Friday, 7 September 2012

Favourite Colour for APR & PPF

This weeks APR theme is
Your favourite colour.

Way back in 1969
Neil Armstrong made one giant step onto the moon
and in November of that same year
a little 8 year old girl had the same experience
(no not the moon but just as big a step).

We emigrated to Australia from England
and as soon as I got off of the boat,
I looked up and saw the bluest sky I had ever seen.

That colour has stayed with me through all of my art.

The sky is still that beautiful colour and now I am lucky enough
to live by the ocean as well.

My favourite colours to paint with are blue and yellow.

I didn't have time to do a special painting for this week,
so here are some of my favourite blues.

I did this painting in oils, it's 2' x 3' and took forever to do.

even my fun acrylic paintings have the blue in them.

I don't think I have many paintings without blue,
except of course my pet portraits
but someone might want me to paint a blue poodle,
you never know.

My favourite blue at the moment is my new mug
that my gorgeous girls just bought me.

Oh yeh, that's right, I'm a Dr Who fan,
been watching it since the 60's
don't like the new bloke though, give me David Tennant anyday.

The amazing thing is
the cup is much bigger on the inside
and it keeps moving and turning up 
in different places.

I'm linking up to Jenn's Artists Playroom
so why not hop on over and 

I have a pussy cat to paint
and no it's not blue.


  1. Now I know why I like your're a blue, have amazing artistic talent...but no hang on a minute....
    you just lost me at Dr Who!!!

    I've never liked it since I ran to hide behind the sofa from the Darleks :$

    I adore your fish painting...I always reminds me so much of my tropical fish silk painting and that's how I found your blog.

    I hope all is well with you and yours and you're ready for a wonderful weekend. :D

  2. I love David Tennant too and when you come over for that cuppa in a few weeks remind me and I will show you my poster that is behind my studio door... and my tardis usb port... it even makes the sound... sad I know but it makes me smile... as to the blue in your paintings it is always perfectly crisp and clear and I love it...xx

  3. Your blues are so striking! Your paintings so detailed. Your art impresses me in a huge way! I love the water scenes. HPPF!!!

  4. Love your Underwater Scene, so intricate and fun and beautifully rendered, well worth the time! HPPF!

  5. Your paintings are pure brilliance! Love them!

  6. Your paintings are excellent and love the blue color ~ love the fish ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Love the peak under the sea. I felt like I was snorkeling again. Splendid blues! Happy PPF

  8. Love your paintings! And your cup...much bigger on the inside, heh heh.

  9. I love your paintings - the oil painting almost makes me want to try oils (someday). I love the detail and of course, all the beautiful color.

  10. Blue is my favorite color! Your paintings are wonderful! I'm sure you friend loved the under the sea painting! Love the pond painting too. Happy PPF! :-)

  11. what a wondrous way to tell your story!! I love your paintings and so clearly love blues that I have to say I will stay in your line BEhind blue!!

  12. OH come on, DO make the pussy blue!! I really like how you handled the water on the second one. This is one I need to study to help me with my water woes!

  13. Blue it is - lots of lovely shades and your paintings are FAB. I better get busy on my entry!

  14. Love all the watery blues in your paintings, Vonny. I always love your fish, too.

  15. Gorgeous work, Vonny!
    Blue is my favorite color, too...for some of the same reasons... because ♥♥♥
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art
    it is the color of the sky and water. :)

  16. Never watched Dr. Who, but I love the cup...and all the paintings! :):)

  17. i can see why that painting took so long. such amazing detail! i love it.

    i'm rather partial to blue myself... in all it's shades! looking forward to seeing that blue poodle some day! :-)

  18. My family immigrated here in 1963 and I was four.

    I love blues too, Von. Your artwork is amazing and I love those splashes of blue in them all. I love that animal art piece on your desk...if only I could scoot down with the mouse a bit and see the rest of it. ;)

    Btw, I have a blue mug too but mine has purples and greens in it with a splash of's a fish design and I love it! Enjoy your new mug! xo

  19. Your fun acrylic looks like computer animation about to pop out of the water. That's so neat.

  20. I want a cup that's bigger on the inside than the outside too! Your paintings are amazing! Happy PPF

  21. I love the vibrant colors in your paintings--all of them, not just the blue!! My daughter (a complete anglophile) turned me on to Dr. Who last year--I've watched all the Matt Smith episodes and since he is the only one I know, I like him! I will be crying when Amy & Rory leave, though.

  22. Beautiful colours. Stunning work. Very cool mug :0)

  23. wow.. lovely work. I used to do only Oils.. watercolor and ink are a new thing, so I know how long it can take to do an oil painting. Great job on the fish. Blue is a nice peaceful color. HPPF

  24. My daughter is extremely happy that you too are a Tennant fan. She squeeled in delight when she saw your tardis cup. Thanks for sharing!
    PS, we love blue too!

  25. haha! you should give the cat a blue tag, or blue eyes :) your paintings are wonderful! love all the blue and that koi looks alive!

  26. your talent always takes my breath away Von. I see why you love that underwater painting and it's great to see it larger. Your koi painting so reminds me of our koi fish outside the apartment. I now get to feed them on the weekend and I love watching their fishy lips come out of the water to take the koi food from the surface. Gorgeous sweetie. It makes me feel all "awwww, my koi fish!".

  27. I love how dimensional your oil painting looks. STUNNING WORK! I love blue as well, and I love Doctor Who and Star Trek...I have given up all claim to cool! :)

  28. I've been following your work for a while and hadn't noticed all the blues you use. Your lady in the blue hat, your series of blue coffe pots, and even Egbert wears a blue hat. I love the fascinating story behind it. Have a great week, VonnyK.

  29. Wow Vonny..your work is so richly colorful and sublime..full of energy and visual impact always! Beautiful work! I love David T too..he is such a hottie! and I am a Dr.Who kind of gal too!
    I also Love your Iris painting in the sidebar..exquisite!

  30. I love your paintings, both these latest and the animal ones! Great work! I´ll be back!


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