Friday, 30 November 2012

APR, eek!! Still life x 5.

Well our lovely Jenn
sure knows how to close the year with a bang.
One of the things I most dread
is the old still life.

Now this week has been crazy, mad, insane
and any other words you can think of.
You see my eldest has turned 21
and she is having a party tomorrow,
so of course I am running around like a nutter
trying to get ready and make table decorations etc.

So the chances of me doing a still life with 5 items
are nil, nada and nutt.

I went through my area of old canvasses
that didn't make the grade and 
decided to let you see my more
embarrassing moments in paint.

Many years ago, I decided to try a painting lesson.
Now I thought a painting lesson meant just that, a painting lesson, 
as in a teacher who showed you what to do.

Boy was I wrong.

I got there and she went through my goody bag
and said "We don't use pencils or crayons of any kind here,
you just get out your paints and paint".
Panic set in and I said that I hadn't been taught how
but she just said do your best.

She plonked this table with some bits on and said
you have and hour now go.

I had oil paints!!!

So, I give you my way out of perspective,
conglomerate of things,
five if you count everything in the picture,
for this last APR for the year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone, 
this is my last post for 2012.
See you in 2013.

To see some proper still life's
go to Jenn's 
and see how it should be done.




  1. Well that's a million times better than I would have done. I'd have walked out (well ran really), lol.
    I hope the party goes swimmingly and a great time is had by all, not least the birthday girl.
    Best wishes for Christmas and wishing you and your family a FANTASTIC 2013 :0) Mo xx

  2. von, you're so hard on yourself, I think this is wonderful. First, I don't think it's much out of perspective, and just because it is doesn't mean it's bad, look at all the masters who are out of perspective. SO many of those tables wouldn't hold a flat book let alone a round apple!! Hugs, hope to keep talking to you through Dec.
    Much Love,

  3. wow!! I have to wonder at the logic of some teachers... but you shine through, Von. really!! sending you much love for the holidays and some good relaxing, too!!

  4. Good on you sticking it out, I would have ran. That apple looks good enough to eat!

  5. You've done a great job of painting this piece! I have met teachers like the one you described... we certainly haven't stuck with our art or improved because of their influence!! Good for you for not giving up, and thanks for sharing your talent and perspective with us. : )

  6. Just diving in here Von to wish you the best for the New Year.
    Let's hope 2013 will be the best one yet with health, wealth, happiness and lots of creativity thrown in! ;D
    Good Luck my friend to you and yours ♥x♥x

    p.s. I would love to have produced something like your painting but I know I'd still be staring at a blank canvas! C'est la vie


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