Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sunset for APR

Today I went down memory lane.
My eldest daughter is turning 21 in a few weeks
and I have been trawling through
thousands of photos to find the embarrassing ones,
as well as some cuties.

The photos brought back such lovely memories
and it reminded me why an artist is so important.
An artist captures a memory,
so that we can remember an event,
time or place. 
A painting is often a stepping stone
for memories to come flooding back.

This weeks APR theme is sunsets
and this is the sunset I see each day.

We live on a bay on the east coast of Australia
but we look back towards the west
and this is the sunset over Manly.

We are not lucky enough to have a beach
and so it's over the mud flats.

I have had this view since I was 15 years old
(mum and dad still live just up the road)
and I have so many memories
of this area.

It's where I grew up and where my kids have grown up
and luckily the view hasn't changed.

So here is my sunset,
painted very loosely,
with a very naughty curly bit of paper.

It's a little sploshy
but I kinda like it that way.

To see what other people have done
for sunset,
hop on over to 

I have a thousand more photos 
to go through.


  1. love your loose washy, watercolour...mud flats and all! Good luck with the photos...

  2. this is delicious, Von!! I love how you've captured a memory that is still part of Present Time.

    when I lived in Sedona there was something about the sunset, an everyday astonishment. Now that I am back in the East, sunrises seem to call to me. it is quite nice just noticing this shift in perspective.

  3. Wow, how lucky to have such a beautiful view shared over many years with family! Beautiful painting!

  4. That's pretty amazing to live in one place so long - I who have moved every 5 years or so (and sometimes even more often) don't really 'get' the stay in one place thing. I must have a touch of gypsy blood? But, maybe if I had your view and saw that beautiful sunset all the time, I'd be inclined to stay in one place. Your place is clearly gorgeous. Great painting and I love the loose, sploshy use of watercolors - it's showing the medium at it's best!

  5. It is such a beautiful sunset, mud flats or not. Very gorgeous.

  6. If you look carefully in the distance over in manly you can see me waving to you.... that is the exact view I was thinking you could do... a perfect spot looking back towards me... showed Matt and he loved it too... awesome ...xx

  7. Very beautiful. How lucky you are to have a view like that everyday. I can actually see the movement on the water :0)) Mo x

  8. This is so beautiful! I love the very emotional love you put into it...your home.

  9. beautifully done and now I know what you and Tracey look onto on a daily basis. I feel just a little closer to you both because of it. Thanks for that my friend.
    Much Love,

  10. Such a beautiful sunset painting, Von! I wouldn't mind a view like that each day.

    Have a great weekend ~ xo

    1. What a beautiful site you see each night. It is nice to share a little bit of your world.

  11. Vonny, what a lovely post, beautiful memories and a stunning sunset!
    I'm always a little envious when I hear people have been in one location or house for years with lots of old treasured memories unlike myself.
    How wonderful (or maybe not depending) that your parents are so close by. Oh and Trace of course! ;D
    I'll be checking back on all the other posts that I've missed...because I don't want to miss anything!

  12. Fantastic view and your painting of it is wonderful, curly paper or not.


  13. Vonny, your sunset is gorgeous, beautifully painted, love the "splosshiness" of it, looks like what I see after a couple glasses of wine! lol Seriously though, you did a stunning job with it! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)


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