Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Little ATC's on WOYWW

Since the big third anniversary 
is coming up fast,
I thought I should practise
doing ATC's, for the big swap
(now I know what they are),
so my desk today has two.

The first one I did was a rose in acrylic
and I have to say,
it is really hard trying to paint so tiny.

The second is my Shaggy Cat 
that I made up years ago.

He is painted in something special
that I got in the mail this week.

My Twinkling H2O's.
I did mess him up as I discovered the hard way
that you should wet the paper first
or it goes hard and dark
very quickly.
I wet it to try and mop some off
but it wouldn't budge.
Lesson Learned!!
He does shimmer though.

For those that are interested
here is my finished 
bunch of flowers from last week.

Up close warts'n'all.

I am going to make a few ATC's and that way the person next on the list for the
third anniversary won't know which one they will get, so it's still a surprise.

If you don't know what I'm on about, go over here
and you will find desks from all around the world
for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.


  1. Holy cow batman, whoever gets your ATC will be LUCKY! That rose would have to be framed! You're an awesome painter! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  2. I had a horrible time trying to think SMALL when I started making ATCs. Someone suggested making the art in 5 X 7 size, then reducing it down on a copier. Since I don't have a color copier (and ink jet printers just DON'T do the trick), I've never tried that. But it is something some people do, especially when they are in swaps that require several. Happy WOYWW from #4 this week.

  3. Gorgeous ATC on your desk and I love your finished flower project, its amazing :)

    Have a fab WOYWW and a lovely week, Hugs, Karen xx #12

  4. I love your paintings too! Love that ATC!

  5. WOW! You painted that rose on an ATC!! Fabulous! I will hope that my name appears after yours that week! And those flowers are gorgeous too.

  6. What lovely flowers! So bright and colorful , and I certainly sdidn't see any warts!!! :^) patsy (#11)

  7. OMG they are amazing, you blow me away with your tallent.

    Eliza !9

  8. Your rose is divine and your flowers amazing. Great painting BJ#18

  9. ok you have me terrified to try ATC now I am not an artist I make cards that is it. Yours are truly gorgeous little pieces of art you should sign with pride. Happy Woyww #8

  10. Wow your painting is fabulous hope I am next to you on the list! - I am currently learning to watercolour its very relaxing isnt it. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 29

  11. Hi there; I'm trying to get my visits in early today. Thanks for the peek into your creative place! I hope you have a blessed and creative week.Your rose ATC is glorious!
    Neil @#5

  12. ...loVe your little ATC's especially Shabby Cat how cool is he...gorgeous art work beautiful flowers!...fabby idea to make up a whole batch of ATC's in readiness...Mel # 34

  13. Well all I can say is I hope I am next to you on week 156 - that rose is stunning and your flowers are amazing. Love the little cat too though........Anne #44

  14. oh what fabby ATC's,enjoy practising with your new goodies
    have a fab woyww crafty week
    kay #38

  15. As soon as I've finished my charity bags, I'm going to do some ATC's. Your are great.
    Lynn 53
    One I made earlier today

  16. Beautiful ATC's I hope I'm next to you... they are fabulous both of them... Have a fun week, Hugs May x x x No32

  17. what stunning atc's the rose is beautiful! have a good week - you don't need practice!

  18. I see no warts! Another stunning painting! An idea for ATCs..paint a big piece of card with a pic and cut it into ATC sizes..quote often seen that by people who really can paint! H2o's are fab, just fab. I find spraying the surface of the actual H20with water and leaving it for a few mins before using it helps to make it paint-ier. Beautiful artwork Von, and again, thank you for my treasures.

  19. Fabulous flower painting, I must get me some of those paints!! On the dongle so not much Internet time, whizzing round as fast as I can!
    Happy WOYWW
    ((Lyn)) #47

  20. What fabulous paintings. Nice neat desk though. Hugs Rita xx

  21. Your work is so beautiful. #73

  22. Fabulous ATCs, that rose is stunning. Can see everyone will be 'stalking' you when ATC weeks arrives just so they are next to post after you and get one of your ATCs.
    Love the flower painting as well, you have a special talent.

