Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Egberts first appearance for WOYWW

I have created a new character
for The Artist's Playroom
and this is his first

He is a little shy
but fun all the same.

Yes, it's Wednesday and time to show our desks all around the world

Without  further ado
here is my desk.

The theme for Artists Playground this week is 
make a bookmark and
that is how Egbert Bookman
came into being.

He is still in the early stages and all hand drawn,
with quite a lot still to do.

It was a good excuse to use all of my new goodies 
that I just bought on sale.
 The water pens are fabulous to use with the H2O's.

Thanks to everyone who commented and helped me with my fish painting.
I am happy to report that I found what wasn't right.

After looking deeply at the painting
I noticed that the fishes eyes were bulging
and their cheeks were puffing out.
Then one got really frustrated with me and used his fin to
point just behind his eye
and then it hit me.

I had forgotten to give them GILLS!!!

The poor things had been holding their breath
for all that time, no wonder
their eyes were bulging!!

All is good now, gills are painted in
and they are breathing normally.

Really looking forward to the ATC swap 
next week.

If you want to see the other desks
go on over to Julias.

If you are interested in the bookmarks
I will be posting the finished products
later in the week here
and be sure to check out all the other entries.


  1. Got my bookmardk completed and will be posting it on Friday! I'm so glad you let your fish breathe! lol That's too funny! I just love your work! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  2. Some funny bookmarks and great fish painting! Have a great week hugs trace x 35

  3. lol to the bookmarks but that fishy pic is fan-piscean-tastic!!
    Happy Day
    Lisa #16

  4. too cute! Love your fish painting and I am glad you figured out what was awry! Thanks for sharing. Vickie @28

  5. Such fun and colourful book marks. Love how the fish painting turned out.
    Sandra @41

  6. He, your "fishy" post. Isn't it funny how you can stare and stare at something and still not figure out why it isn't right!. I do this with faces.When I look at thwem in the mirror, or turn them upside! See the mistake right off.

  7. Love the development of the fish painting, and also your bookmarks. The new buys look interesting too. Helen, 17

  8. Love the development of the fish painting, and also your bookmarks. The new buys look interesting too. Helen, 17

  9. Oh I'm so happy to hear the fish are okay.
    I have the same thing happen when I post on my blog...I write something but my brain has been far faster than my fingers...(and my fingers can go pretty fast)...but when I read it over it appears fine but there can be such whoopsies ;D
    You're bookmarks are great ~ so funny. I remember books...ahh
    By the way, I thought I was a follower already but obviously my fingers didn't obey my mind! So I've made sure this time.
    Have a wonderful WOYWW Neesie #11

  10. Hi there, just popping in to visit for WOYWW. It's lovely to see so many creative spaces! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us curious folk! I hope you have a good week. Love the fish by the way!
    Neil #70

  11. Adorable. I'm sure there was a computer game I used to play called egbert, back in the day :) The fish are still fab, gills or no - I do this too, make a stupid mistake and not realize it till too late LOL!

    Happy WOYWW.

    Mary Anne (1)

  12. I just love Egbert, he is so cute and yes he does look a little shy. Glad you worked out the fish picture, it is lovely. Happy WOYWW, Anne #18

  13. Loving the bookmarks and your fish art is stunning. Take care on this wonderful sunny WOYWW day. Zo xx 80

  14. what fun bookmarks! i love him peeking over a pile of books :)
    and that fish painting is incredible - with ot without gills!
    have a grea week!
    no. 63

  15. LOVE those bookmarks! What a clever idea! Love his little expressions!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Happy WOYWW

    Jackie #98

  16. happy woyww, cool bookmarks, very fun designs.And again another fantastic painting, love your style

  17. happy woyww, cool bookmarks, very fun designs.And again another fantastic painting, love your style

  18. Fantastic book marks and such a cute little character - really fun.
    Have a great week

  19. Lovely bookmarks!
    Happy WOYWW Wednesday!!
    Quickly to the next desk ;-)
    Hugs Marleen #19

  20. Ah, gills it stands out a mile now you've pointed it out I type to you with a smile on my face.
    Egbert is adorable!x

  21. I love Egbert bookman, I would use him in my books all the time and keep him happy. I'm an avid reader usually with the kindle and a paperback on the go all the time. He has the same name as my dads chicken just about. LOL

    Still love those fish too, so vibrant and lifelike.

    Eliza #49

  22. I always get sidetracked by all the art on your side bar... and then today I started feeding the fish!
    Laura 138

  23. I always get sidetracked by all the art on your side bar... and then today I started feeding the fish!
    Laura 138

  24. I found myself holding my breath in sympathy with the fish!! Lol. Glad you have rectified the gill situation!
    I really like the way you've coloured over the text for those bookmarks, very clever.
    Hugs, LLJ #57 xx

  25. Oh no! The gills! How did we not see the gills were missing! Whew! As an asthmatic I can relate to the not being able to good, that is. Love Edbert Bookmark. He is very cute. I like him behind the books the best but the "too scary" one made me smile too.

  26. Love the bookmarks... so glad no fish were harmed in the making of this brillant artwork... breathe fish breathe.. Hugs May x x x#30

  27. Wow - your fish look fantastic - glad they can 'breathe' now!
    Bernice (#82)

  28. just love the bookmarks they are great!!!!
    The one with the pile of books is my fav...well done

    Jackie 96

  29. Vonny, it's always a delight to see what you're working on!


  30. Love the bookmarks AND painting! Bravo!!!

    Jeannie #75

  31. Hello Vonny,
    I really enjoyed reading your page this week and Ive shown your fish to the Doodly Birds who are more than impressed.
    Can anyone have a go at the bookmarks, I might like to enter one myself.
    Have a good week
    Lynn 48
    One I Made Earlier Today

    Home of the Doodly Birds.

  32. Trying to catch up with a few more desks before I go out and soak up a little sunshine - not too much as I don't like the heat (now there is something you don't often hear in UK).

    Love your bookmarks - Egbert is quite a handsome young man, as you can see my eyes are not what they were.
    Glad you sorted out the fish, breathing is so important don't you think.

    Looking forward to the big ATC swap next week - made 10 yesterday.

    Ann B

  33. Love your sense of humor! great fish painting, and the books marks will have lots of appeal, especially to children! Thanks for stopping by my space!

  34. you are very artistic! Beautiful bookmarks!

  35. Love your bookmarks - very fun! And those poor fishies..... hee hee. I bet they are happy now that they have a way to breath! ;-)

    Send me an email at and I'll send you one of my ATCs.

    Thanks for visiting me already - I'm slow at getting around this week.

    Kay $141


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