Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fruit for Artist's Playroom

I didn't have time for fruit this week
as I am running out of time to
do a painting for an art show
that I am entering.

I have to have this painting finished by next friday.
That may seem easy but out of all
next week, I have 2 1/2 days to paint.

So I have to cheat again for the Artist's Playroom.

I had to dig deep into my pile of pics to find this one.

This was one of my first ever oil paintings and is
on a scrap of canvas.
You can see the two white corners where I stuck the
drawing pins in to keep it up.
It's rather boring but at least
there are some pears and cherries in there.

I did do a journal pic not long ago
of cherries, in watercolour.

But, I'm afraid my mind is on fish at the moment.
I am doing a piece called Full Moon, 
inspired by the light and dark fish I showed last week.

It is still very much in the early stages.
I roughed in the background today,
still have the fish to do and then 
blend the brain coral a little better.

Will really be under the pump to get it finished.

Does anyone fancy babysitting 
two kids and a husband for a week???

I have to warn you though,
my twenty year old daughter isn't well
(tummy ache),
so it's like babysitting 10 little kids!!

It's back to the paint brush for me,
so why no go over to
and see what everyone else has done.


  1. Hi Von
    Wish you had given more more warning, otherwise I could have been nursemaid, baby sitter,
    and artists companion for the week.
    Anyway, keep up the good work
    LOL Angie GB

  2. Beautiful paintings, Von!

  3. Wow Von..your work so so stunning..every piece is beautiful! The first one is my fave..absolutely breathtaking..gorgeous! You are so talented!

  4. Your art is always so so so good.
    You truly inspire...and it's not elbows after all but fish! Silly me!!!! good luck with the show! Am sure you'll be done in time.

  5. Cherries are my favorite! You did a lovely job on both the oil painting and the journal page. I have a 19 year old daughter so I know just what you mean! Hope she feels better soon.

  6. you're heroic to even fit in a post for my APR, thank you! I don't agree at all that your first painting is boring, just look at that vase! wow, your art is always stunning, von.

    I think you should be sending those kids and husband over to Tracey's house, lol. I'm sure she'd LOOOOve all the company, lol.
    Hugs to you,

  7. All beautiful art!! It is so hard to find time to paint when we have to take care of the daily life stuff!! Good luck getting to it!

  8. Hey now! I'm allowed to be sick once in a while & be glad I didn't keep you up all night (for once!) I'm better-ish now :) love you mummy, get that painting finished!

  9. I don't think the painting is boring either - it's subdued and quiet but elegant and you captured the highlights SO well - I think that's really hard. Good luck with your show! visiting from APR

  10. Not really up for babysitting children and husband for a week but really looking forward to seeing this finished product and I love the cherries... they look so fresh and lovely and VON!!!

  11. So much fun to see three different types of art from you. The very traditional still life, the more graphic looking cherries and the somewhat abstracted fish..even if they become less abstract! All easy on the eyes! :)

  12. I love your artwork Vonn! Isn't it fun to look back and see how far you've come along? I'm eager to see the finished fishes! Warmly, Tracy

  13. I've been reading your posts and watching your progress from the side lines these last few weeks-as I've been flat out myself and catch glimpses on my flipboard (an iPad
    App. - like a magazine but it imports all the blogs, pages and other social things I follow) I'm loving all the older work you've been showing and seeing your dark/light fishes develop. All the best for making the deadline. Xx

  14. Wow, you're very busy. Lots of great work to look at. I especially like the under the sea painting on the right of your blog that you did for a friend. Gorgeous.

  15. Hi sweetie,
    thanks for your comment, hope your artistic plate is clearing, I hate being over stressed. Hope that commissioned piece turned out great. Talk to you later, hope to see you this week in APR but no pressure, I just enjoy so much your artwork!

  16. what a wonderful thing to do for a good friend. Yes, it's expensive, I sure hope it does well dissipate the price plus shipping. IT really is a terrific mag, I usually buy art magazines then find myself not reading them but this one is actually interesting, probably because it's not highbrow, it talks about stuff we all want to know more about!
    Have a great week, hope to see your stellar art in APR this week!


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