    Ann B

  23. Love your desk and thanks for showing me the ATC's. I have been and had a read up all about them and for the birthday week of WOYWW so I will attempt to make one or two. Your painting from a previous week is stunning. Tracey x

  24. Your ATCs are looking beautiful. I love the rose, stunning.
    You need to take all the lids off those H20's and spray the pots first and leave them for about 5 minutes and then the paint will be perfect for doing whatever you want with it. I leave my lids off permanetly, they just go hard again ready to be re wetted when you want them. Mine are stuck onto old cds and then stacked up. Makes them lovely and easy to use.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #79

  25. Absolutely gorgeous ATC's. Both of them. never tried those H20's but often been tempted. Thanks for the tip that they need to be wetted ;)

    Carmen #74

  26. Wowzers, the flowers are amazing!
    Laura 100

  27. Love the flower painting. It is gorgeous. You could just say the cat made a mess. #102

  28. Gosh! Your painting is stunning - I would be so pleased to have your talent! Thank you for sharing. Happy Wednesday!

  29. Lovely work. I need to get cracking on my ATC!

  30. I'd happily take any and all atc rejects you come up with, they're all so beautiful! I can't believe you need practice!!

    Brenda 114

  31. Love your desk , love the rose!!!

    Happy WOYWW Wednesday!

    Hugs Marleen #25

  32. Your flowers and all your stuff is eye candy to me Love the floral the most ! Happy creating
    - KAT- #15

  33. Lovely ATC's and oh that water color, is so gorgeous!
    needlewings #20

  34. Amazing! Ok I would love to receive your ATC but now I am shakin' in my boots about what I can make! The flower painting was so beautiful. So cheery. Just what I need on this dreary day.

    Belinda (#131)

  35. the flowers are lovely...and hey !... Shaggy is pretty darn cute. I was thinking I should practice something too.... to see if I could come up with anything that might work to send....


  36. Warts? What warts? Your painting is lovely.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #150

  37. Love your flower painting.
    Happy WOYWW

    Carol #152

  38. Hi vonny...thanks for today's crafty those flowers are gorgeous...hugs kath (59)

  39. Hi Vonny,

    Wow - I love both of your ATCs. I can't see where the cat is messed up..... Also, your flowers are just beautiful. If I had warts (which I can't see any) that looked like that I'd be showing them off!!! ;-)

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #33

  40. WOWEEEEEE!!! That rose is magnificent!!! The bunch of flowers are also amazing! You are one talented lady!
    Happy WOYWW

  41. Those flowers are gorgeous and so are the rose and cat ATCs - thanks for sharing - Hazel, WOYWW #10 x

  42. You are a terrific painter. Love both those ATCs. Your flowers are fantastic! #139

  43. Great ATCs! Shaggy cat looks fine, I can't see where he got messed up. Those Twinkling H20s are fun but do take some practice. Your rose ATC is awesome! So lifelike! Your bunch of flowers is cheery and happy.

  44. I love your flower ATC and my mom would love it as well! Your flower still life painting is divine! I would love to get that ATC if I do get to join!


  45. Awesome art huny luv your colors and I would luv a ATC card I'm just sending out my first ever this week :O)

  46. Vonny, can I have a quiet word please....(in hushed voice) what exactly is an ATC? I feel embarrassed to ask because everyone just uses the term but I haven't a scooby do!
    I'd appreciate it if you kept this just between you and me ;D
    Enjoy WOYWW and thanks for popping by my place. :D Neesie #22

  47. Hi Vonny
    Not like you....April still on your
    desk calendar !
    All is forgiven though with such
    beautiful art work...clever Blondie
    LOL Angie GB

  48. Loveyourvpaintings.... you are making me panic about those ATcs, must get cracking. Re your guillotine envy.... if you were nearer I could give you one as I have quite a few and certainly more than I ned. I think the postage would cost more than they're worth.
    Love JoZarty x

  49. What beautiful flowers! I am always impressed with people who can paint flowers, I'm hopeless! Thanks for sharing : ) Liz at 194 x

  50. Yes, yes, those flowers are gorgeous!


  51. Wow, painted ATCs, they're gorgeous! This swap is going to be awesome!
    Helen S #70

  52. Gosh your art is inspiring, Von. I"m loving that rose, and as I've definately done my share of roses I'm amazed at the beautiful detail you achieved on an ATC size, wow. I'm ordering some silks and twinks this coming week and can't wait to try them too. I'm signed up for Dion Dior's class on silks and just found out that my Aunt is purchasing the twinks class for my birthday on May 16th, I'm so happy! It's my first foray into any type of art lesson so I'm kinda trepidatious but totally excited too. ... and I always like new supplies. Hehehe.

    Your beautiful bouquet turned out to be a stunning piece. That will certainly sell well. Hugs,
    Jenn of

    (My neck is much better, thanks for caring!)

  53. Hi, Happy late Woyww. My first week there and still getting around people.
    Your rose ATC is beautiful, I hope im next on the list.

  54. Great Shaggy Cat....I love sparkle paint.... Love the rose bud too....



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