Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Cleaning for WOYWW

I've been flat out scrubbing and spring cleaning
my house and no art has been done
for nearly two weeks now.
I'm having terrible art withdrawals
and so I've had a very quick dabble.

The postman bought a few goodies for me in the week
and I have to blame my bloggy friends
for making me buy these.

Yes that's right,
I've bought some stamps, an ink pad
and some Dylusions inks.

I keep seeing the gorgeous things that are made with these
things and have succumbed to temptation.

Only trouble is, I don't have time to play with them as I'm flat out cleaning.

Living by the sea is wonderful but you get all the dirt and salt
from the seafront and that builds up during winter.

I got out my trusty pressure washer and 
nothing, it had given up the ghost.

After a lot of swearing and hand gestures,
my husband gave in and we went out and bought a new one.

This is my new best friend.
She is one powerful cleaner
and now they have attachments,
lots of attachments (mwa ha ha).
There is a big round brushy thingy and all you do
is sweep from side to side and the dirt
and chicken poo disappears,
just like magic.

It's fantastic to use and takes half the time,
so I quickly drew her
for you all to see.

I used my new ink for the yellow,
just because I can.

The colours are so bright,
I can't wait to start playing with them.

But not for a while,
it's back to the cleaning for me.

Why not hop over to Julia's
what other people have on their desks,
What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Now where's that mop.


  1. Morning, thanks for letting me peek into your creative world this morning. You'll love the inks I'm sure. But hey, I'll let you get back to your cleaning....

  2. I just love the dylusions, you will have fun with them. Francesca #66

  3. Ah the inks are great, they'll be staring mournfully at you until you manage to sit down and play properly, then there'll be no stopping you. Happy cleaning, of that's not too much of an oxymoron!

    The bears @#78 this week

  4. Yes this WoYWW business does challenge you to buy stuff you may not have seen before cos of the fantastic things that people have on their desks. Not sure about cleaning instead of crafting though.
    Tricia #74

  5. I've never heard of them but they look great! I am having a lot of fun seeing new stuff on people's desks and thinking "I might buy that!" I seem to be creating a never ending wish-list here. Happy WOYWW xxx Laura #51

  6. Happy WOYWW. Your new best friend is fab. I have a new cleaning friend - my steam cleaner (very satisfying to use, even the oven door came up shiny!). I bought some sprays recently and used them for the first time this week. Great - but I will cover up the surrounding area more next time - ended up having to wipe down nearby items! Ali x #19

  7. Ah... so you've succumbed to the Dylusions - I'm still holding out, but I guess I'll be slipping down the same path some time! That monster cleaning machine looks as though it probably makes the chores quite fun!! Happy WOYWW...
    Alison x

  8. Well you will not regret the spray inks--and I thought I was the last one to try anything new! If it isn't paint or crayons, it used to not seem necessary--but it's SO much fun!

    Enjoy your cleaning--that's always a good feeling!

    #122ish this week

  9. Hi there Vonny & thanks for your earlier visit.....it took ages before I decided to try the Dylusions inks but after I watched a couple of videos I was hooked, I'm sure you'll love 'em too.
    Where can I get a WOYWW badge?
    Cheers from Aussie Elaine #35

  10. He he he! Are they the first stamps you have bought? They probably won't be the last. It's a bit :) addictive :) And that text stamp will be brilliant for all sorts of things.
    Thanks for your kind words re my cards. Is the beehive ginger done with Inktense pencils? Just wondering. The colours are gorgeous!
    Happy WOYWW.

  11. Love your new goodies - get spraying! Life is too short to clean all the time - play!!! Have a great week, and happy WOYWW. Helen, 9

  12. Lol - it's so funny what gets us excited, isn't it?? The new washer is awesome - have fun with it!
    And those inks are BRIGHT - quite gorgeous :)
    LLJ #36 xx

  13. Little things make us happy don't they? Love the fact that you used the time saved to draw it too. :-)
    A x #48

  14. Good luck with the spring cleaning ... it can be a drag but worth the end result. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the sprays.
    Sandra @18

  15. happy WOYWW! all the best in your cleaning (i actually enjoy it) but yes, do take some art breaks to give you energy! i'm trying out the method of visiting blogs with the same ending number as mine so here i am!
    thank you for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  16. Wow! I have no fear that the cleaning will end and the playing will resume. Great sketch of your new friendly but powerful pressure washer. :)

  17. Drawing the cleaner is inspirational - thanks. Love your new goodies, hope you get to use them again soon.
    Enjoy your visitor - up early here to finally get ready for mine.
    Hugs, and thanks for visiting me - Neet 47 xx

  18. I really like your drawing of the cleaner! Hopefully by now you've finished the big clean up and are happily sat at your desk playing with those yummy inks!

  19. I've been in the cleaning mood myself lately. It isn't spring but the season doesn't matter--just the motivation. Upon further pondering though my motivation actually just might be card making avoidance since I'm not in the mood for Christmas cards. Perhaps if I had some new Dylusions inks... tee hee. I've been trying to pretend they don't exist myself.

  20. That is the greatest drawing of a pressure washer i think i've ever seen! The inks are very pretty. Thanks for sharing:) x


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