Thursday, 1 November 2012

Shadowy scarecase for APR

This weeks theme for APR on Halloween week
is Shadow.

I thought it might be fun to leave something
for the spooky imagination
and drew a shadowy
staircase scarecase (mwa ha ha).

Who knows what lies in wait
at the top.

Is that a footstep????


Had you going there didn't I.

I have to admit, dark and shadowy stairs
give me the creeps.
I hate going downstairs at my house
in the dark.

I also did a creepy forest ages ago,
as a prop for a speech little Miss was doing at

This was charcoal on dark paper and a stick on moon.
Needless to say, little Miss wanted to have a go at the charcoal
and it ended up everywhere.

I thought you might like to see how I did the stairs,
so here are a heap of pics
as I went along.

I drew it up and then decided on the colours for the wall and the curtain.  (sorry it's dark a storm was passing, darn thing didn't give us any rain).

The arch was hand drawn and painted, that's why it's so wonky, just like the artist :)

Then added the black to give it a bit of drama
and scariness.

Then I started to colour the blocks and stairs.  This is where I  left it yesterday.

Stay awake now, nearly done.

I have added some gray to give it more definition and then I will slowly darken it
to give it more dimension.

I've darkened the inside of the arch and fluffed around darkening bits all over the place.

It's pretty much finished here, just a few little bits around the curtains

and it's done.

See, it's easy.

The whole painting was done
using these paints, brushes and
a whole lot of swear words!!

Now you can go and do your own spooky staircase, but before you do,
how about you go and visit Jenn's
and see what fabulous things everyone did for 


  1. holy cow that's awesome good von, thanks for joining this week. I'm loving that staircase, it truly looks spooky!

  2. this is wondrous, Von!! I love the little art-torial, too. As one who is 77 thumbs when it comes to painting I can follow directions REALLY well. Might even give this a go after such a clear lesson!!!

  3. SCAREcase? Hilarious! This piece is great and I enjoyed reading and seeing the process.


  4. Hey! I'm glad I checked back in to see how the staircase was coming along. I'd be afraid to sneak up there without a flashlight and a large sharp object! It is a great piece. The shadowy dark forest it scary too!

  5. WOW that is awesome. Had to come back and see the finished painting. That is definitely a frightful scarecase! Great job!

  6. Very beautiful indeed! I would go up that scarecase during daylight hours ONly, haha :0) Mo x

  7. Fabulously eerie take on the shadow challenge, Von!! Love it!

  8. Excellent perspective on that staircase - it really leads you up/in. I especially like the way you did the bricks - so subtle with the colors your chose, and yet so much texture and character!

  9. Nice to see that plate beside the wheels for mixing... it makes our tables look the same!!!! and love the painting... swear words aside it is an awesome result...xx

  10. Really nicely executed piece and not an easy subject either (even though you said "its easy" I'm afraid I'm not convinced that I'd find it easy to do!!). Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
    : ) Fern (who arrived at your blog via the Artist's Play Room!)

  11. Really good painting! Very atmospheric indeed. I love the way you've done the stone work and the stairs. Excellent texture!

  12. very cool, I mean creepy staircase! Love that it was hand drawn, and I laughed at the inclusion of swear words! Cheers, Linda

  13. Hi Von
    Loved the spooky scarecase....what can we expect for Nov 5th ?
    whatever you decide I bet it will go off "WITH A BANG "
    See you soon
    Luv Angie GB

  14. Fab staircase - it's like something from Hunchback of Notre Dame or something! You wouldn't catch me going up(or down) those stairs! Sorry to have been out of touch so long - computer issues! Aaarrgghhh

  15. The staircase is brilliant and in fact it looks spooky. I think there might be a few thrilling secrets behind the curtain.

  16. Thanks for sharing the completed staircase, Von, and also how you did it. I think it's great when people give step-by-step details as everyone's fascinated by how something comes about! Most interesting. The result is amazing - there's real depth in the picture and I love the way you've captured the rich fabric of the curtain and the contrast of the stonework. Greak work all round.


  17. You really are a genius. This is stunning. Hugs, Buttons x


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