Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Barking mad for WOYWW

What a week I've had
and it wasn't a good one.

My hubby had to go to hospital,
he collapsed at work on monday.
He's fine, ended up being a blood pressure thing
as a result of squishing some bones in his neck
carrying too heavy a load.

He was in emergency until 8.30pm and
had to go back for more tests on tuesday
but all is fine now and he just has to have 
physio to release the neck bones from the nerve.

Then this morning
there was a loud fizz, bang, pop
and my fridge had blown up!!

Spent all day trying to find a new fridge, easier said than done.
We have a big white fridge (which I love)
but you can't get big white fridges anymore
and so I have a smaller stainless steel one coming tomorrow.
I have a white kitchen, stainless steel yuk,
but at least it's a fridge.

To my desk, my sanctuary normally
but not this week.
I am still practising pets and they are driving me nuts,
but I am determined to get the hang of them.

This is my stepson Sam's new puppy at his mothers house.
It presented quite a challenge, getting it dark and light, 
with the extra colours.

This pic took at least a day to complete (putting times together over a few days).

I'm thinking of trying to sell commissioned pet portraits,
when I'm good enough.

I would really appreciated some feedback
if you have the time.

If you wanted to get a painting of your pet,
would you pay $50.00 - $60.00 AUD
(approx 32.00 - 39.00 British Pounds)
for one like this and the one I did for Tracey
(in the last post)?

They are A4 size (app 12" X 8.25") 300gsm watercolour paper.
I would ask the person to email me a regular - high res photo
of the pets face and would paint from that.

What do you think, am I asking too high a price?

Here is the next one I'm working on
belongs to my mums neighbour.

The photo is an indication only, I am actually using the computer screen for the real colours.

He has curly hair, so it's quite a challenge.

Still have to try cats yet.
Anyone have a cat that likes its photo taken???
I need a clear bright close up with the eyes open, if anybody is interested
send me a comment and I will give you my email address.

Won't get to APR this week (sorry Jenn), I will have my work cut out
getting the new fridge hooked up the the water supply
and filling it up with food and getting rid of the old fridge.

To see some happier desks around the world on this
work desk wednesday,
hop on over to Julia's
Stamping Ground, it's great fun.



  1. Vonny, what a week!! Geez, hospital awful and stressful.Glad your hubby is ok.
    I used to hate those stainless steel fridges and kitchen, but as I get older streamlined is gettting to be more appealing.
    Love your pet portraits.
    Judy #11

  2. Silly girl, I added THIS post to APR, you're inspired lately by PETS. Hehehe, everyone should SEE your geneous work with watercolor and the eyes have it, you're brilliant and NO $50-60 isn't too high, in fact, I think it's too low. If you value your art too low, so will others. I'd start at $75 then when you're popular, bump it up to $100, then when you're even more popular, up to $125 minimum.

    You really capture the animal exquisitely. Both mom and I agree, if we had money and a pet, $75 would be cheap. You're SOOO good Von, believe in your talent!
    Much love,

    (in Canadian Dollars, approx. equivalent to both AUD & US dollars, by the way)

  3. Von you are having a shocking run at the moment... hope N is feeling better there is a great physio down your way at Advantage physio who has been amazing with Phoebe... email me if you want his name... he is really amazing... and the fridge thing is a pain... we took forever to find a big white fridge but we did find one in the end... they are so scarce aren't they...
    as to the pet portraits I think that sounds a bit cheap... maybe start there but be prepared to up the price... I would pay that happily for the gorgeous pic you did of Mushu...
    you captured him perfectly...xx

  4. oh you poor thing how scary for you both!
    why is it things always go wrong when you are having a nightmare already! take care and hoping for a better , much better week for you trace x 48

  5. What an awful week you had, but what a beautiful portrait! And the second one is coming along very nicely too - those eyes are just so sweet! I also think that you should charge more, $50-60 does not really sound like enough for a unique, hand painted piece of art.

  6. Oh my, what a week.... hope this one is better for you.... Love the paintings. Helen 40

  7. So pleased you Husband is ok now , it must have been worrying for you . love love the puppy pictures you've done . happy crafting jill #51

  8. What a week Von! Hope hubby is on the mend and the fridge works well for you. Fab dog paintings too. Not sure what people sell their work for these days - it will always be worth far more than they sell for regardless! Hugs, Buttons #66

  9. G'day Vonny, thanks for visiting earlier.
    The amount you're considering asking for a fabulous pet portrait is very reasonable and my gosh the little critter in the earlier post looks like Soda.

