Friday, 14 September 2012

Juicy for APR

This weeks APR theme is 

Now my  little mind went straight to 
juicy fruit and since I had tons of 
I decided to paint some of them.

Have you ever really looked at one of those suckers?

They are covered in little dots
and shadows and light bits and dark bits
and thus started my terrible art day.

You know the type,
no matter what you do
it is a mess, like some horrible little
gremlin has control of your hand
and moves it wherever you don't want it to go.

I didn't take a photo of the absolute mess I made,
thought I had but the camera must have felt sorry for me and it didn't take.

Here is where I gave up on watercolour and attacked it with
watercolour pencil.

 I had started doing lights and darks and then suddenly
my hand just went swoosh and the whole thing was red.
Try as I might, I couldn't get it to go darker.

Pencils in hand I started on the green bits
and then making the seedy bits with pencil.

 I'm using Albrecht Durer w/colour pencils and the white is
using my Inktense white pencil, it's nice and bright.

Starting to look better now.

 Here it is, done as far as I have time today,
might finish it some day.

You can see my white pen above the picture,
it came today, just in time to do the highlights.
It's super!

The painting looks better in real life.
I'm sure the camera is blonde as it takes terrible photos.

Can't be that I'm blonde, surely.

So there you have it,
juicy strawberries,
that were almost rotten strawberries!

I did get a beautiful and juicy coloured gift from my eldest daughter,
 just have a look at this.

It's huge and so bright, much brighter than the photo.

I could have a bath in it!

So there you have it,
my take on juicy.

Shame about the strawberries,
they are obviously for eating not painting!!

To see what other juicy things
have been created,
hop on over to Jenn's

It's jucilicious!!

If you would like to have your artwork 
shown around the world,
have a look at
Featuring Magazine.
Just by pre-ordering Issue 2 before 21 Sept,
you could win an inchy on the back cover.

Even if you don't win it's a great magazine
and you can get together with friends and do one big 
order for a huge discount off of the delivery price.

You can even submit your own work to the magazine

 It can't hurt to look can it.


  1. I think your strawberries are fab! They came out wonderfully, and do look very juicy! I love the cup your daughter gave you, enough tea for two(heh, heh) and your striped containers are so cool, too!

  2. Oh, I so admire your talent! These are pick-them-off-the-page wonderful. Watercolor pencils were the way to go! :)

  3. awww, thanks so much for the shout out about FEATURING. You did great my friend. And those strawberries, can we talk about those holy juicy strawberries. Not THAT"S what a juicy strawberry looks like, puts my macro to shame. so great von. wow.

  4. they are AWESOME... must be because you lie in the Redlands.... great work Von and love that tea cup... insanely yellow and juicy ...xx

  5. Your strawberries are perfect! So juicy looking! I was almost blinded by your bright yellow cup and saucer! :-)

  6. Watch your mailbox the next few days!

    The Featuring Team

  7. Yep, those are some de-licious looking berries alright! You made them look shiny and yummy - how DO you do that? Talent, obviously. Thanks for making my mouth water.

  8. Wowness..always a joy to visit you Vonny! Totally beautiful..fabulous real..and touchable..exquisite work!!

  9. gosh! these look real! awesome artwork!

  10. I don't know what you're looking at but I thought I was looking at REAl strawberries! They are fabulous, shiny, definitely juicy looking and ready to eat! :0)

  11. Oh my goodness! LOVE those strawberries!! Bravo!

  12. Amazing! Those are some truly realistic looking strawberries. Blessings!

  13. those strawberries look extraordinarily delicious and VERY juicy!! well done!!

  14. I'm positively drooling Von...those strawberries certainly do look jucilicious!!! Truly amazing talent :D

    I think if I had that cup
    1. I wouldn't be able to lift it when full.
    2. I'd only need one cup to last me all day...I usually have about 12!
    and 3. I'd need to wear sunnies! LOL

    What a wonderful gift ~ so cheerful and sunny.

    Enjoy your Sunday...whatever you have planned...have lots of fun ;D

  15. Now that is a magic white pencil... but I think the hand that handled it holds most of the magic! You restored the light beautifully. Those really are come finger-licking-eye-popping-amazing berries!

  16. The strawberries look sooo perfect and tasty I would like to have a bite! Great work! And what a nice gift you got there! I wish I had such a big one! Just one specially for ME.
    Take care!


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