Friday, 25 May 2012

Bookmarks and a new friend for Artist's Playroom #10

The theme for this weeks Artist's Playroom
is bookmarks or anything to do with books.

Easy I said, just do a bookmark with a pile of books,
covers everything.

I  sat down and drew a pile of books
on a bookmark that I had cut out
and just turned my back for a few seconds
when it happened.
A little face peered out over the pile of books
on my bookmark.
Now I know what you're thinking and 
no, there isn't anything but coffee in my cup!!

The little fellow said his name is
Egbert Bookman
and he loves reading books
but is rather shy .

With each bookmark I drew,
he got a little bolder
but doesn't like scary books.

He might become a problem when 
you're reading
as he gets a bit in your face

and gets a bit
annoying with his opinions
when you're trying to concentrate.

All in all, he is a nice little fellow

and with some tweaking,
I think I might have a 
nice little friend
with which to make saleable

I was going to add little ribbons etc,
but my little miss spied the bookmarks and
Egbert is now living 
in her bedroom amongst
EJ12 Girl Spy
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
books, poor devil.

I guess I will just have to make some more
bookmarks and see if he will appear.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures
but it is black as black
and raining outside
(sunny Queensland my @..$...)!!!

For more fabulous 
bookmarks and themes
head on over to Jenn's 
and I will get back to
making some more bookmarks.


  1. These are totally cool, don't you love it that your daughter loves them too?

    Funny coincidence, I did a stack of books bookmark too. lol. Great minds think alike.
    Hugs my friend,

  2. These are all fabulous, Vonny! I like the stack of books and magnifying glass best:-)

  3. Vonny, these are so so cute!! can't help but smile when looking at these!:D

  4. Love the bookmarks and Egbert really makes me smile.

  5. :0)

    This little dude is just too cute!!!
    Great Job!


  6. Now these book marks have personality! Loads of fun! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  7. Vonnie, I left a reply on the use of salt on my blog for you. I would copy it here, but I have a copyright wall on my blog that will not allow me to copy my own comments... and I cannot remember how I got the wall there and how to remove it! LoL

  8. Von these are just too cool for words... no way am I showing Phantom or she will want to steal them... they look great and that first one is just too cute for words... you clever chook you...xx

  9. The stack of books is great but the addition of whimsical Egbert makes them really special. What fun!


  10. These are the coolest bookmarks!!
    They just make you happy to look at them! In Love!!


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