43

  29. Super painting in progress, i think it looks kinda abstract like it is.
    happy woyww anniversary fellow desk hopper
    Minxy #3

  30. for an abstract of some bananas it looks really promissing, lol. No serious, totally admiring your talent, your paintings look gorgeous! Have a happy week :)
    france #97 xx

  31. Hope you are feeling better now. The picture is looking great and it's so interesting seeing work in progress - I look forward to seeing the finished piece.
    Have a great week

  32. Happy 3rd WOYWW! Hope your tummy is better now! I hate being ill. Love your colorful desk. I would have loved swapping ATC with you...Sorry I am late getting around but figure it is better late then never. Have a great week. Vickie #178

  33. Sorry to hear you have been unwell I do hope you have improved by now. Love your flower petals in progress but I am curious as to how that water droplet comes out.

    Happy 3rd Anniversary WOYWW
    Eliza #140

  34. Lovely artwork Vonny - you're very talented, and I'm sure your latest project is going to just as fab.

    Sorry to be so late getting round this week - the Queen's Jubilee got in the way!

    Happy WOYWW!

  35. Sorry to hear you've been unwell - hope you're feeling much better now? Your artwork is looking fantastic! Can't wait to see the finished product. :)

    Happy WOYWW anniversary!

    Ali #86


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