Friday, 8 February 2013

Saucy return for APR

It's been a long stinking hot summer,
finished off with an almighty bang,
well blow anyway.

We were slammed by  ex cyclone Oswald.
Now anyone who has had an 'ex' knows how
ugly things can get and this 'ex' was no exception.

We live right on the coast and get strong winds all the time
but this was really something.

My pool became a compost heap,
we had no internet, phones playing up,
only two tv channels (oh the inhumanity), the security system was knocked out
and leaves and dirt blown where I never thought it could get.

We were lucky though, as we still have a house and
many others had theirs washed away.  

I have been cleaning up the yard and house,
instead of painting, but now I'm back.

I have been catching up with pet portraits all week

Just got the under painting done on these and no those eyes aren't that red. It's just my bad photography!

but made some time this afternoon to 
join in this weeks Artist's Playroom.

The theme this week is what's in your pantry
and believe me you really don't want to know.
I don't like to cook and so there isn't anything exciting in there.

I did see this bottle of sauce and thought it would be appropriate.

This sauce came about because nasty old Heinz
decided to take it's processing off shore and sacked all the workers and the farmers
who grew the tomatoes. 
A wonderful man named Dick Smith bought the old plant,
 hired the local farmers and Oze Sauce was born.

Dick Smith makes other products as well and they are all Australian
owned and grown, which is fabulous in this day and age.

So this is my little ode to the Aussie, both the battler and the weather.
May Oze Sauce grace my pantry for many years to come.

You've seen what's in my pantry,
now why not pop on over to Jenn's
Artist's Playroom and see what the others
have in their pantry.
It might be tasty.



  1. I like the pantry painting and the Oze story behind it - good for you and I hope millions of other Aussies are joining you.
    I read about the beastly weather on Tracey's blog, so I hope you too are tidied up and back to normal now.
    Your underwater paintings are beautiful. I shall be a regular to see more of your lovely work.

  2. 'Home' grown is always best if possible. Support your local community and it will support you. Your colours are fabulous Von!
    Glad you stayed safe and my thoughts go out to those who lost so much :0) Mo

  3. i enjoyed your 'pantry' drawing, but i really, really like your pet portrait! such beautiful eyes :)

  4. the pet portraits are coming along beautifully and love me some dick smith oze sauce.... it is cool how he rescues things like that... and so glad you are back painting... makes it all better doesn't it...xx

  5. Awww, great story VOn, I do love it when poeple step up and do good things. So nice to have you back in the blogosphere. That sauce is looking great and those pet portraits are coming along superbly, how you get them looking so incredible I'll never know. I owe you an email, Trace too, I'm so behind. *sigh* gonna go start my own APR now, lol. Coffee here I come!

  6. The pet portraits are looking lovely, Von. You did a great job on the sauce sketch. I haven't tried the Dick Smith OzeSauce but I sure plan to. I think he does a wonderful job at helping Aussies and all his food profits go to charity.

    Good to see you back....let's hope we don't see any more cyclones this summer...or tornadoes for that matter. I was quite shocked when I heard Brissie had a tornado warning. We were lucky...just very bad winds and lots of rain.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  7. Ooh, the bright red bottle makes a perfect focal point among the neutrals. I enjoyed the story behind your choice. I always like to hear the genesis of pieces, but this one is special. We could do with a few more Dick Smiths in the world.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about Oswald hitting your home, but glad to hear that you are alright. I love your pantry entry for APR, and love the ketchup's name too. Blessings!

  9. Really great job on your sauce bottle Vonny. Sorry I am a week behind!

  10. I'm so glad you hear that you've managed to get through ex Oswald reasonably okay. It seriously makes you rethink what's important doesn't it?
    Your pet portraits look fantastic but then they always do. It must feel good to get back into painting.
    I'm ashamed to say I didn't know about Dick Smith Oze Sauce...but now I do! Thanks for sharing that...I'll keep an eye out for it!
    Have a great's great to get back to visiting you ♥


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