Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Quickie for WOYWW

My post for WOYWW
is short and sweet this week
(see Julia, I can do it!!)
mainly because I've been out all day and 
only have 10 minutes before
I have to pick up Little Miss.

So here's my desk today

I have been working on a pussycat 
and started some strawberries
for this weeks APR challenge.

Here are some step by steps of pussy.

It's still a long way from finished,
wish I knew how the real watercolourists do it.
I bet is it only one layer and done, I have to take baby steps.

I hope to get stuck into the strawberries
tomorrow and have it finished in time for APR on friday.
Fingers crossed.

I have to run, so why not hop on over to
Julia's Stamping Ground and
see all the other desks 
around the world.


  1. Love your painting ! Surley it doesn;t matter a jot HOW you do it just as long as you are enjoying creating & we enjoy seeing your lovely work ! Looks brilliant to me ! Ali #62

  2. Baby steps or's fantastic Von!
    Those eyes just draw you in and hypnotises you. Can't wait to see it finished and thanks for showing the process...I always love that part. ;D
    You're short post will balance my long hopefully Julia will forgive me!
    Good luck for the strawberries although I know full well you don't need any luck with your talent. :D
    Have a great day Happy WOYWW ♥Neesie♥ #42

  3. pussy cat looking so great and I see those juicy strawberries look almost finished, gonna put mine to shame. You're so talented and yes, I think "professional" watercolorists do it just this way, hey, we know a pro, ask Trace!! Hehehe.
    Much love sweetie,

  4. Patience is key, regardless of how one paints. Your cat is coming on great so I won't worry about how others would do it. :-)

    Have a great day!

    Hwee #103

  5. Hi Von
    Pusscat is just purrfect....a double for my "Fluffy"
    beautiful tortie who emigrated with me to Oz in 1972.
    Strawberries look good enough to eat!
    LOLuv.......Angie (GB)

  6. I agree the berries look yummy. And kitty is coming along nicely. Lovely work! S #116

  7. Fantastic cat, you are so talented.

    (how are the fish?)

    Love the bears@#113

  8. It is great to see your cat grow on the page, and I believe 'the Masters' were reknowned for agonising over their art so you are in good company. Looking forward to seeing pussy when finished. Hugs, Buttons #70

  9. The cat is coming along nicely! I don't know how real watercolorist's do it, either. Whatever way works for you is the right way. ;)
    Your strawberries look good, too! :)

  10. Vonny, your cat is gorgeous!Enjoyed seeing the process of building up the depth in pussy's face.

  11. Both paintings are looking good. I don't think it matters how you get there, as long as you do. Enjoy the journey as our dear friend Tim Holtz would say. dani #16

  12. You have caught the essence of the cat (and I don't mean that badly!!). You can really tell its character - and um , what do you mean, 'real' watercolourists. You are one, m'deario!
    Hugs, LLJ #73 xx

  13. You have captured the spirit of this feline ....I wish I could paint like that. I think all artists have their own methods of using paints etc to create the finished go girl lol xx#81

  14. Your cat is wonderful. Such a talent you have. Gorgeous!
    Glenda #106

  15. I don't know how "real watercolourists" do it either, but your kitty sure looks good to me! Happy WOYWW! RosA # 33

  16. Oh beautiful resting cat! I think you are a watercolourist..I think it's all about the confidence to do it personally!

  17. I agree with Neesie -- the eyes of the cat are very engaging. I also really like the way your brush strokes around the face show the way the fur lies. (Does that make sense?) I say, just keep on keeping on, if you're happy with your work. The way you do things will probably just evolve over time. ~ Laura #124

  18. Lovely kitty! I know that kind of kitty--tortoiseshell. They have scrambled colors and scrambled brains. I've never met a tortie yet that is normal. I'm glad to see you procured a good kitty model. Mine are terrible models.

  19. What a lovely painting :) the strawberries look good too. Love the desk too mines too tidy as I haven't done any crafting this week :(

    Lou #161 x

  20. Your painting is just brilliant thanks for sharing.

    Eliza #88
    Happy WOYWW

  21. Hey, I recognize that kitty! She's lookin' grand! You are beyond amazing!

  22. Hi Von,

    Your cat is amazing!!! I love those eyes. The strawberries look good enough to eat!

    Thanks for visiting me already. I'm slowly getting around this week.

    Hugs, Kay #31

  23. This is wonderful already. wow. Thanks for your comment on PPF. I had to buy a new monitor and now I can see colors. Lovely colors here too.

  24. Hi again, re. knitting. I have always used steel needles but have just started using bamboo ones which are SO much easier to use. I don't really have anything wrong with my hands but they feel so good to use I think I will eventually replace all my steel needles with them. (I think they are recommended for arthritic hands.) RosA

  25. Lookin good :) Love having a peek into the spaces of fellow crafter's! If you happen to peek in on my blog, be sure to wear a hard hat! LOL!


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