    I had the same issues with fridges when we moved here 6 years ago, our kitchen is white cabinetry with a red glass splashback and our BLACK fridge fitted in perfectly - until it croaked then we had to get a S/S too which I'm not keen on but that's all there was to choose from.
    Cheers, Elaine #10

  10. Oh Vonny it sounds like a horrific week for you! Hope hubby gets better soon! I keep waiting for my refrigerator to do blow up too and figure it won't be long as I have had this one over 15 years. Have a better week this next week and spend some time doing your awesome art!. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #67

  11. Oh my word, it's soo scarey when a person you love is suddenly kinda dont have it in your head that they're vulnerable huh. Glad to read that things are working out for him, oh my...lifting stuff is always such a culprit.
    Your pet portraits are amazing...really. A day? I can't imagine being so talented. I think the cost you're asking is probably waaaaay too little, but I know, you'd rather be working than not, huh!

  12. What a horrible week for you. We hope it gets better from here.

    Your pet pawtraits are lovely, we would certainly pay that much for a painted likeness of ourselves. When you factor in your time you are underselling.

  13. I hope your week gets better! What a scare with your husband's emergency! Your pet portraits are wonderful. I'm sure you'll get lots of business. People love their pets!

  14. Vonney, you’re being far too critical of yourself, your pictures are stunning. I especially love the picture you’re working on of your mum’s friends dog, the eyes look amazing.

    Happy Crafting!

  15. What a scary thing - such a relief that your husband is going to be fine... and then, yes the inanimate objects join in (we've had cooker and kettle quit on us in quick succession!). But what a turn around in the second part of your post - I think your pet portraits are absolutely wonderful... so true to the photo, but with such extra life about them, like you really got inside the character of the dog - really wonderful!
    Alison x

  16. What a week Vonny. Hopefully things have settled down a bit by now. Your painting of the puppy is gorgeous. Hope you enjoy a better week. Hugs Rita 88 xxx

  17. Oh dear :( what a terrible week.

    Your artwork is stunning. x

    Happy WOYWW

  18. Gorgeous beautiful ..truly stunning..the eyes really capture my heart!! fabulous work as always!
    Visiting from APR

  19. It's really scary when something happens to a loved one - I know, cos 5 years ago my husband suddenly fell ill and had to have a quad heart bypass. I was staring widowhood in the face with two young lads to get through it as well. Thankfully it had a happy ending - I learned a valuable lesson, let all the small niggles fade away, appreciate what you've got. Hope the physio works its magic on him.

    And $50 doesn't seem enough for your amazing art. I think you'll be on to a good thing as pet owners will surely succumb. I love the part finished dog, the eyes are perfect!
    HUgs, LLJ '71 xx

  20. I am glad to hear your husband is okay. That must be extremely painful, no wonder he fainted!

    You are really great with the pets eyes, so life-like. No, I definitely don't think that is too much money. Of course it depends on size, and if you want to start lower to pull more people in. But I was thinking $150.00 US dollars. at some point?? I definitely think you are ready. The painting today is adorable, the puppy looks young and the way you fade off without a specific outline is really neat.

  21. So sorry at the scare you had with hubby. Glad he is ok!
    Your portrait is amazing! I have to say that is a very reasonable price. I am sure after a few, you could raise the prices.

  22. Sorry to hear about your hubby and fridge. Always seems like things happen all at once. your painting is beautiful!! Brigita #124

  23. I'll shoot my cats for you. They are tricky beasts to get to hold still. Maybe they think the camera will steal their souls? Hubby would say cats have no souls. The one puppy you have completed has such sad eyes. I would scoop him up and hug him in a moment and I'm not even a dog person. The work in progress one is awesome. It is like seeing him come to life. Very cool. I think pet portraits is a big business and that you are charging a fair price for them.

  24. Fridges are nightmares aren't they? We didn't want a silver one either!
    Fancy practicing a rabbit portrait? I have a beauty! :)
    Hope hubby is fixed soon.
    Have a good week,

  25. OMG, scary for your hubby...I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious tho. I have a big white fridge in my kitchen...I love white! Stainless isn't too least it goes with white, however, I dislike that it shows fingerprints etc. I'm constantly wiping my stainless steel rangehood and dishwasher.

    As for your pets portraits....girl, your prices are way too cheap! Your work is beautiful! I would be looking closer to the $100 mark per portrait....if asking that much makes you feel uncomfortable, maybe start at $80? But seriously, these are painted portraits....well worth the money. I've seen other artists ask in the hundreds for their pet portraits.

