Wednesday, 21 November 2012

APR Turkey Day

Artists Playroom's theme this week is
Turkey Day.

Now that conjures up all sorts of ideas.
I could paint half my family,  they are right turkeys
but I only have a little while
so I thought of the closest thing we have to a turkey
and that is one of our chooks.

This is Noodles,
one of our three delinquent chooks.

I used to have a nice garden with straw bedding 
and a lawn and vegie patch.
Then came the three innocent looking
Within a week they had destroyed
or eaten most of my garden.

After a rather hurried trip to the hardware,
we now have a garden split into two.

One half for us and one half for the chooks.

You might say keep them in a chook house
but when you look into those beautiful brown eyes,
there is no way you can keep them cooped up (parden the pun).

My little miss loves these terrors and each afternoon
she lets them out into our side of the garden,
with the promise to keep an eye on them.

Oh sure she will.

Most afternoons, I let out a yell and grab the water spray bottle
(they hate getting squirted)
and chase them off of our outdoor couch.

For some reason they think that we paid all that money 
for the couch, just to that they can sit comfortably 
and enjoy the view.

If they didn't poop and drop half the garden on the couch
I wouldn't mind so much.

On the plus side they do give us three eggs a day
but at 5.30am
they sure let us know about it!!
So they are my idea of
right turkeys
and I think they fit the theme 

Go have a look at the other turkeys,
that's the art not the people,
over at Jenn's
Artist's Playroom.
You'll be glad you did.


  1. Beautiful looking chook Von. I'm sure the freshest of eggs can forgive the odd poop drop ? No? haha :0) Mo x

  2. haha yes indeed, your post brings back memories of chooks! And although I'd love to get them again, the thought of what terror they'd do to my garden is enough to send me running to buy the local free range ones - all neat in a row without me once having to do anything. Your chook is great! (Puts my super quick, balanced on my knee, with a glass of wine in one hand to shame!)

  3. How perfect... I can just imagine how Mushu would react to chooks... it would be priceless... love the drawing Von... it is stunning...xx

  4. Awww, I'm now in love with Noodles, welcome to the family Noodles!! She's so cute, I see how you forgive them most anything. You painted her so great and you've inspired me to think I just may have to give it a go, painting chickens. It's been on my list for a while but I chickened out this APR (forgive the pun, lol)

    Much Love,

  5. I have been thinking off and on about getting some chooks myself and although I love Noodles I don't think I could live with all that hassle! My daughter had two chooks that she called Neesie and June (after her potential mother-in-law) but listening to all their antics I think I'll carry on procrastinating!
    I don't even eat eggs!!! ;D

    You've done a brilliant job yet again :D

  6. I am busy laughing here as I recall a visit to friends in Vermont when Timmy was but 2... I am NOT so comfy with birds of any sort at all since catching the film, "The Birds" once while babysitting. There were a bunch of chickens milling about and I had the heebie jeebies BIG and sort of walked through them "shoo-ing" them off with my feet and Timmy started using the expression "kickin' the chickens" whenever I was "angry." It's a phrase that has stuck for 32 years and so...

  7. Stunning artwork on your blog Vonny - thanks for sharing. x Jo

  8. Ooh! I had a good giggle at your comment about family being turkeys. Next time I'm asked why we don't serve turkey for Thanksgiving, I'll have to say something about impolite to cook and serve one's relatives or have had my fill of turkey already. I agree that you can't keep such a sweetie cooped up. Perhaps you can teach her to walk on a leash attached to a jeweled collar (of course!) and could go on strolls together.

  9. I never knew chickens hated spray bottles--LOL! This is a beautiful painting of Noodles. It would be hard to be mean to such a sweet face. :)


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