Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wins and laughter for WOYWW

I've had a wonderful week.

Today I went to my dear friend
for coffee and lots of laughter.

I'm feeling totally inspired,
especially after being in her super neat and tidy studio
but I'm sorry Trace, that doesn't mean I'm tidying mine up.

Tracey is a very special lady and she has taught me so much.
I wouldn't be half the painter I am without her help
and she showed me loads more things today and gave me some things to play with.
I can't wait to try them out.

I didn't get much done in the way of art this week,
I had planned to do more of my fish painting
but never quite got there.

I did finish the bunny portrait but that is a gift
for someone, so I will keep it under wraps
until I know that it has been received.

I made up some cards and that's all that's on my desk this week.

Another thing that happened was I had a win!!!
Yes little ole me won a competition.

You may have heard of a magazine called Featuring,
it's on art journaling and mixed media and
I thoroughly recommend it.  

I bought the first edition of the mag and entered an online survey 
and I won a free copy of the next  Featuring mag.

They are having a free giveaway in this issue and the winner gets 
to have an inchy published on the back cover.
If you're interested it's here.

The last wonderful thing to happen to me 
was three, yes three orders for Pet Portraits.

I put a little sign in the Collective Store and I have three orders.

I'm so thrilled. 

The fish painting might have to wait
just a little longer.

Well,  you've seen what really kinda isn't on my desk this week
so why not hop on over to Julia's
what everyone else has been doing 
on this What's On you Workdesk Wednesday.


  1. Hi Vonny what a great week ! So exciting to have commissions for your art - and to get a play day ! Will check out that magazine ! Have fun with your paintings ! Ali#54

  2. It sounds like you are having an exciting week, wins and comissions! And visiting with Tracey! Lucky, lucky you! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. Exciting o have commissions, great cards..have a great week trace. X58

  4. It was fun to finally catch up wasn't it... poor Mushu cried for ten minutes after you left... and so nice to spend some time together in person... love the cards and huge and awesome news about the commissions!!!! I am sure they will love the portraits you do for them as much as I love mine of Mushu...xx

  5. ooooh! you lucky person - i did the same survery and i, too, recommend the mag :)
    big congrats :)
    happy WOYWW!
    no. 67

  6. That's fabulous re the order Vonny!
    Lucky you with the win! You're having a very good week. Having fun with a creative friend= HEAVEN!!(with laughs thrown in).

  7. I love the sound of your week, hope this one is as good to you! Helen, 5

  8. Congratulations on your commissions and the cards look fantastic. I've enjoyed looking at it all
    Lynn 84

  9. congrats on your win and on the commissions! I love the cards and the strawberries look really good enough to eat!! Have a great week. Vickie #73

  10. You've certainly had a productive and lucky week! May it continue!
    love jo x

  11. Sounds like you have had a great week - congratulations on the win and the three commissions. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 68

  12. Congratulations on so many good news this week! Sounds wonderful! Keep going! :-)

  13. Congratulations on your win, and your orders, although we're not surprised as your 'paw'traits are stunning. Love the cards you made too. :)

  14. Fabulous things to celebrate Vonny, thanks for sharing your cards.
    Happy WOYWW and have a creative end to the week.
    hugs {brenda} xox #98

  15. Well done on your win Vonny, and chuffed to bits to hear you have orders! Yeh!! When word spreads they will be queuing up at your door. Hugs, Buttons #79

  16. Congrats on your win... lots to celebrate this week Vonny great news on the orders.. I'm not surprised your work is Fabulous... Hugs May x x x#7

  17. Sounds like you have had a wonderful week ... gorgeous little pics.
    Sandra @105

  18. congratulations on winning. The cards are stunning. happy crafting jill #75

  19. Happy WOYWW. Congrats on your win and the orders. I am loving your cards. Ali x #106

  20. your week sounds great...congratulations on winning..lovely pictures

  21. Great paintings and well done on your win too

  22. Not heard of that mag, must Google it, thanks. Congratulations on your win and happy WOYWW. Cathx

  23. Your work is fantastic ...congrats on the commisions xx#8

  24. Love all those paintings! Very, very pretty!

    Katie (47)

  25. Love your work and well done with your nice win! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #36

  26. Sounds like you had a fantastic week. Love the cards and congrats on winning and on your three orders. I am pretty sure none of the WOYWWers are surprised at that.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #46

  27. Great post Vonny. Well done on the win and the commissions and I love your little postcards too. People will be queuing up at your door soon, if they're not, they really should be!

    Brenda 1

  28. I glad you had a fun day with Tracey, it’s good to be able to share your knowledge and have fun at the same time.
    I’m not surprised that you’ve had orders for the pet portraits Vonny because the one’s you’ve showed us were amazing.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ #118

  29. congratulations on winning and your pet portrait orders!
    Your work is just beautiful!
    I mean look how real those cards appear :)
    Mary Jo #115

  30. Sounds like you are on a roll, maybe you should buy some lottery tickets! I will check out that magazine. Congrats on the orders, you do great work. barb

  31. Do you have lotteries were you are? If so, buy a ticket!!! You have lots to celebrate this week. Oh, just saw the comment above - Barb recommends a lottery ticket too! tee hee

    Your pet portraits are amazing so I'm not surprised that you've had orders for them.

    Thanks for visiting me already and leaving a lovely comment!

    Hugs, Kay #17

  32. I am thrilled skinny that you've got three more commissions, but not surprised at all - people spend on their pets and you've got such a knack of capturing the spirit and 'essence' of the animals. What a to celebrate...woohoo :D

    Hugs, LLJ #73 xxxx

  33. Well done on your win and how great to get three commissions for your artwork! Your paintings are fantastic!
    Bernice #3

  34. Happy for your publication! And thumbs up that business is booming for you! Your work is beautiful! 137#Tamika

  35. My favourite is the one with the pear. I also got the first issue of the magazine. I was impressed with it. Well done on winning issue no 2.

    Carol #150


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