    Actually, seeing your portraits makes me want to get back to painting animals. I used to paint them in acrylics....I'm a novice with watercolours although I wouldn't mind trying them for animals too.

    Enjoy the rest of your week. x

  26. Hi Von,

    How much would that be in US dollars? I think you nailed it on the adorable little pup. It may have been a struggle for you but the finished project is adorable. The new one you're starting is very cute too! I visit a blog "God's Little People" and her blog is about cat rescue in Greece, where she currently lives. Check out her blog and I believe her email is there also. She may have some perfect photos for you. Here is her URL:

    Thanks for visiting me already. I'm slowly getting around this week.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #17

  27. Oh my, what a week you had. I really feel for you. My DH had a massive heart attack last year and we nearly lost him. That was the scariest thi ng I have ever had to go through, so I know just how you must have felt. And these men, they never listen, do they?
    I love the doggy, he is just gorgeous! I have no idea what a fair price would be, but I would pay for a portrit like that.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #47

  28. Sorry to hear about your hubby and fridge. I would pay $50 for a beautiful picture of my dog! I love your work. I'm now following your blog and hope you'll follow mine at


    Terry #60

  29. Oh Vonny I'm so late visiting...I'm so sorry to hear about your Hubby and send him my best wishes for getting back to 100% soon.
    What a worry for you all. It must have been a horrific week but lets hope that that is the end of your troubles now. ;D

    I can't imagine how on top of all what was happening that you managed to create such amazing pet paintings!
    You've done a brilliant job and people should appreciate their worth. I'm sure they'll be a huge success.
    Take care and good luck with the fridge xoxo

  30. What do you mean 'when you're good enough'? You ARE good enough!!

    Hope hubby is OK. Always such a worry when these things happen.

  31. Holy moly! It doesn't seem fair to have so much negativity bombard you in one week - you should be looking good for a whole year after that! I think pricing your work is SO hard - you don't want it to be so cheap that people don't place value on it but not so high no one buys it, high enough that you make a little money for all your hours! Assuming you make minimum wage of US $10/hr (which many artists don't, I know), it seems to me $75-100 is a bare beginning point. Your portraits really are stunning and the way you capture eyes is just amazing.

    I have an adorable fluffy cat with bright green eyes that you can practice on. Let me know if you're interested & I'll forward a pic.

  32. All in one week? Poor thing! I hope your hubby's better now. :)
    Love, love your paintings! You're very talented. Happy WOYWW!
    Kisses. ♥
    Roudi #154

  33. oh, the curly hair guy looks just like mine, so cute.

  34. I'm not sure what's happening Von, but I'm sure I visited you and left a comment last night...but I can't see it now?
    Anyway, I can't remember exactly what I said, but I sent my love and best wishes. It must have been very scary having your hubby ill. We tend to just think we are indispensible until we have a blip to remind us!
    I hope you're all okay now and the fridge is safely installed too.
    Amazing poochy know already I'm in awe of you and your talent.
    You're such an inspiration...(oops that reminds me ~ APR)...must dash ;D
    Have a wonderful weekend...and enjoy some calm if you can. ♥
    Take care xoxo

  35. You could check out the pet portraits that have sold on Etsy to come up with an active price point.

  36. those portraits are spot on, Von!! I, too, am having a bit of bafflement round pricing, though in my case I want to sell my art to raise money for cancer research, among other things. I think Terrie's got a good point about an hourly wage and that when you put it in that light... I'd LOVE to have you DO a portrait of Gracie, when funds allow. I have been creating daily portraits of her on my 366 Daze of Grace by taking one photo each morning and playing with it, mostly in Picasa. I have been having a lot of fun focusing on her many faces over the past 7 years. somethings change and somethings don't.
    anyway, glad your week of whatever you want to call it has ended and lovely LOVELY work here!!

  37. These are both adorable puppy illustrations, VonnyK. Blessings!

  38. Well Von, you've had quite the week!! I'm glad to hear your Hubs will be okay. Nothing worse than the fridge going out. I just went through that a little over a month ago. I heard they are phasing out "white" appliances. A big BOO from me. My goodness WOMAN! You capture fur babies fabulously!! I love the one you did for Tracey and the new pup one is gorgeous. You are flippin' inspiring! Warmly, Tracy

  39. hmmm... sounds like some heavy Pluto transits or something - I think your pets are quite excellent! not only greatly rendered but show such great personality. I practicaly guarantee you'll have takers too, because devoted pet owners are notorious for not skimping in expense re their little darlings.


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