Thursday, 20 September 2012

Almost a loose woman for APR

Before you get all excited,
the loose woman bit
is artistically speaking,
not the other kind of loose.

You see I had a very inspirational day yesterday.
I went to visit Tracey Fletcher King
and she gave me plenty of tips
and some art supplies to try.

I decided to use some of those supplies and do a very quick
and loose painting.

Well the quick turned into an hour
and I almost lost my painting.

I put it out in the garden to dry while I made a coffee
and a cheeky Ibis thought it was his afternoon tea.
I had to run out and save it from the dirty blighter.

Most of my day was spent finishing off Terrie's pussy cat,
which I have finished and will send to you next week, Terrie.

 Just a snippet of the painting to give you an idea.

This left just a short time to enter this weeks APR,
who's theme is "In your own back yard".

I was in the family room giving Charlie (my parrot) a tickle
when I saw an urn out by the pool.
The sun was shining on it and it just stood out and 
I knew that's what I would paint.

The pot itself has all those gloopy blue bits
and is really quite pretty.
It's not an overly loose painting
but I have to say I quite like it.

That's what I saw in my backyard,
now why not go over to Jenn's Artist's Playroom
and see what's in everyone elses backyard.


  1. Just luv those blue eyes Von and looking forward
    to seeing pusscat in full glory next week.
    Have fun with Little Missy during school holidays
    Luv Angie (GB)

  2. I love the perspective of your second painting, especially the pebbly bits on between the tiles. If I were fast enough, I might just get to participate in this week's APR as well... :-) Have a good day!

  3. Oh wow your little blue pot looks stunning as it sits on those finely detailed tiles :)

  4. I love both the blue pot and Terri's cat ( mesmerizing eyes! ), and glad you had such a good time with Tracey! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. Gorgeous shades of blue for the pot and puddy cats eyes are incredible! :0)

  6. OMG - I would recognize my kitty in a second - you've caught her striking eyes so perfectly! I can't wait to see the finished piece. You have an amazing talent.

    And that pot looks great - makes me want to see the rest of the back yard!

  7. your pot is gorgeous, that blue shade is stunning. I also love thinking of the juxtoposition of the gorgeous pool, blue vase and hilarious chickens running around in your backyard!! The animals you're rendering are so beautiful and realistic von. I can't wait to (whenever you do) see berk.
    Hugs my friend,

  8. I love all of this, Von!! I love the side-story and the other stories and just how welcoming it all feels. I'd love to have you all here in my backyard [cuz surely no one really fits INSIDE the Wee Cottage!!] though. I enJOY watching the squirrels and lizards, the birds of all sorts, and did I mention the lizards?! we have 2 kitties who find themselves at home here, Black Kitty and Gray Kitty [original, eh?!] and I've no clue WHERE they live In Real Life, but they sure enJOY our yard. Which is, oddly, at least 8 times BIGGER than the cottage!!

  9. The loose watercolor texture on the pot really makes for s stunning pot!

  10. Oh I'm so envious of you Von...calling in on Trace. ;D
    You can certainly see the results of the visit...that beautiful blue urn and so loose!
    But then you always create amazing paintings anyway. :D

    And as for the Terrie's those eyes!
    You're such a tease only giving us a snippet...I can't wait to see the whole thing.

  11. I've never heard of anyone having to save a painting from an ibis--LOL! What an exciting life you lead. Lovely cat glimpse and what a beautiful blue pot in your backyard. :)

  12. The urn is awesome... nice work loosey goosey... love the blue and know exactly the gloopyness you are talking about, we used to have some pots just like that... love the colour... thinking maybe we need to inject a bit of bright colour out the front now... what do you think.... just near the front door... would look great.... and then you could come and paint them...xx

  13. fab watercolour effects, and such a lovely shade of blue too! Ibis are such naughty birds aren't they? Hi from Linda :-)

  14. vonny - i like the cat - the eyes are incredible! and i like all the blues in the vase - it does look gloopey :)

  15. I love the cat's eyes and your urn painting. Why am I not surprised that you would hav a blue urn by your pool? Blessings!


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