Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Dogs and Bunnies for WOYWW

Last week Julia showed her desk 
in all its messy glory
and so this week I decided 
to show the real pigsty
that is my art room,
well one corner at least.

This is just one corner of my mess, er room.
I have bits of stuff everywhere.
On the left of my desk (in the corner) is where I paint watercolours,
the left desk in the front is where I am painting my fish in acrylics
(the painting itself is hiding to the left of the photo).
There are two printers and my old computer in the corner and to the right of the desk
is all the bits and reminders for school, stuff that everyone dumps,
you know the I'll put it here and mum will put it away, place.
In the bottom right hand corner of the photo
you can just make out the handle of my guillotine and lots more bits and pieces
on my credenza.  My big shelving unit is behind me.
I need a month just to tidy this mess up!

On my actual work desk, I have finished Max the dog and I am
about to start on Laura's (Beads, buttons and birds)
gorgeous bunny.

I have drawn it up, just need to sit down and paint.

Today I made up a stack of cards for the Collective Store
and for my Etsy shop, I'm really please with how they came out.

 I have about four or so portraits left to practise on
and then I might advertise Pet Portraits
on Etsy.  
Thanks to everyone for supplying me with photos 
and also with giving me ideas on how much.
I will start with $50 and see how they go.

I apologise if I didn't get to everyone last week,
with all that happened, I didn't have a lot of time.
I hope to visit more people this week.

If you would like to see more work desks around the world,
hop on over to Julia's Stamping Ground
and have a nice long visit around the desks.


  1. Now that is a room!!! Looks as messy (busy!) as mine.... have a great week, Helen #52

  2. Oooh Vonny, those pooch portraits are very engaging indeed. Love your work and your glorious studio. It's not just room, neither is a mess. If someone moved those piles of things they would be lost to you.

    I do wish for a space like yours, especially with all that daylight. My room is just a room and it's badly lit. Thinking about building a studio as an extension of the garage with pleasant temperature and light.

    Cheers for now,
    Ros. #46

  3. Hiya, its been a while but it's good to be back and taking a peek at your creative world again. Looking busy and fun. Hope you have a good week too. Those portraits are stunning.
    Neil @ 62

  4. that is a productive room... not a mess... well a bit messy but fun mess... and as long as you are drawing and painting who cares... the pet portraits are coming along so beautifully and I can't wait to see the cards down at the store... I am getting some new stock ready as well... sure this week will be quieter and better... thinking of you xx

  5. LOVE the doggy portraits Vonny.
    How reassuring Vonny that you work Like I do!! I can't help getting in a complete mess while I'm being creative!

  6. Wow,what a busy room you have. Max the dog is fabulous, as is all your other artwork.

    The bears @#110 this week

    Ps, looking forward to seeing if the fish have progressed. :)

  7. There's a lot going on in that room of yours for sure, and just look at the results!! Loving Max and the other beautiful animal portraits. Good luck with your new venture. Hope the orders come flooding in. Hugs, Buttons #114

  8. Hi Vonny Thank you for popping by and for your well wishes for Callum. I think you and I need a power outage like Sandee in North Carolina! Take a peek at her desk and see what a bit of tidy up time can do!! Oh well I am sure that you and I have at least one postage stamp of space left where we can carry on crafting without tidying!! ;-) Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 22

  9. The room isn't that bad. I can still see most of the floor. And the lighting in there is awesome.

    I think your pet portraits are beautiful and $50 is a bargain. Good luck with that endeavor if you decide to take it on. dani 137

  10. Vonny, your pet portraits are gorgeous and here's to many sells! I had to laugh at the "put it here so mom will put it away place"...dang, my mom must have hidden that spot from me! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  11. Lovely creative desk and room.
    Love the paintings.
    Have a great Wednesday!
    Hugs Marleen #55

  12. Who cares what your art room looks like when you create such gorgeous portraits in there!! You have so nailed the beseeching eyes that many dogs have...just perfect :) Good luck with the etsy shop :D
    Hugs, LLJ #81 xx

  13. I am always in awe of your pet portraits!
    My mother-in-law's dog just had to be put to sleep.
    I Know she would love something like that.
    Mary Jo #132

  14. Super room and fab pics too. Take care Zo xx 98

  15. The dogs are fabulous!! LOL love the messy desk area, SO what my room is normally like.


  16. That a working mess, though. When I'm in the middle of something I spread out all over the place. That doesn't count--LOL!
    Nice portraits and cards!! :):)

  17. Awesome mess girl friend! I don't know how people work without making one...When I get to going my brain is only on one art. A couple posts back I exposed my self/room on my blog so as you can see you aren't alone! Have a great week and have fun with all the goodies I see! Thanks for stopping by for a visit and leaving a nice comment. Vickie #66

  18. Happy WOYWW I'm having so much fun looking at everyone's desk. A messy desk is always a good sign IMO :) Gillian #89

  19. Hi Von,

    Oh, I want a room just like yours!!! Full of creative goodness! Yep, I'd be a happy camper.

    Good luck with the etsy shop. I think $50 is a good starting point and just track how many hits you have, etc. I don't do twitter or any other networking (I do have a facebook page but recently disabled it) that they recommend.

    Thanks for visiting me already. It's going to be one of those weeks that I'll be looking at desks for days!!

    Happy WOYWW
    hugs, Kay #15

  20. Oh heavens Vonny...are you okay?
    I'm thinking that the 120km/hr winds that are bashing us at the moment whipped through your place on the way here?
    Ahhh...right that's just an artist at work...phewph...well that's okay then ;D
    I love, love, love your poochy portaits and think you'll be inundated with orders.
    Good luck but I'm sure you'll not need it. I hope hubby is okay now? :D
    Have a fantastic week xoxo

  21. Max looks fab!
    Can't wait to see Daisys portrait :)

  22. I totally understand how it works. I've only shown the 'neat' side of the room this week at WOYWW, only because that's where I'm working at the moment. I think your new venture into pet portraits is going to be very popular, as your practise pieces are already fantastic. :-)


  23. Soooo pretty! What a talent you are!

  24. That's a fabulous crafty, messy, creative space - I love it! And I'm sure your pet portraits are going to fly... they're so full of character and life and, as I said last week, so true to the photos. Thanks so much for your visit - and a belated happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  25. That's amazing. Figuring out pricing and what people who don't understand the craft is always kind of tricky. Good luck on Esty.Mika #146

  26. I felt right at home when I saw your photos. LOL
    Your paintings are lovely and I hope you do well on Etsy.


  27. Your pet portraits are gorgeous! I've been watching your progress from a far and I must say you are going great guns! Can't wait to see more.


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